Politically Correct Crimes by Left-wing Anti-fascists Marxists Communists Antifa

Daily Bale

People ask us why the Daily Bale exists, and what it stands for, and why we target the left-wing.  

They ask us if it is moral of us to target the left-wing, after all, they only want what is best for everybody don’t they??

The UAF and Hope Not Hate anti-fascist organisations only want to stand up for equality and human rights don’t they ??

The anti-fascists who use violence at demonstrations, throw darts at people, deface and smash up war memorials are good decent people aren’t they??


The left-wing anti-fascist organisations in the U.K who post people’s names and addresses on their websites and publicly name their places of work, harass their families and friends, and try to force them into silence by bullying, intimidation, manipulation and what amounts to terror tactics, all these things are good, right, moral and are acts carried out by decent upstanding people, right??

The left-wing anti-fascists who use anonymous accounts on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, to attack, name, shame and harass anybody who does not agree with them or who will not obey or bow to left-wing bullying and politically correct codes of speech, thought or perception of the world as the left-wing freaks see it, these are all good decent people behind those ‘anonymous’ accounts, right??

Below you will find a list, with links, of just some of the left-wing episodes of mass terror, murder, torture and injustices throughout the world in periods of history, and just a fraction of the levels and murderous madness that these evil sick left-wing sadists are willing to sink to in their vile warped depraved quest to take away all human rights, freedom of speech, and to destroy any real true equality amongst humankind. 

Rotherham child grooming gangs

Left-Wing politically correct evil and left-wing anti-fascist perversion is not just confined to the United Kingdom and neither is it a new thing that has only just come to light as the people begin to wake up to the injustice and hypocrisy of left-wing political correctness and anti-fascism in Britain.

Left-wing evil, left-wing mass murder and left-wing torture of those who oppose leftism or happen to have a different opinion to leftists have been happening for a very long time in the name of left-wing ideals in whatever evil form of ideology they come in and have been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths throughout the world.

The left-wing hateful spiteful angry evil sick twisted vengeful manipulators intimidators and bullies will always hide behind the mask of some cause or moral sounding guise, like ‘anti-fascism’ or ‘feminism’ they also use race as one of their main tools in causing division and hatred, by calling people race hate names and turning one race against another in order to gain the upper hand within the ‘divide and rule’ principle.

Most people do not realise this, but the very people who they think are the defenders of equality and supposedly stand for anti-racist and anti-fascist ideals – are actually very much fascist and racist themselves.

The left-wing will always attack Nationalists and Patriots in whatever form, because they know that Nationalism and Patriotism brings people together in community spirit, and the left-wing are much more likely to be exposed in a climate of National identity and togetherness.

Not convinced ? Then just look at one example within the U.K of left-wing unwarranted aggression towards democratic political parties, like the relentless left-wing attacks upon Ukip, a political party that in itself contains many different races and identities and symbolises bringing people together in National identity.

Radical leftists would have us believe that they stand for democracy, progress, human rights and social justice.

But when they seize power, they introduce slavery, terror, famine, concentration camps and mass murder.


A list of just some of the evil crimes carried out by left-wing ideologies in the name of Political Correctness, Communism, Marxism, Trotskyism and Socialism

Please feel free to share this list of left-wing atrocities by using the links at the foot of this post.

As the Marxists used to say, ‘our terror is no accident’  General John Kekes,  Why Robespierre Chose Terror

The human costs of far-left ideology during the Jacobin Terror in France: “A remarkable feature of the ideological frame of mind is that those in its grip actually believe these justifications for disemboweling, lynching, mutilating, burying alive, drowning, and hacking to pieces their unfortunate victims.”

Elizabeth Anderson, Babeuf’s Revolutionary Communism

An early example of radical left-wing totalitarianism.

Paul Bogdanor, The Communists As They Really Are

Quotations not taught in the average history class.

Murray Rothbard, The Myth of Democratic Socialism [PDF]
George Reisman, The Tyranny of Socialism [PDF]
Thomas G. West, Marx and Lenin
Leszek Kolakowski, Marxist Roots of Stalinism [PDF]
Roger Scruton, What is Right? [PDF]

Why radical left-wing ideology ends in horrifying dictatorships.

Stéphane Courtois, The Crimes of Communism
Stéphane Courtois, Why?
Paul Hollander, The Distinctive Features of Repression in Communist States [PDF]

Analyses of communist tyranny and mass murder all over the world.

Karl Zinsmeister, All the Hungry People
David Marcus, Famine Crimes in International Law [PDF]
Murray Rothbard, The Politics of Famine

The role of communist dictatorships in creating the most terrible famines in world history.

Steven Bela Vardy and Agnes Huszar Vardy, Cannibalism in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China [PDF]

Cannibalism was one of the countless horrors awaiting the victims of communist famines and purges.

Soviet UnionMichael Johns, Seventy Years of Evil

Soviet crimes against humanity from the Bolshevik coup to the slaughter in Afghanistan.

– Pre-StalinVladimir Medem, On Terror [PDF]
Sergei Melgunov, The Red Terror in Russia [PDF]
Sergei Melgunov, The Record of the Red Terror [PDF]
G. P. Maximoff, The Guillotine At Work
Nicolas Walter, The Legacy of Bolshevism [PDF]
Richard Pipes, Lenin’s Gulag [PDF]

Lenin and Trotsky tortured and massacred hundreds of thousands after 1917.

Peter Boettke, The Soviet Experiment With Pure Communism [PDF]
Peter Boettke, The Political Economy of Utopia: Communism in Soviet Russia, 1918-1921 [PDF]
Peter Boettke, Soviet Admissions: Communism Doesn’t Work

Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin and other Soviet planners admitted to inflicting catastrophe on tens of millions.

Leszek Kolakowski, Trotsky on Dictatorship [PDF]
Ralph Raico, Trotsky: The Ignorance and the Evil
John Eric Marot, Trotsky, the Left Opposition and the Rise of Stalinism: Theory and Practice

The bloodthirsty Trotskyist “alternative” to Stalinism.

– GenocidesInquiry Reveals Lenin Unleashed Systematic Murder of 200,000 Clergy
Communist Reign of Terror Killed 200,000 Clergymen

Victims were “crucified on royal gates and shot in the basements of the Cheka, scalped, strangled, drowned and submitted to other bestial tortures.”

Soviet Order to Exterminate Cossacks is Unearthed
Peter Holquist, “Conduct Merciless Mass Terror”: Decossackization on the Don, 1919

Bolshevik genocide against the Don Cossacks.

Samuel D. Sinner, The Open Wound: The Genocide of German Ethnic Minorities in Russia and the Soviet Union
Samuel D. Sinner, The German-Russian Genocide: Remembrance in the 21st Century [PDF]

Atrocities included “mass rape of the elderly, women and children, mass drownings, prolonged torture sessions, mutilations, hacking up of bodies, mass shootings of hundreds, even thousands in a single action, the holocaust of entire villages – including the burning of all inhabitants and building structures.”

