Labour Election Victory Outcome and Failed Multiculturalism Experiment


Labour Election Victory Outcome and Failed Multiculturalism Experiment 

Besides the misery and untold suffering that would be thrust upon the English people by a Labour/SNP Coalition dead duck Government, there would also be the continued mass immigration of millions of asylum seekers and jobless immigrants from eastern Europe, besides the African refugees now making their way up from Italy to Calais hoping to get into Britain.

Do you really think that after the last Labour Government with it’s unrestricted uncontrolled immigration, that there is any reason why a new Labour Government would do any different from the last ?

The British people were not even informed about the last wave of immigration coming into Britain in their millions that were welcomed in by the last Labour Government in power at that time.

It was said that the Labour Government ‘knew’ that the British people would never agree to this mass immigration, and so just never told us.

Borderline Treason !

Also at the moment within the U.K we have a minority of unsavoury aggressive Marxist left wing so called Anti Fascist morons and weirdos who belong to organisations who play upon and use the minority communities within the U.K and exploit these people along with their Race and Religion as an excuse to say that they stand up for them and defend them from ‘Nasty Fascists’ – really meaning (British Patriots).

These vile left wing Anti Fascist organisations consisting of mainly white people, are nothing more than a front for something far more sinister and evil – and are in actual fact very much Racist and Fascist themselves.

They are Marxist and Trotskyist Communist agitators and violent aggressive thugs, intent upon stirring up as much discontent and hatred as possible so as to bring down the State and hence cause a major civil breakdown and a major crisis so that they can call a revolution and install Communism through the unrest that they themselves have brought about.

These Marxist animals know that the majority of people, and certainly no sane people, will or would ever under normal circumstances accept Communism as a legitimate Political ideology or a way of Governing the Country.

Therefore they seek to force Communist ideals upon the masses through the conspiracy of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness, as a means to suppress freedom of speech, crush opposition, control thought and debate, destroy National identity, and snuff out common sense and logical reasoning. This is the process of Marxification of the people by mind control and manipulation of thoughts and words.

Basically it works through shame and guilt. If you oppose these vile people in any way, then you are labeled a Fascist and a Racist.

Frankfurt School of Marxism and the Evil of Political Correctness

Evil Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Anti British Sick Communists

They care nothing for the minorities that they ‘say’ they represent, and neither do the minorities want these middle class patronising vile Anti Democratic Communists saying that they represent them – because they certainly do not.

A statement from a black gentleman about ‘Fascist’ Anti Fascists

Germany also now realises that mass immigration has failed

Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”, Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

She said the so-called “multikulti” concept – where people would “live side-by-side” happily – did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate – including learning German.

The comments come amid rising anti-immigration feeling in Germany.

A recent survey suggested more than 30% of people believed the country was “overrun by foreigners”.

The study – by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation think-tank – also showed that roughly the same number thought that some 16 million of Germany’s immigrants or people with foreign origins had come to the country for its social benefits.

Multiculturalism has failed say 95% of British people.

Foreign workers

Mrs Merkel told a gathering of younger members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party on Saturday that at “the beginning of the 60s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country.”

She added: “We kidded ourselves a while, we said: ‘They won’t stay, sometime they will be gone’, but this isn’t reality.

“And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed.”

In her speech in Potsdam, however, the chancellor made clear that immigrants were welcome in Germany.

She specifically referred to recent comments by German President Christian Wulff who said that Islam was “part of Germany”, like Christianity and Judaism.

Mrs Merkel said: “We should not be a country either which gives the impression to the outside world that those who don’t speak German immediately or who were not raised speaking German are not welcome here.”

Mounting debate in Britain and Germany.

Multiculturalism has failed totally.

There has been intense debate about multiculturalism in Germany in recent months.

Correspondents say Mrs Merkel faces pressure from within her CDU and its allies to take a tougher stance and require immigrants to do more to adapt to German society.

Earlier this week, Horst Seehofer, the leader of the CDU’s Bavarian sister party, the CSU, said it was “obvious that immigrants from different cultures like Turkey and Arab countries, all in all, find it harder” to integrate.

“‘Multikulti’ is dead,” Mr Seehofer said.

Earlier this month the chancellor held talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which the two leaders pledged to do more to improve the often poor integration record of Germany’s estimated 2.5 million-strong Turkish community.

The debate first heated up in August when Thilo Sarrazin, a senior official at Germany’s central bank, said that “no immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime”. Mr Sarrazin has since resigned.

