BBC Question Time under fire for only selecting left-wing audiences

BBC Question Time is a long running flagship news and politics debate show on the BBC. People have long suspected a bias with the audience but it looks like they have been proven right.


Several university students have come forward to shed light on how members of audience for the show are selected and the process may prove a culture of left-wing corruption within the BBC.

According to Carl Lynch, 22 from Strathclyde University, he was asked by BBC Question Time producers if he was a member of the Labour Party or had Union ties. When Mr. lynch who is a UKIP supporter said no, his application for audience participation was swiftly denied.

An actors’ agency by the name of ‘4score’ recently revealed that BBC Question time had approached them looking for 30 paid actors to fill the audience for a show in Manchester. The actors were required to ask a number of questions as issued by the BBC but the agency felt uncomfortable with the proposal and declined the BBC’s offer.

An investigation into the claims is being made by broadcaster complaints quango, Ofcom. Whatever the results of the findings, the BBC can expect to be answerable to a culture of left-wing corruption.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News.