Edige Kirimal, Complete Destruction of National Groups as Groups: The Crimean Turks
Aurelie Campana, Surgun: The Crimean Tatars’ Deportation and Exile [PDF]

Massacres, famines and ethnic cleansing wiped out hundreds of thousands of Crimean Muslims.

Aleksandr M. Nekrich, The Punished Peoples [PDF]
Aurelie Campana, The Massive Deportation of the Chechen People [PDF]
Elza-Bair Guchinova, Deportation of the Kalmyks (1943–1956) [PDF]
For Victims of Stalin’s Deportations, War Lives On

Genocidal deportations of national minorities created an apartheid system that lasted for decades.

– FaminesRoman Serbyn, Famine in Ukraine

Summary of the 1921 and 1933 famines.

Kazuo Nakai, Soviet Agricultural Policies in the Ukraine and the 1921-1922 Famine [PDF]
Roman Serbyn, The First Man-Made Famine in Soviet Ukraine, 1921-1923

Forgotten communist famine, in which millions died.

Simon Ertz, The Kazakh Catastrophe and Stalin’s Order of Priorities 1929-1933 [PDF]
Isabelle Ohayon, The Kazakh Famine [PDF]
Yedige Magauin, A Tragedy Kazakhstan Must Never Forget

Forced starvation killed a third of the population of Kazakhstan.

Raphael Lemkin, Soviet Genocide in Ukraine [PDF]
Roman Serbyn, The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as Genocide in the Light of the UN Convention [PDF]
Roman Serbyn, Is There a “Smoking Gun” For the Holodomor?
Roman Serbyn, The Holodomor: Reflections on the Ukrainian Genocide [PDF]
Nicolas Werth, The Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 [PDF]
Stanislav Kulchytsky, The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933: A Case of Genocide [PDF]
Yevhen Zakharov, Legal Classification of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine and in Kuban

Forced starvation decimated the Ukrainian population.

D’Ann Penner, The Agrarian “Strike” of 1932-33 [PDF]
D’Ann Penner, Stalin and the Ital’ianka of 1932-1933 in the Don Region
Michael Ellman, The Role of Leadership Perceptions and of Intent in the Soviet Famine of 1931-1934 [PDF]
Michael Ellman, Stalin and the Soviet Famine of 1932-33 Revisited [PDF]
Sergei Maksudov, Genocide Remembered
Timothy Snyder, Stalin’s World is Still With Us

This man-made famine was the worst peacetime mass murder in the history of Europe.

Michael Ellman, The 1947 Soviet Famine and the Entitlement Approach to Famines [PDF]

Another forgotten famine, in which the communists withheld food from the victims.

– PurgesNicolas Werth, Dekulakisation as Mass Violence [PDF]

The murder of half a million men, women and children for belonging to the wrong economic class.

Forest Skulls May Tell Where 30,000 Stalin Victims Lie

Example of the mass graves containing victims of the Soviet regime.

Poisons Tested on Stalin’s Prisoners

The Soviets, like the Nazis, performed medical experiments on conscious victims.

Top Soviet Denounces Stalin’s Gulags [PDF]

The true scale of the Gulag.

– Death TollsPapers on Soviet Repression Statistics
Famine Lecture Presents Findings of Holodomor Demography Research Team

Post-Cold War academic research on Soviet mass murder.

Steven Rosefielde, Documented Homicides and Excess Deaths [PDF]

Demonstrates that the number of killings documented in the Soviet archives was only a fraction of the total, which reached 10 million during the 1927-38 period alone.

– Post-StalinDavid Satter, The System of Forced Labor in Russia [PDF]
Juliana Geran Pilon, Slave Labor and the Soviet Pipeline [PDF]

Slavery in the post-Stalin Gulag.

Who Says No Soviet Concentration Camps? [PDF]
Peter Reddaway, Inside Russia’s Concentration Camps [PDF]
Alexander Shatravka, Man of Peace Finds None in Soviet Camp [PDF]
The Gulag: Lost Millions
Human Rights Survey Deplores Soviet Prison Camp Conditions [PDF]

The atrocities included forced starvation, medical neglect, systematic beatings and death by radiation.

Soviet Prisoners Exposed to Fatal Radiation in Uranium Mines
George Schopflin, Radiating a False Picture: Focus on the Difference Between Soviet PR and Reality

On the Nuclear Gulag, where victims were murdered by radiation poisoning.

Sergei Grigoryants, Soviet Psychiatric Prisoners [PDF]

On the Psychiatric Gulag, where victims were falsely imprisoned and tortured with mind-altering drugs.

Eastern EuropeJean C. Bingle, Labor For Bread [PDF]
Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, The Dialectics of Pain [PDF]

The record of Soviet mass terror against Poles.

Tamas Stark, Genocide or Genocidal Massacre? The Case of Hungarian Prisoners in Soviet Custody [PDF]
Agnes Huszar Vardy, Forgotten Victims of World War II [PDF]

The Soviets deported hundreds of thousands of Hungarians to their deaths.

Michael Portmann, Communist Retaliation and Persecution on Yugoslav Territory [PDF]
Piles of Bones in Yugoslavia Point to Partisan Massacres
Under Slovenia Lie Mass Graves

Communist mass murder in Yugoslavia, now forgotten.

Red Army Troops Raped Even Russian Women As They Freed Them From Camps
Anthony Beevor, “They Raped Every German Female From Eight to 80”
German Rape Victims Find a Voice at Last

The Red Army systematically gang-raped millions of women and girls in Eastern Europe.

Iron Curtain’s 100,000 Dead
Germans Find Mass Graves at an Ex-Soviet Camp

The Soviets used former Nazi concentration camps to wipe out political prisoners in East Germany.

Death Camps, Torture, Experiments on Children
Germany’s Guilty Secret: Beaten, Drugged, Skewered
“More Than 1,000 Died” Trying to Flee East Germany

Systematic torture, medical experiments and mass murder in East Germany.

Jeffrey Herf, An Age of Murder: Ideology and Terror in Germany [PDF]

The terrorism and antisemitism of the Stasi-sponsored Red Army Faction in West Germany.

Communist Atrocities to be Aired at Prison Camp Commander Trial
Romania Remembers Victims of Communist Gulags

Mass killings in the Romanian Gulag.

Bulgaria Ran Brutal Camps For Prisoners [PDF]

The brutality of the Bulgarian Gulag.

Justice Delayed For Those Tortured Under Communism

Torture and murder in Czechoslovakia.

AfghanistanAfghan Driver Says He Saw Soldiers Blind and Strangle Children [PDF]
Afghans Disclose Deaths of 11,000

Communist mass murder in the pre-invasion years.