Such recent strong anti-immigration feelings from mainstream politicians come amid an anger in Germany about high unemployment, even if the economy is growing faster than those of its rivals, our correspondent says.

He adds that there also seems to be a new strident tone in the country, perhaps leading to less reticence about no-go-areas of the past.

Labour would outlaw Islamophobia, but says nothing about other Religions


Labour would outlaw Islamophobia, but says nothing about Christophobia and all the other Religious intolerance within the U.K

The Daily Bale has many Muslim followers and we strongly agree that Islamophobia is wrong, but we feel that our Muslim followers would also agree that – 

“The Labour Party cannot just present this policy about intolerance by mentioning just one Religion without causing resentment amongst all the other Religions and hence causing further intolerance and hatred by putting the one Religion mentioned in this Policy firmly in the spotlight and unfairly bringing attention to the Muslim Community”

This Policy Statement by the Labour Party is highly irresponsible and highly inflammatory.

Once again we see the full insanity of left wing Political Correctness.

Definitions of –



A Labour Government is committed to outlaw the scourge of Islamophobia by changing the law and making it an aggravated crime,  – according to the Party’s Leader Ed Miliband.

“We are going to make it an aggravated crime”

“We are going to make sure it is marked on people’s records with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime,”     

What on earth is going on here ???

Miliband told the Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi in a wide ranging exclusive interview.

“We are going to change the law on this so we make it absolutely clear of our abhorrence of hate crime and Islamophobia. It will be the first time that the police will record Islamophobic attacks right across the country,” he said.

Miliband stated –

“that Muslims should not face racial and religious discrimination when it comes to employment or suffer the most because of the austerity cuts “It is part of the law that is prohibited. We are going to have racial equality across the Government. We will enforce it.

I will always engage with people. I really value my relationship with the Muslim community and it is a relationship I would nurture as a Prime Minister.”

But where is the sentiment that ‘all Religious Faiths’ should not face discrimination across the board ?

Where is the sentiment that he ‘Miliband’ will nurture a relationship with Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, e.c.t ?

Labour could cause even more hatred and division with what seems like one sided preferential treatment and left wing extreme Political Correctness bordering on Soviet style oppression of National identification and individual Religious identities


There are fears that this could cause a Cromwellian type resentment towards the State and Labour in particular, and serious discontent amongst tens of millions of Britons.

The Labour Party Manifesto pledged to take a –

“zero-tolerance approach to hate crime” regarding the growth of Islamophobia as well as anti-Semitism.

“We will challenge prejudice before it grows, whether in schools, universities or on social media. And we will strengthen the law on disability, homophobic, and transphobic hate crime,” it said.

Despite voting for the new Counter Terrorism Act last month, Labour was also critical of the way the Government has cut funding and narrowed the focus of the controversial Prevent extremism programme, saying that much of the work to

“engage Muslim communities has been lost.”

“I want to overhaul Prevent programme,” Miliband told The Muslim News.

The Muslim community is as an “incredibly important, incredibly rich, incredible asset to our country” and so it was really important to put on record.

“The reality is that the people I talk to in the Muslim community are absolutely full square with the idea that we’ve got to make sure that we work with our young people to stop them being dragged into this perverted (terrorist) ideology.”

“The way to do it is the Prevent programme working with communities.

You got to do the things that once this ideology takes hold you try to disrupt it. For me that is the answer.

We want to see how the Prevent programme is community focused.”

Challenged about the way particularly Muslim charities have been targeted by banks and discredited by the media, Miliband said in his wide ranging interview that he was

“not in favour of demonising anyone (and) that is the wrong thing to do.”

“What I am in favour is the Charity Commission working without fear or favour.

We got to build right across the Muslim community.

There is absolutely shared purpose and shared desire to deal with a small minority in our country who get tempted to violent extremism. That is what we got to build on and it is about working with them.”

On the Trojan Horse scandal, the Labour leader said the reality is that the –

“root of this problem lies in proper accountability in our schools.”

“We are going to have high standards locally. That will make sure that every school has proper oversight. When there is no proper oversight things can go wrong in schools. The best way to stop that happening is proper oversight in our schools.

You need proper accountability. The answer to this is not to run thousands of schools from the centre of the Government but to have local accountability in schools.”

With regard to foreign policy, Miliband confirmed that Labour would have supported the recognition of a Palestinian State in last year’s UN vote. His Party’s support was why Parliament backed the principle, he said.

“We would do everything we can to work for a two state solution which is a viable Palestinian state alongside security for Israel,”

he added but also pointed out that he personally was “not in favour of sanctions” against Israel.

