The Revolution has begun

Firstly let me begin by saying that I am no longer on twitter. After the events of the past few days I have decided to remove myself fully and use this website as my continuing ‘online voice’. I will not be accessing twitter and the only way to contact me will be via the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of this website.


Now let me explain what has happened to me over the past two days…

After the whole incident with John Mann the Labour Party Mp, I found my twitter account and the official daily bale twitter account suspended and removed thus effectively silencing me on that network because a member of parliament disagrees with free speech.

Whilst I will not comment on the case directly,  I can confirm that yesterday I was raided by counter terrorism police and a number of items were seized to which presumably are being examined for evidence.

What’s curious in this case is that I was arrested under the public order act with suspicion of inciting racial hatred against white people (remember that I am indeed white). So labour party Mp john Mann has presumably called in the big boys and fitted me up with a frankly laughable charge to which doesn’t make sense.

In the case of Garron Helm and indeed myself, it seems that the state is now adamantly dissolving free speech and those who speak out against politicians are arrested under Walter mitty charges of which have no relevance to the case other than keeping the offender in prison.

It is with this treachery that I am calling for a full revolution – an awakening and chance for the people to take a stand for free speech before it is lost forever in Britain and indeed the world.

We must use the Internet as our revolutionary voice and fight the establishment using their own tools against them but for people like me and indeed the countless others there will be custodial consequences to deal with but let me say this – they may charge us under English law but this is not the law of the common people, this is the law of the minority establishment!

If you value free speech then I urge you to make contact with me before its too late. We will form a revolutionary new movement and take a gallant last stand against the establishment before all is lost forever.

For those who support me and follow the work I do then be sure to check back on this website for updates as now the daily bale is my only and official presence online.

Free Britain!

Joshua Bonehill