Atrocities and Violations of Human Rights and International Law in Afghanistan [PDF]
Eyewitnesses to Afghanistan at War [PDF]

Accounts of terror bombing and other war crimes.

Rosanne Klass, Lifting the Curtain on Afghanistan’s Horror [PDF]
Claude Malhuret, Report From Afghanistan [PDF]

Freedom House and Doctors Without Borders describe the Nazi-style methods of the Soviet invaders, including massacre, torture, maiming and rape.

W. Michael Reisman and Charles H. Norchi, Genocide and the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan [PDF]

The Institute for the Study of Genocide on Soviet criminal guilt.

The Soviets’ Ugly Exit [PDF]

Retreating Soviet forces scattered millions of anti-personnel mines, planted explosive devices disguised as toys in order to blow off children’s limbs, poisoned food supplies and waged chemical warfare against the civilian population.

M. Hassan Kakar, The Story of Genocide in Afghanistan

Academic history of the Soviet genocide.

ChinaTwo Millions [PDF]
Human Rights in Mainland China [PDF]
Uncounted Millions: Mass Death in Mao’s China
Scholars Continue to Reveal Mao’s Monstrosities

The communists slaughtered tens of millions in China through massacre, slavery and famine.

Jasper Becker, Ex-NPC Chief Admits Maoism Killed Millions
Vaclav Smil, China’s Great Famine: 40 Years Later [PDF]
Frank Dikötter, Mao’s Great Leap to Famine
Frank Dikötter, Mao’s Great Famine: The Grey Zone [PDF]

How the communists created the greatest man-made catastrophe in the history of the world.

Miriam and Ivan D. London, The Other China: The Three Red Flags of Death [PDF]
Miriam and Ivan D. London, The Other China: The Case of the Missing Beggars [PDF]
Miriam and Ivan D. London, Hunger in China: The “Norm of Truth” [PDF]
Miriam and Ivan D. London, Hunger in China: The Failure of a System? [PDF]

Forced starvation under communism.

Yongyi Song, The Cultural Revolution and the War Against Fascism [PDF]
Yongyi Song, The Dao County Massacre of 1967 [PDF]
Youqin Wang, Student Attacks Against Teachers: The Revolution of 1966
Youqin Wang, The Second Wave of Violent Persecution of Teachers: The Revolution of 1968

Mass murder during the Cultural Revolution.

Ex-Inmate Recalls Life in China’s Gulag [PDF]
“We Felt We Had Been Buried Alive”

“Class enemies” endured slavery and mass death in concentration camps.

Stephen W. Mosher, China’s One-Child Policy: Twenty-Five Years Later

Population control ideology and the resulting atrocities against tens of millions of women.

China: Human Rights Violations and Coercion in One-Child Policy Enforcement [PDF]
Chinese Region “Must Conduct 20,000 Abortions”

Forced abortions and infanticide under the totalitarian one-child policy.

MongoliaMass Buddhist Grave Reported in Mongolia

The communist slaughter in Mongolia.

North KoreaJack Rendler, The Last Worst Place on Earth: Human Rights in North Korea [PDF]

From Henry D. Sokolski, ed., Planning For a Peaceful Korea [PDF]. An excellent overview of this totalitarian slave state, where millions have been starved to death or murdered in concentration camps.

Jack Rendler, Horrific Conditions and Suffering Make It the Last Worst Place on Earth

A shorter and more recent account.

Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [PDF]

The United Nations documents ongoing crimes against humanity in North Korea.

Fiona Terry, The Deadly Secrets of North Korea

Forced starvation has claimed millions of victims, primarily the elderly, the young and the sick.

David Hawk, The Hidden Gulag [PDF]
Death, Terror in N. Korea Gulag
North Korean Prison Guard Remembers Atrocities
7 Years of Torture in N. Korean Prison Camp
North Korean Imprisoned at Age 10 For Grandparents’ Dissent

Extensive evidence of torture and mass murder in the North Korean Gulag.

Regime That Kills Babies of Foreign Blood
“I Saw an Entire Family Being Killed”
Young Howard, The Hidden Gulag
Robert Park, The Case For Genocide in North Korea
North Korea’s Disappeared

Torture, medical experiments, infanticide and genocide in North Korea.

Robert Collins, Marked For Life: Songbun, North Korea’s Social Classification System [PDF]

The system of class apartheid in North Korea.

Vietnam– Pre-1975Lam Thanh Liem, Ho Chi Minh’s Land Reform: Mistake or Crime?
50 Years On, Vietnamese Remember Land Reform Terror

The bloodbath inflicted during the North Vietnamese land reform was effectively whitewashed by far-left activists in the West, but the victims were not so quick to forget.

The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh

Stomach-churning accounts of communist mass murder during the Vietnam War.

The Massacre of Hue

In this communist massacre, thousands of men, women and children were slaughtered.

Stephen T. Hosmer, Viet Cong Repression and its Implications For the Future [PDF]

Detailed analysis of Viet Cong mass murder campaigns.

The Human Cost of Communism in Vietnam [PDF]

Compilation of research and newspaper reports on communist terror in Vietnam.

– Post-1975Le Thi Anh, Let the Vietnamese Speak For Themselves [PDF]
M. Stanton Evans, Westerners Ignore Vietnam Gulag [PDF]
Ginetta Sagan, Vietnam’s Postwar Hell [PDF]

Concentration camps and mass murder in post-1975 Vietnam.

Declaration of Disinherited Vietnamese on Human Rights [PDF]
Testament of Patriotic Prisoners in Vietnam [PDF]

Victims of state terror beg the outside world for help.

Nguyen Cong Hoan, Human Rights in Vietnam I [PDF] II [PDF]
Nguyen Cong Hoan, Why I Escaped From Vietnam

Defector’s account of totalitarian slavery in post-1975 Vietnam.

Doan Van Toai, In Vietnam’s Gulag, the Captives Die a Slow Death [PDF]

Survivor’s account of the hidden mass killings of political prisoners in the Vietnamese Gulag.

Theodore Jacqueney, They Are Us, Were We Vietnamese [PDF]
Ginetta Sagan and Stephen Denney, Re-education in Unliberated Vietnam: Loneliness, Suffering and Death
Stephen J. Morris, Glasnost and the Gulag: The Numbers Game [PDF]
Anh Do and Hieu Tran Phan, Camp Z30-D: The Survivors

Starvation, torture and murder in the Vietnamese Gulag.

Hanoi Regime Reported Resolved to Oust Nearly All Ethnic Chinese [PDF]
Vietnam Refugees Fleeced of Possessions, Expelled [PDF]
Escape From Vietnam: Nightmare at Sea Haunts Refugee Who Survived [PDF]
Vietnam Goes on Trial in Geneva Over Its Refugees [PDF]

Communist ethnic cleansing literally drove the Chinese population into the sea, where hundreds of thousands of boat people suffered and drowned.