To find a solution, he argued engagement was needed with both sides but the “reality is that we had a British Government for the last five years who had disengaged from this issue, had washed its hands off this issue.”

“I’m not going to wash my hands off this issue. I will speak out about the settlements. I spoke out about Israel’s incursion into Gaza. Some people didn’t like that I spoke out. I did speak out and I will continue to speak out and engaging with the issue. We have the American Administration who also wants to engage and wants to push forward two-state solution. We are going to partner with them to do that.”

He was dismissive that Labour’s manifesto commitment to arrest and act against those returning from fighting in Syria would be hypocritical by targeting only Muslims as it is happening now.

“When I am Prime Minister there will be one law for everybody. Full treatment for everybody,” he insisted.

Likewise Miliband was adamant

“that Muslims should not face racial and religious discrimination when it comes to employment or suffer the most because of the austerity cuts “It is part of the law that is prohibited. We are going to have racial equality across the Government. We will enforce it.”

“We will tackle deprivation. We will build homes, get rid of bedroom tax, raise minimum wages, build better jobs for people, have a fairer social security system,” he also insisted.

Throughout his interview, Miliband insisted that he took “extreme care” in what he said but it still did not stop him in using the generic term of “Islamist terrorism” and inferring the cause was religious rather than political when suggesting more than once it was based on “perverted ideology.”

The last Labour Government stopped engaging with many Muslim organisations at the end of its tenor and the boycott has been continued by the Conservative-led Government. Questioned about it, he assertively said he would engage.

“I will always engage with people. I really value my relationship with the Muslim community and it is a relationship I would nurture as a Prime Minister.”

In the past, the majority of Muslims in Britain have often tended to vote more for Labour. It is a party that has always tended to have the most Muslim MPs, a trend that is expected to continue with the number expected to grow to 11.

“It is very important that people vote in the general elections. Stakes are incredibly high in this elections,” the Opposition Leader said.

“If you look at what I have done as Leader of the Labour Party I have learnt the lesson of Iraq war, I said no to military action in Syria in summer of 2013 when it was controversial. I have moved forward in the position to causes of Palestinian people.”

“Our Government will be absolutely committed to equality not just in law but in fact too. We are committed to race equality strategy. That is why we are committed to breaking down barriers of discrimination,” he further said.

“If you want the Government to stand up for working people it will be a Labour Government. So I urge people to vote in the elections because it is going to be a close election and if people don’t turn out to vote the danger is that you end up with Conservatives in power. So I will ask people to go out and vote.”

General Election. Miliband and Labour. Rent Caps. Immigration. Business. Economy.


Ed Miliband will bankrupt U.K, bosses had warned:

Captains of industry had already queued up to attack Labour’s economic policy

  • founder had warned UK would face same problems as France
  • Internet guru had accused Miliband’s party of ‘anti-business populism’
  • Another business leader had said that a Labour government would be a disaster
  • The Daily Bale warns we could be in for a very rough ride if Labour wins Election 


Ed Miliband: Labour plans to cap rent rises

However, critics claim the plan will reduce the available rental stock.

Private landlords would be banned from above-inflation rent rises over a three-year period if Labour wins power after the general election, Ed Miliband has announced.

Landlords and letting agents would be required to disclose the rent paid by previous tenants, to allow renters to negotiate the best possible deal at the start of a contract.

Mr Miliband said Labour’s plan would help “generation rent” and ensure “a stable, decent, prosperous private rental market where landlords and tenants can succeed together”.

The Conservatives said rent controls “never work” and “destroy” investment in housing.

Mr Miliband’s plans include:

  • Capping rents over three years so they would not increase by more than inflation
  • Stripping landlords of buy-to-let tax relief if properties do not meet standards
  • Banning letting agent fees to tenants, which the party says would save households £625
  • Establish a national register of private landlords to identify rogue landlords


Ed Miliband would plunge Britain into an economic catastrophe like the one that France faced under Francois Hollande, a former advisor to Gordon Brown had already said some time ago.

Brent Hoberman, the co-founder of and a member of the last Labour government’s business advisory council, warned that Mr Miliband

“would attempt to repeat the failed socialist experiment that has left the French economy in the doldrums” 


His comments followed a series of damning interventions from captains of industry who had queued up to attack Labour’s economic policies and warn of the consequences if Mr Miliband enters No 10 in May.

As the party’s damaging row with business had then at that time entered a third day, Mr Miliband came under fire from Digby Jones, trade minister under Gordon Brown.