Stephen Denney, Human Rights and Daily Life in Vietnam

Ongoing political persecution and class discrimination.

Laos40,000 Reported Held in Harsh Laos Camps [PDF]

Tens of thousands of political prisoners were sent to die in concentration camps.

The End of the Hmong
Lao Human Rights Council, White Paper on Genocide in Laos

The Vietnamese and Laotian communists waged a genocidal war against Hmong tribespeople.

Cambodia– Civil WarThe Agony of Phnom Penh [PDF]
Khmer Rouge’s Bloody War on Trapped Villagers [PDF]
“I Watched Them Saw Him 3 Days” [PDF]
Priest Won’t Leave Refugees Despite Khmer Rouge Threat [PDF]

The savagery of the Khmer Rouge was easily discoverable before 1975.

President Ford, News Conference on Cambodia [PDF]

President Ford warns of “an unbelievable horror story” if the communists capture Cambodia.

Fear of Cambodian Bloodbath Seen Key to Senate Vote on Aid [PDF]

More bloodbath predictions; anti-war leftists in Congress successfully cut off the aid shortly afterwards.

John D. Lofton, On Genocide in Cambodia

The refusal of the aid opponents to take responsibility for the expected consequences of their actions.

– Killing FieldsYin Savannary, Diary From Darkness [PDF]
Asian Blood Bath [PDF]
Cambodia: Work Hard or Die
Cambodia – An Outlaw Nation [PDF]

Early reports from survivors and journalists.

Leo Cherne, The Terror in Cambodia [PDF]
Leo Cherne, Cambodia – Auschwitz of Asia [PDF]

The chairman of the International Rescue Committee describes the mass murders.

Craig Etcheson, The Number: Quantifying Crimes Against Humanity in Cambodia
Bruce Sharp, Counting Hell

Studies demonstrating that the death toll was in the millions.

Lek Hor Tan, The Khmer Rouge: Beyond 1984? [PDF]
Henri Locard, State Violence in Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979) and Retribution (1979-2004) [PDF]

Some excellent summaries of the Khmer Rouge bloodbath.

Hurst Hannum, International Law and Cambodian Genocide: The Sounds of Silence
Solomon Bashi, Prosecuting Starvation at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia [PDF]

Criminal responsibility for mass murder and forced starvation under the Khmer Rouge.

Cambodia Steps Slowly Toward a Genocide Trial
A Search For Justice by the Women Forced to Marry Strangers

Mass rape and other crimes against humanity under the Khmer Rouge.

Gender-Based Violence Under the Khmer Rouge

Extensive documentation of communist atrocities against women.

AfricaPeter Niggli, Ethiopian Resettlement: Vomit and Death [PDF]
Aid Unit Disputes Ethiopia’s Policy
Dawit Wolde Giorgis, Power and Famine in Ethiopia [PDF]
Michael Johns, Gorbachev’s Holocaust
Ethiopian Ex-Rulers Go on Trial
Ethiopian Dictator Sentenced to Prison

The communists caused a million deaths through terror and forced starvation in Ethiopia.

Cubans Wipe Out 70,000 in Angola Terror [PDF]
Nicholas Rowe, The Village of the Living Dead
John Hart, Cuban Atrocities in Angola

Mass murder by Cuban military forces in Angola.

John Matthew, Doubts on Angola Vote-Counting
National Society for Human Rights, Ending the Angolan Conflict [PDF]
National Society for Human Rights, Criminal Liability in Angola [PDF]
Global Witness, A Crude Awakening [PDF]
As Guerrilla War Ends, Corruption Now Bleeds Angola to Death

The MPLA regime’s responsibility for civil war and mass starvation in Angola.

Terror of Maputo Jail

Torture, rape, slavery and starvation in Mozambique’s Gulag.

Frelimo Victories, But One Million Starve [PDF]

The Frelimo regime’s contribution to mass starvation in Mozambique.

John Sweeney, Inside the Terror-Camp

The genocidal massacre of tens of thousands in Zimbabwe.

CubaMary Anastasia O’Grady, Counting Castro’s Victims [PDF]
Cuba’s Lost Population
Maria C. Werlau, Bloody Tally of a Fifty-Year Long Dictatorship
Maria C. Werlau, Most Deaths Largely Ignored [PDF]

Mass killings under communism in Cuba.

Deaths in Prison [PDF]
Victims of Che Guevara [PDF]
Executions by Raul Castro [PDF]

Shooting dissidents, murdering pregnant women, drowning children, etc.

The Cuban Rafter Phenomenon
Mary Anastasia O’Grady, The Lives of Cubans

The communists also murder boat people as they try to escape.

Elena Mederos, Human Rights and Cuban Law [PDF]
Alfred G. Cuzan, Castro’s “Revolutionary” Despotism [PDF]

The enslavement of the Cuban people.

Armando Valladares, Torture in Castro’s Cuba
Armando Valladares, Castro’s Gulag
From the Prisons of Cuba: A Cry For Help [PDF]
Frank Calzon, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Cuba [PDF]
Tribunal on Cuba, Castro’s Tropical Gulag [PDF]
Chronicle of an Unforgettable Agony: Cuba’s Political Prisons
Cuba’s Abuses of Psychiatry

The realities of political imprisonment and torture in Cuba.

NicaraguaNicaragua Executions Put at 500-1,000 [PDF]

Mass executions started within weeks of the Sandinista takeover.

Jose Esteban Gonzalez, Remember Nicaragua [PDF]

Nicaragua’s leading human rights activist on Sandinista persecution and terror.

Inside the Sandinista Regime: A Special Investigator’s Perspective [PDF]
Defector Describes “Bloody,” “Corrupt” Regime [PDF]

A former high-ranking official explains how the Sandinistas murdered thousands.

Inside Communist Nicaragua: The Miguel Bolanos Transcripts
Alfred G. Cuzan, Sandinista Goals Were Evident Long Ago [PDF]
Alfred G. Cuzan, The Nicaraguan Revolution: From Autocracy to Totalitarian Dictatorship? [PDF]
John Norton Moore, The Secret War in Central America and the Future of World Order [PDF]

Comprehensive record of the Sandinista role in provoking violence and war throughout the region.

J. Michael Waller, Tropical Chekists: The Sandinista Secret Police Legacy in Nicaragua

How the Sandinistas tried to build a police state through torture and murder.

PeruPeru Indians Take Up Arms Against Rebel Terror

Mass murder and enslavement of the poor by the Shining Path terrorists in Peru.

Other– Campaigns For EugenicsJonathan Freedland, Master Race of the Left

“Nearly every one of the left’s most cherished, iconic figures espoused views which today’s progressives would find repulsive… Indeed, contempt for ordinary people and outright racism were two of the defining creeds of British socialism.”