Lord Jones, the former director general of the CBI, said:

‘We cannot have political leaders who are creating the wrong sort of mood music, that says we do not like business. I don’t want to be France. I don’t want people thinking that they do not want to come here. I want business to want to be here.’


Business leader Peter Hargreaves, who co-founded the FTSE100 investment giant Hargreaves Lansdown, said –

“a Labour government would be a disaster for the economy and cause entrepreneurs and the wealthy to flee the country”

He added:

‘If the Labour Party got into power they would leave a monstrous deficit and will bankrupt the country.’


Former Chairman of Pizza Express Luke Johnson said it would be a disaster if Labour –

‘carried out the policies they’re suggesting’.

The former Channel 4 chairman said: ‘Take freezing energy prices – an example of how the Opposition are ignorant of the way markets and capitalism works.’

Mr Hoberman – a government trade ambassador, warned that Labour’s

‘anti-business rhetoric’ was ‘scaring business’. 


The internet guru and tech entrepreneur said:

‘Should Labour get elected then what we may well find is that it will be similar to what Hollande did in France, in that he sends businesses away and investment out of the country and then he does a U-turn and it’s almost too late.’

He accused Labour of ‘anti-business populism’ and failing to recognise that many firms ‘contribute huge amounts’.

The damaging war of words between Labour and business had began when Boots boss Stefano Pessina warned that a

“Labour government would be a ‘catastrophe”



Even more extreme Left-wing Labour MPs accused their party of not being radical enough and insisted they would push for ‘real Labour policies’ if Ed Miliband gets into Downing Street in a coalition.

A group led by John McDonnell wanted to meet trade unions, Left-wing academics and campaign groups wanted to decide what their demands would be in negotiations with other parties.

Mr McDonnell said: ‘Many Labour MPs, candidates and activists will want to campaign for a

“more radical agenda of policies than we have seen so far” 

‘Many voters will also want to know that there are people within the Labour party arguing for real Labour policies.’

His comments had sparked a furious response from Labour, whose business spokesman Chuka Umunna questioned Mr Pessina’s tax affairs and Labour MPs said they would not listen to a multi-millionaire who lived in ‘a big mansion’.

Stuart Rose, the former Marks & Spencer boss, accused Mr Miliband of being a ‘1970s throwback’

Lord Rose, a Tory peer, said Labour’s ‘business bashing’ could curb investment and lead to –

‘shuttered shop fronts, empty high streets and lengthening dole queues’.

This sparked an angry response from Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls who accused Lord Rose of ‘playing party politics’ and making the claims ‘because he’s a Tory’.

But the rush of critical opinion from so many business leaders will be harder for Labour to shrug off.

Charlie Mullins, who set up Pimlico Plumbers in 1979, also went on the attack, accusing Mr Miliband of being

‘clueless about business’.

The tycoon said:

‘I’m one business owner who isn’t going to keep quiet about the destructive power of having a business-hating government with Ed Miliband at the helm.’

A report by Deutsche Bank warned that British –

British families will face higher borrowing costs under Labour as interest rates earlier to offset extra government spending.


Ed Miliband accuses Cameron on refugee crisis. Labour cover up on immigration


Shocking Discovery by the Daily Bale on Labour immigration cover up.

UK: Labour Covered Up Link Between Immigrants and Crime.


Concerns about possible links between mass immigration and crime were removed from a Labour immigration report document, it has been discovered.

Initial drafts of the controversial Cabinet Office report noted that there was a risk that organised criminals could exploit a rise in migration.

African-immigrants-flee-Libya to Italy

But the claims were removed from the published version of the document, which went on to become a landmark in terms of Labour’s immigration policy.

The revelations some time ago in the London Evening Standard are a twist in the row over the present problem of the refugee crisis in Italy from Africa that Ed Miliband accuses the Conservatives of being responsible for !

They will fuel calls for the public in the May General Election to look again at Labour’s immigration policy after they look at this paper, which allegedly claimed mass immigration would make Britain more multicultural and allow  

‘Labour to portray the Tories as racists’

Former Labour adviser Andrew Neather has claimed the Government opened up Britain’s borders in part to try to –

‘humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration’

Basically, Labour used immigration as a Political weapon !

Hope not hate

The PIU, a think-tank originally set up by Tony Blair, had been criticised for painting too positive a picture of mass immigration in the 2001 report.

Drafts seen by the Standard Newspaper revealed it was revised several times with paragraphs detailing the possible risks removed.