– Collaboration With FascistsOliver Kamm, The Far Left Meets the Far Right: A Historical Note

Japanese communist support for genocidal racist expansionism.

Nazi-Soviet Relations 1939-1941

Soviet-Nazi collaboration was the immediate cause of World War II.

E. Germany Ran Antisemitic Campaign in West in ’60s
Stasi Supported West German Neo-Nazi Groups

East German sponsorship of the neo-Nazi movement in West Germany.

– Collaboration With JihadistsPaul Bogdanor, Leftists For a Second Holocaust

How the far left embraced fanatics who advocate the mass murder of Jews.

Steven Stalinsky, Islamist-Left Alliance A Growing Force
John Perazzo, Platforms of the Enemy

The extreme left’s open collaboration with the most virulent hatemongers in the Middle East.

– The Post-9/11 LeftBrink Lindsey, Terrorism’s Fellow Travelers [PDF]

How extreme leftists blamed the victims and excused the perpetrators of the 9/11 massacres.

Edward Alexander, Professors For Suicide Bombers
Edward Alexander, Ward Churchill and the Politics of Campus Extremism

The murderous fanaticism of the campus far left.

NHS in Crisis Because of Left Wing Politically Correct Marxists

Daily Bale

NHS England staff spend 7 million of taxpayers cash on hotels, flights and train tickets in just a year. We must rid the NHS of all leftists and politically correct Marxists left over from the New Labour controlled horrifying years who still treat the NHS as if New Labour were still in power and act like the Marxists in the old Soviet Union.

  • Staff working at NHS England spent £7million on train and plane travel 
  • Expenses bill equates to £1,334 spent per member of staff at NHS England
  • Critics say the spending ‘sends the wrong message’ when times are tight 
  • NHS England was set up in 2013 as part of reforms to save NHS money
  • But new figures reveal organisation is proving a costly service to run 

Suspected left wing politically correct Marxists working for NHS England racked up expenses bills of more than £7 million on travel and staying in hotels in just 12 months and acted like Commissars in the old Soviet Union.

NHS England was established in 2013 as part of reforms to the health service which aimed to save the NHS money by reducing bureaucracy and consolidating commissioning in one centre.

But the move continues to prove costly for the taxpayer.

NHS England racked up an expenses bill of £7.1m in just one year. One of the highest claimants was Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information, who claimed £46,000 in expenses for travel and hotel bills

NHS England racked up an expenses bill of £7.1m in just one year. One of the highest claimants was Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information, who claimed £46,000 in expenses for travel and hotel bills

The total expenses bill submitted by NHS England staff last year equates to about £1,334 spent per staff member on flights, travelling on trains and staying in hotels in the UK and abroad,  the Yorkshire Post reported.

NHS England has offices in Leeds and London and employs around 5,000 staff.

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said: ‘It is alarming that such vast sums of money are being spent in this way. At a time when the NHS is under such huge financial pressures, this type of waste is unacceptable.

‘We must remember that the NHS is paid for by the tax-payer, and it belongs to patients and the public.

We must root out and get rid of all leftists, Marxists and politically correct cranks within our NHS

‘Every pound spent on expenses is a pound lost for the delivery of frontline services. This money would have been better invested in resourcing our wards with front-line staff and in improving patient care. We cannot continue to allow patient care to suffer due to poor management and wasteful spending of precious resources.

Unison said the spending appeared to be high and said the organisation should be ‘tightening its belt’ at a time when staff were being refused pay rises.

Christina McAnea, head of health at Unison, said: ‘When times are tight, this is one of the areas that NHS England must be cutting back on.

‘Huge amounts of money being spent on executive travel, cars and other perks sends out completely the wrong message.’

The central NHS body was set up to cut bureaucracy in a reorganisation by ministers and led by Sir David Nicholson.

Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of NHS England spent £32,000 in expenses
 Sir David Nicholson (left), who spearheaded the reforms, claimed £32,000 in expenses while chief nurse Jane Cummings (right) submitted a £27,000 bill which included money claimed for hotels and travel expenses

This saw strategic health authorities (SHAs) and primary care trusts (PCTs) abolished and replaced by NHS England and locally run clinical commissioning groups. The changes were designed to reduce the number of managers and put decision-making in the hands of doctors.

But the measures, introduced by the then health secretary Andrew Lansley, been criticised as introducing dozens of new quangos and expenses for the health service.

A spokesman said: ‘NHS England has staff based all over England, and it is necessary for them to be out talking to patients, clinicians and others in order to carry out the work of commissioning healthcare.

‘Staff are expected to think like patients and act like taxpayers, and from April 2014 no staff were permitted to travel first class, and must use public transport where available.’

NHS England was set up in 2013 to save money 

NHS England was set up in 2013 to save money

All staff at NHS England are expected to book travel and hotel arrangements through Leeds-based company Redfern and to use public transport instead of taxis.

This is not the first time the organisation has been hit be revelations of large expenses claims by its staff.

In the first year of NHS England’s existence £195,802 was spent by just nine board members of NHS England on travel and hotels.

The top spender was Tim Kelsey, national director for patients and information at NHS England, who lavished £46,000 on taxi bills and plush hotels.

Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of the organisation, claimed £32,000 in expenses, while Jane Cummings, chief nurse, spent £27,000.

Since the revelations about expenses, staff have been banned from using first class rail travel. The quango also spent £1.2m on kitting out staff with iPhones and iPads since it was launched in April 2013.

Critics also claim the NHS wasted money by giving managers axed by the reforms large pay-offs, only to rehire them again with large salaries.

Major incidents Declared at A&E English NHS Emergency Departments

The Daily Bale

Hospital A&E Departments swamped with none emergency arrivals – is a suspected left wing Anti Fascist Marxist plot organised by leftists to discredit the Government by Anti Fascist members turning up at A&E with nothing wrong with them to make it look like the N.H.S is failing.


A surge in demand at emergency departments has forced two hospital trusts to activate major incident plans.

Hospitals in Cheltenham and Gloucester, in Gloucestershire, and at Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, have had to introduce special measures due to the overwhelming numbers of people attending their accident and emergency units.

Managers at Scarborough Hospital said the situation had been brought on by an “unprecedented surge in demand”.

Some non-emergency operations have been postponed at Scarborough Hospital

The Daily Bale has learnt that left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Marxists have allegedly been plotting on social media to organise politically correct Anti Fascist groups and members to visit A&E Departments with nothing wrong with them in order to make it look like the Government is failing to provide Hospital care and services.

It was actually under the last Government New Labour that Hospitals in the U.K were reduced to horrific states of neglect and horrific conditions with people dying and being left without any care at all in their beds.

Stafford Hospital: The victims of the hospital scandal under New Labour

Stafford Hospital victims

In the years leading up to 2008 hundreds of people died at Stafford Hospital amid “appalling” levels of care.

The public inquiry heard that managers cut costs and reduced nursing numbers in a bid to achieve Foundation Trust status, even if that meant patients were put at risk.