An entire section entitled ‘Criminal behaviour’ was allegedly removed because Downing Street was ‘nervous’ it would be seized on by critics.

Another passage proposing a cross-government communications strategy on migration to inspire a more positive public attitude to it was also pulled.

The draft also spoke of Britain’s ‘positively shameful’ record towards Jews who fled the Nazis.

Racism towards black migrants had come ‘not just from extremists or working class communities,

but from politicians and policy-makers at the highest level’,  it added.

These inflammatory claims were not included when the report was released.

The growing rate of open-door migration:  Number of new arrivals had surged by 50% under Labour

The section on crime, which was later omitted, had warned:

‘Migration has opened up new opportunities for organised crime.’

However, it continued that migrants were not more likely to be criminals despite more foreign nationals ending up in prison.

This was down to foreign visitors being held at airports and ports for drug smuggling and not about migrants looking to settle in the UK, the report said.

But it added: ‘There is emerging evidence that the circumstances in which asylum seekers are living is leading to criminal offences, including fights and begging.’

The Cabinet Office denied at the time that any political pressure was put on the authors of the report.

A spokesman had said: ‘Objectivity and impartiality have always been core values of the civil service.’


Ed Miliband Stoops to Shameful Sad New Low in Campaign with Refugee Claims

Daily Bale

Ed Miliband and Labour stoop to a shameful new low in campaign with claims that Mediterranean refugee deaths are a ‘direct result’ of Cameron’s Libya intervention and tries to capitalise on tragedy.

  • Tories accuse Ed Miliband of stooping to a ‘shameful’ new low in campaign
  • Labour leader attacked the Prime Minister’s 2011 intervention in Libya
  • Said the refugee deaths were the result of the aftermath of the intervention
  • A briefing went further claiming they were ‘direct result’ of PM’s decisions
  • Comes after EU leaders agreed package of measures to tackle the crisis
  • Mr Cameron agreed to send a Royal Navy warship to the region within days

Shocking New Low for Labour Party

Ed Miliband has been accused of stooping to a ‘shameful’ new low by blaming David Cameron for the Mediterranean refugee crisis.

The Labour leader used a keynote campaign speech today to suggest the deaths of hundreds of refugees fleeing North Africa could have been avoided if the Prime Minister had done more following his intervention in Libya to remove the former dictator Colonel Gaddafi.

In a briefing note sent out before the speech, Labour went further – claiming the crisis was ‘in part a direct result’ of Mr Cameron’s foreign policy.

The allegation provoked a furious response from the Tories who this morning demanded that Mr Miliband apologise for the ‘outrageous and disgraceful’ remarks.

Ed Miliband, speaking at Chatham House in central London this morning, has been accused of stooping to a 'shameful' new low by blaming David Cameron for the Mediterranean refugee crisis

Ed Miliband, speaking at Chatham House in central London this morning, has been accused of stooping to a ‘shameful’ new low by blaming David Cameron for the Mediterranean refugee crisis

David Cameron and the former foreign secretary William Hague, speaking in Lincoln today, were accused of neglecting Libya after helping to topple Colonel Gaddafi

David Cameron and the former foreign secretary William Hague, speaking in Lincoln today, were accused of neglecting Libya after helping to topple Colonel Gaddafi

It comes after Mr Cameron held emergency talks with EU leaders in Brussels yesterday over how to tackle the growing humanitarian crisis.

The Prime Minister announced the deployment of one of Britain’s biggest warships – HMS Bulwark – as part of beefed-up efforts to prevent more refugees packing onto tiny boats.

Up to 1,750 refugees have lost their lives trying to reach Europe this year – out of around 35,000 who have tried to make the crossing.

The vast majority of the migrant boats set off from the Libya, which has descended into chaos in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution which saw Colonel Gaddafi swept from power with the support of France and Britain.

Over 200 illegal migrants were rescued by Italian Guardia di Finanza boat ‘Denaro’ in the Mediterranean Sea this week
The refugees will be shipped to the Italian mainland after being rescued by Italian coast guards

Mr Miliband today accused the Prime Minister of taking his eye off the ball by failing to secure a stable transfer of power in the wake of the uprising.

The Labour leader said this failure had contributed to the crisis today. But the suggestion sparked a furious response from the Prime Minister today.

Mr Cameron said: ‘Let me be clear about what Ed Miliband has said. I have learned as Prime Minister that it is so important in a dangerous and uncertain world that you show clarity, consistency and strength on these foreign policy issues.

‘People will look at these ill-judged remarks and they will reach their own conclusions.’

Former foreign secretary William Hague slammed the ‘ill-judged, opportunistic remarks’.

He said: ‘Foreign policy is not something that you can just discover 13 days before polling day.

‘This is the first time in five years that Ed Miliband has troubled himself to make a full length speech on foreign policy.’

Environment Secretary Liz Truss said Mr Miliband should withdraw the ‘outrageous and disgraceful’ remarks.

‘Accusing the Prime Minister of causing these deaths – whether directly or indirectly – I think is wrong,’ she told BBC Radio 4’s Today.

‘Ed Miliband feels like he’s losing the argument and he’s lashing out. Of course we should be talking about foreign affairs but it has to be done in a proper manner.’

Seek and destroy: Britain will send one of its biggest warships, HMS Bulwark (above), to the Mediterranean within days as part of plans to targets boats used by human traffickers

Seek and destroy: Britain will send one of its biggest warships, HMS Bulwark (above), to the Mediterranean within days as part of plans to targets boats used by human traffickers

David Cameron held high-level talks with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (left), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (top left) and French President Francois Hollande (top right) at a European Union summit yesterday

David Cameron: We will offer Britain’s warships to Mediterranean
A senior Tory source added: ‘This takes Labour’s relentless negative campaigning to a new low.’

The source pointed out that Mr Miliband had supported the intervention in Libya which he now blamed for causing the crisis.

Nick Clegg said the Labour attack was a ‘distasteful’ attempt to make political capital from the Mediterranean refugee crisis.

Mr Clegg insisted that ‘a considerable amount of thought went in by the international community’ to the aftermath and ‘a huge amount of help and assistance and money has gone into trying to do our bit from outside’.

He acknowledged that it was ‘legitimate to say that things then spiral in directions that you can’t fully predict’.

‘All I would plead for is a little less finger-pointing wisdom from Ed Miliband – when he supported the intervention in the first place – and a little bit more adherence to facts about exactly who is ending up on these boats, why they are and what we can now do about it to stop this terrible tragedy,’ he said.

Mr Cameron was given a rapturous reception in Tripoli in September 2011 after flying into the capital following the Nato bombing campaign which allowed rebels to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi

Former dictator Colonel Gaddafi

But the shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander defended Mr Miliband’s attack – and insisted the Prime Minister had failed to plan for the aftermath of Colonel Gaddafi’s downfall.

He said: ‘It is a failure of post-conflict planning for which the international community bears responsibility. That’s not a matter of dispute, it’s a matter of fact.’

In his speech to the Chatham House think tank today, Mr Miliband said: ‘The tragedy is that this could have been anticipated.

‘Since the action, the failure of post-conflict planning has become obvious. David Cameron was wrong to assume that Libya’s political culture and institutions could be left to evolve and transform on their own.

‘It should have been avoided. And Britain could have played its part in ensuring the international community stood by the people of Libya in practice rather than standing behind the unfounded hopes of potential progress only in principle.’


In March 2011 Labour and Tory MPs united to back military action against Libya to stop Muammar Gaddafi committing a ‘bloody massacre’.

The country’s then dictator had threatened to slaughter his own people to cling on to power after a rebel uprising in the east of the country.

The Commons vote came after the UN Security Council passed a motion giving Britain, France and the US the authority to use ‘all necessary measures’ to protect Libyan civilians.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said he supported the action, arguing it was “a just cause, with a feasible mission, and it has international support”.

Less than six months later, in November 2011, after Western bombing raids allowed Libya’s rebel forces to sweep the Gaddafi regime from power, Mr Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy flew into Tripoli.

It was the first visit by Western leaders since the dictator 42-year-rule had come to an end.

Mr Cameron praised the Libyan fighters as ‘lions’ and described their revolt as the moment ‘when the Arab Spring could become an Arab Summer’ in which ‘we see democracy advance in other countries too’.

But in the three years since Colonel Gaddafi was toppled, the country has descended into chaos.

There has been no effective government since the 2011 uprising. Instead, there are hundreds of different armed groups fighting for territory and influence.

It currently has two rival governments, one based in the capital, Tripoli, and the other based hundreds of miles away in the port of Tobruk.

People smugglers are taking advantage of the subsequent chaos and confusion tearing the country apart to ply their trade with little to no threat of being caught.

With ISIS also having established strongholds in the towns on Sirte and Derna, and with smaller bases elsewhere in the country, fear of capture and execution at the hands of the radical Islamists is driving the desperate migrants to leave Libya as quickly as they can, dangerously overloading vessels.