This is all part of the left wing plot to cause disruption and chaos in the U.K  along with the political correctness conspiracy of bullying, intimation and manipulation by left wing Anti Fascist Marxists and the suppression of freedom of speech and the P.C criminal oppression of decent normal patriotic British Citizens by calling anybody who opposes them ‘fascists and racists’ in order to silence all opposition and try to shame people.

Hope Not Hate

Groups like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’ are known left wing Marxist organisations in the U.K

The hospital said the decision was taken after patients had been waiting in its emergency department today, unable to be admitted to the main hospital due a lack of beds.

The move means some non-emergency operations have been postponed.

Mike Proctor, deputy chief executive at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital, said: “While the winter months are traditionally a busy time for all hospitals across the country, we have been experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for our services and we have today reached a point in Scarborough where we have needed to enact our major incident plan.

“Today in particular we have had people waiting in the emergency department before being admitted to a bed, and we need to make sure that our hospital beds and resources are saved for those who need them most.

“We have also had to postpone some planned surgery and other procedures, and we apologise to those patients affected by this.”

Mr Proctor said: “Both York and Scarborough hospitals will continue to be here to help anyone who needs urgent assessment and care. However the public can really help us by only coming to the emergency departments in an emergency.

“Taking the appropriate action to treat your condition, which might mean contacting your GP or attending a pharmacy, walk-in centre or minor injuries unit, will help to ensure that we are able to treat those patients whose need is greatest.

“Our staff are working extremely hard to maintain these services and are to be commended for continuing to provide excellent care in spite of the pressures they are facing.”

A “major internal critical incident” has also been declared at Gloucestershire Royal Infirmary and Cheltenham General Hospital following high demand in their emergency departments.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said the measures brought in include increasing the number of staff in the emergency departments, increasing the beds available across Gloucestershire and promoting community alternatives to hospital admission with health professionals.

Tom Llewellyn, clinical director for emergency care at the trust, said: “We are urging the public to think very carefully before attending our emergency departments. You may receive the care you need more appropriately and in a more timely fashion if you access other health services available.”

Helen Miller, clinical chair of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “It is really important to remember that hospital emergency departments are designed to treat serious injuries and emergencies.

“The choice of healthcare options is often greater than people realise, particularly for the treatment of minor ailments.

“The local pharmacy is a great first port of call for minor ailments. Pharmacists are qualified to give advice on a range of conditions, are experts on medicines and can advise people on whether they need to call or visit another NHS service.

“If people are unsure about what health services to access, they can also visit the Choose Well Gloucestershire website which provides details of all the services available or call NHS 111.”

According to the trust, the College of Emergency Medicine believes that between 15% and 30% of patients attending emergency departments could be treated elsewhere.

Last month, Sir Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the NHS in England admitted accident and emergency departments were under pressure.

Speaking at a conference in London, Sir Bruce Keogh said: ”The system is creaking, it is under pressure at the moment.

”A&Es are having to address increasing demand, the ambulance services are struggling in many parts of the country and we have a number of issues to deal with, which we are tackling.”

The Lancashire Telegraph reported that ambulance crews had to queue for up to two hours at the Royal Blackburn Hospital this weekend before patients were handed over.

It said that at one point there were 18 ambulances parked outside and vehicles needed to be drafted in from Manchester and Preston to attend call-outs.

A paramedic, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper: “This has become more and more of a problem in the last few weeks and it’s reached crisis point, without a doubt.

“The capacity of the hospital is awful because they never have any beds and there’s a huge amount of pressure on staff. In some instances they are trying to discharge people so quickly to free up the beds that patients end up getting readmitted.

“There’s also huge demand on the ambulance service and they had to bring over crews from Preston and Manchester to cover the area on Saturday.”

In a statement, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “The Christmas and new year period has been very busy for the Royal Blackburn Hospital with high levels of activity in our emergency and urgent care departments.

“Our priority has been to maintain patient safety at all times and thanks are due to all our staff who have worked so hard over the festive period to ensure this.

“The hospital remains extremely busy and whilst we are in this situation it is very important that people make the right choice of what to do when they are unwell. The emergency department is only for true emergencies involving serious and life-threatening conditions.

“Patients with less serious conditions should contact a pharmacist, visit their GP, attend a minor injuries unit, or ring NHS 111 for advice.”

 Daily Bale. Political Correctness
The Daily Bale says –
We must ban all Political Correctness and outlaw all left wing Marxist Anti Fascist Anti British groups in the U.K and restore order and common sense, bring back true patriotism and National pride in our Nation and people, and deal properly with those who wish to cause us harm.


Anti Fascist Benefit Cheats and Left Wing Politically Correct Criminals

The Daily Bale

Revealed: Evil left wing Anti Fascist politically correct Marxist con artists using fake identities to steal hundreds of thousands of pounds in benefits… including one who claimed he was a SPY

  • Left wing James Bond imitator Peter Fischer fraudulently claimed £85,000 in benefits
  • Anti Fascist Maria Lucas posed as her dead mother after stealing £73,500 in welfare
  • Marxist gang stole £103,000 by hijacking the identities of 60 people.
  • Out of work vile left wing politically correct Anti Fascist freaks bleeding the U.K dry                          

Britain’s worst left wing Anti Fascist Marxist benefit-scrounging con artists can today be exposed.

Using fake identities of dead pensioners, Irish immigrants and even a fake MI5 spy – benefit fraudsters stole hundreds of thousands of pounds last year, the Daily Bale can reveal.

One man stole £85,000 using a raft of stolen identities which he claimed he needed in his role as an undercover British agent.

Another woman posed as her dead mother to claim more than £70,000 – while living in Portugal.

A gang of fraudsters meanwhile illegally claimed more than £100,000 in illness and disability benefits claiming to be Irish immigrants unable to work because they had been injured in car crashes.


Peter Fischer claimed he worked as a ‘sub-contractor’ for MI5 to steal benefits       Maria Lucas claimed British welfare for her dead mother while living in Portugal
Peter Fischer (top) claimed he worked as a ‘sub-contractor’ for MI5 to steal benefits, while Maria Lucas claimed British welfare for her dead mother while living in Portugal
Hope Not Hate
PETER FISCHER – Hope Not Hate supporter and James Bond imitator.
Peter Fischer fraudulently claimed Income Support, Disability Living Allowance and Pension Credit using multiple identities.

He offered the excuse that he worked as a ‘sub-contractor’ for MI5 – which meant he needed to create ‘legends’ to be able to work in various areas.

Fischer insisted throughout that he was an undercover agent, using the identities as a ‘legend’ to infiltrate enemies of the UK.

He told investigators that several lives would be in jeopardy if we took him to Court as his real identity would become known.

The fraudster claimed the property that he owned in Spain was used as a base for MI5 agents to rest and recuperate. He was actually running a business from Spain while claiming benefits in the UK.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for stealing £85,000 – suspended for 15 months.

trafaret_uniteaga (1)

MARIA JOAO FERREIRA LUCAS – Unite Against Fascism supporter.

Maria Joao Ferreira Lucas was sent down for a year after stealing £73,500 in benefits.

Lucas posed as her dead mother to claim benefits – failing to inform the Department for Work and Pensions of her death while transferring all the cash claimed by her mother into her own account.

In June 2008 Lucas phoned the DWP, posing as her mother who had died six months earlier, and asked for all benefits to be paid into her account.

Lucas then wrote to Lambeth Local Authority, claiming to be her mother and asked for all council tax benefits to also be redirected to her own account in Portugal.

Officials eventually tracked down her down in Portugal and when she returned to the UK on September 10 she was arrested and interviewed.

She admitted that she had fraudulently claimed benefits in her dead mother’s name and that she had been living in Portugal.

The hearing last month discovered that she had stolen a total of some £73,526.66, from false claims of Disability Living Allowance, Housing Benefit, Carers Allowance and Income Support.

DEREK FIELDS – Hope Not Hate supporter. 

Derek Fields was monitored by Government officials and found to be part of a gang who used stolen identities of Irish workers to work to claim out of work benefits

Left wing Anti Fascist Derek Fields was part of a gang who used stolen identities of Irish workers to work to claim out of work benefits.

The gang stole £103,000 of taxpayers’ money after hijacking the identities of 60 people.

In the vast majority of cases, they claimed Employment and Support Allowance under the pretence that they had broken limbs in car crashes.

The fraud took place over 18 months while the Government eventually caught them through undercover surveillance.

Derek Fields was sentenced in January this year to 30 months in prison, with 15 months to be served on licence.

Leonard Sheppard, pictured with his wife Merle, assumed the identity of another man who had died in 1986


For over ten years, left wing Anti Fascist Leonard Sheppard assumed the identity of another man who had died in 1986.

He made false claims for Invalidity benefit, Retirement pension, Pension credit, Attendance allowance, Housing benefit and Council tax benefit totalling over £120,000.

He had also fraudulently obtained a driving licence in the name of the dead man.

Meanwhile, his wife Merle Sheppard lived with Sheppard for several years while claiming benefits as a single person – as well as Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit for a property she didn’t live in.

Investigators discovered large sums of monies credited to an account in the name of the dead man – including a payment for almost £150,000.

When arrested at his home in Peterborough, he admitted that his real name was Leonard Sheppard. His partner was also arrested. A search on the property resulted in £30,000.00 being seized in cash.

Merle Sheppard lived with her husband for several years while claiming benefits as a single person

Leonard admitted hijacking the Identity of someone who had died. He claimed the large sums of money in his account was from his late mother – who passed away in the late 1980s – and he put into a fund for his daughter.

He was charged with six offences – one of cheating the public revenue, two of fraud by false representation, and three of social security act charges in relation to the housing benefit and council tax benefit.

He was sentenced in January 2014 to 12 months in prison. Merle was sentenced in September 2014 to a three month suspended prison sentence.

unite against fascism

IAN BURNS – Anti Fascist and Member of Communist Party since 1958

Ian Burns stole benefits using the name of a dead Irishman

Pensioner Ian Burns claimed three other people’s state pension and a host of other benefits, including that of a dead Irish national.

Over an 11 year period he claimed over £226,000 before eventually being found guilty in December.

The shocking scale of abuse has forced the Government to introduce a major clampdown on people abroad who steal the identities of dead pensioners.

Overseas pensioners must now provide life certificates every two years to prove they are still eligible for the state pension.

Department for Work and Pensions Minister Mark Harper said: ‘Benefit fraudsters are fast discovering that they have nowhere to hide when they break the law.

‘We know it’s a minority who commit identity fraud but we will do everything in our power to stop these people from stealing money from hardworking taxpayers.

‘Our fraud investigators have new and better methods of detecting benefit cheats so it’s becoming more difficult to escape punishment.’

Richard West, Director, DWP Fraud and Error Service, added: ‘These cases should send a clear message to any criminals cheating the system that no matter where they are in the world, we have the means to catch them.

‘Anyone found guilty of fraud will have to pay the stolen money back, and under tougher new rules they will have to do so more quickly. That’s on top of any prison sentence or fine handed out by the courts.’

In the last year the Government recovered more than £1.3 billion in fraudulent payments and has introduced a raft of measures to counter benefit fraud.

Daily Bale

Britain being bled dry by left wing politically correct Communist Anti Fascist Benefit scroungers.

Political Correctness


Russell Brand Millions and Left Wing Politically Correct Marxist Revolution


Ru££ell Brand’s Millions – Rich champagne socialist Russell Brand still faces fierce backlash on social media after leaving Buckingham Palace demonstrations early to hobnob with celebrities the Daily Bale reports

  • Brand who had joined thousands of masked left wing politically correct Marxist Anti British demonstrators in London criticised on social media and vilified
  • But he later went to celebrity-filled press night of new theatre musical and to spend a tiny fraction of his Billions on expensive entry fees that most hard working families could only dream about
  • Critics on Twitter labelled him as a ‘hypocrite’ and ‘champagne socialist’
  • The comedian was at event alongside Jimmy Carr and David Walliams 
  • Riot police lined streets as Anti British left wing protesters donned sinister Guy Fawkes masks
  • Officers drew batons as missiles, road signs and fireworks were launched by violent left wing politically correct Marxist Anti British nanny state new Labour leftovers and drop outs. 
  • Crowd kicked over railings while chanting ‘one solution, revolution’ as innocent passers by cowered in terror and fear.


The organisation that left wing politically correct wannabe Marxist Russell Brand supports is alleged and suspected to be a well known Anti Fascist group in the U.K who pose secretly as the violent group calling itself ‘Anonymous’

They are suspected of secretly organising left wing Marxist Communist Stalinist Anarchist demonstrations in support of Anti British Anti Establishment revolution and ridicule against the British people and all decent British hard working families who are trying to make an honest living and do the best for their children.

Russell Brand started the evening marching on the streets of London with anti-capitalist demonstrators

Russell Brand snarls at members of the public in a menacing neurotic evil grimace that reminds you of the film –

‘The Shining’.

Remind you of anybody ?  Yes its Russell Brands Billions in The Shining !

But soon after he appeared in the crowds, Brand was seen entering a celebrity-filled press night for a musical

Wild eyed and looking ‘out of it’ Brand struts through the streets looking very menacing and strange after attending the Marxist Communist gathering of left wing politically correct Anti British Stalinists.


Self-styled anti-establishment figure and alleged Anti British left wing Marxist Russell Brand faced fierce online backlash after it emerged he enjoyed a night out at the theatre after marching with masked demonstrators who brought chaos to the capital in a Stalinist left wing revolutionary Anti British outrage.

Social media users labelled him as the ‘epitome of a champagne socialist’ when it emerged that he left the Bonfire Night protest to take his place alongside a host of celebrities invited to a West End press night.

One outraged Twitter user wrote: ‘Russell Brand loves a revolution but then leaves demonstration early to go to a celeb freebie party’. A number of others pointed out that so-called anti-capitalist Brand had amassed a personal fortune worth Millions.

Brands Billions could be put towards children’s hospitals or donated to the armed forces charities.

Russell Brand took part in the protest outside Parliament which was orchestrated by activists who said they intended to cause chaos throughout London

Russell Brand Jeers and shouts in the streets with other Marxist left wing politically correct Communists.

Brand joined the crowd as thousands of masked anti-capitalist demonstrators descended on Westminster for a protest which saw scuffles with police.

Communist Marxist Brand – who quit drink and drugs ahead of writing his Revolution book – was spotted donning one of the Guy Fawkes masks widely used by members of radical groups.

Officers in riot gear were on stand-by amid threats from campaign group Anonymous that the demonstration would create a blockade throughout London.

The anti-capitalist protest saw hundreds of activists wear masks depicting the sinister face of Guy Fawkes

Brand amongst gangs of masked Communist Marxist politically correct hooligans.

Brand – who is allegedly worth a suspected £9 Million – said he wanted to see a ‘loving, peaceful protest’ and told activists: ‘Stay cool, stay cool. I think you should be careful. Don’t get beaten up and arrested tonight.’

He then left the protest early to join celebrities including fellow comedians Jimmy Carr and David Walliams in the West End for the press night of Made In Dagenham at the Adelphi Theatre.

The musical comedy, which is based on the 2010 film about women workers at a Ford car factory, stars Gemma Arterton, Isla Blair and David Cardy.


It could be allegedly said that Russell Brand has humiliated and patronised the British people and made fun out of the decent hard working British patriotic families up and down the U.K by associating with left wing politically correct Anti British Marxists and Communists, while Brand himself is worth Millions of pounds.


Slammed: Social media users took to Twitter to criticise Brand after he left the protest for the theatre 

Slammed: Social media users took to Twitter to criticise Brand after he left the protest for the theatre

BBC’s Radio 1, Brand spoke about the protest, saying: ‘I went along before visiting the opening night of Made In Dagenham, my family are from Dagenham.

‘I was in the difficult position of being at an anti-corruption, anti-democracy protest and then saying “my god, I’ve got to rush”, I’ve got to be at the theatre.’

He said he got to the musical ‘during the opening number’ but insisted he had acted like a ‘substitute teacher’ at the demonstrations by telling protesters to ‘calm down’.

Hypocrite: Twitter users pointed out Brand's double-standards when it comes to the establishment

Hypocrite: – Twitter users pointed out Brand’s double-standards when it comes to the establishment

While Brand enjoyed the theatre last night, police officers at the protest he had just left were forced to draw their batons as missiles, plastic cones and road signs were launched along the Mall, while fireworks were let off in Trafalgar Square.

Brand’s appearance at both events led to him being called a ‘fake’, ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘champagne socialist’ on Twitter today.

Terence McLeod ‏tweeted: ‘Russell Brand worth £12 Million, joined an attack the rich protest last night. Oh the irony!’

Sophie Lak wrote: ‘Russell Brand loves a revolution but then leaves demonstration early to go to a celeb freebie party #fakeass’


Sophie Lak tweeted today: ‘Russell Brand loves a revolution but then leaves demonstration early to go to a celeb freebie party #fakeass’

Lewis Botfield posted: ‘Russell Brand has to be the biggest hypocrite going.’

Matty Garland added: ‘Russell Brand is the epitome of a champagne socialist.’

Another user wrote: ‘Without any sense of irony, Russell Brand has become the new face of Anonymous…’.

Terence McLeod ‏posted: ‘Russell Brand worth £12 Million, joined an attack the rich protest last night. Oh the irony!

Stephen Baker wrote: ‘I wonder if anti capitalism Russell Brand was driven there by his Chauffeur in the Merc? What a hypocrite’

Another user tweeted: ‘Russell Brand left Buckingham Palace demonstrations early to hobnob at celebrities freebie at the theatre. What a two faced hypocrite!’

Cheryl Turner said: ‘#RussellBrand #Hypocrite Before spouting anti capitalism nonsense give up the millions u made from capitalism!’

Tony Hopkins wrote: ‘That ardent Anti-Capitalist, Russell Brand, likes to be driven. Unlike most of his supporters.’

Protestors from the Unite Against Fascism group make their voices heard as they clash with police during a counter-demonstration

Brand is suspected of allegedly supporting left wing politically correct Marxist Anti British Communist thugs, the sort that stir up racial tension and call decent British hard working people names like ‘Racist’ and ‘Fascist’ if anybody dares to oppose them or disagrees with them,

They are also responsible for allegedly running so called ‘Anti Fascist’ anonymous accounts on social media such as Twitter and facebook, and are responsible for attacking and trying to vilify and discredit brave Heroic Nationalists like Joshua Bonehill who brought to the public’s attention last year the issue of grooming gangs.


Joshua Bonehill is a proud and patriotic Nationalist and a staunch critic of the criminality of left wing political correctness and Marxism.  Joshua published articles on social media last year and revealed his belief that grooming gangs existed in the U.K

He was attacked and vilified by left wing Anti Fascists who tried to silence him, by calling him a fascist and a racist and launching a vicious hate campaign against him.

Joshua is still fighting legal battles at this time.

Joshua Bonehill was interviewed by BBC Asian Network Radio in regards to his ‘allegations’ around grooming gangs, and shortly after this interview, victims of grooming gangs started to come forward and make statements.

This man is a National Hero. His official site can be found at


Joshua Bonehill is currently a rising figure within right wing Politics and tipped for Leadership in the future in the fight against left wing Anti British oppression within the U.K and the scourge of left wing political correctness.

His aim is to rid the U.K of all political correctness and to restore National pride, Common Sense and Order.

Barricades erected in anticipation of the protest were later lifted by demonstrators as police attempted to control scenes in Parliament Square

Left wing thugs at evil Marxist demonstration smash barriers and attack police.

Website user, Joe, added: ‘Russell brand should stick to comedy and leave politics alone. The man has lost the plot and talks complete b*******.’ 

During the protests, masked demonstrators – some as young as 14 – kicked and dragged over security railings while chanting ‘one solution, revolution’, as others daubed graffiti on riot vans.

Protesters also let off fireworks and threw firecrackers at police who were guarding the Victoria Memorial, hurling abuse at them.

The crowd surged through central London, pushing over bins, shouting at bemused shoppers and commuters and hitting cars and people with yellow flexible tubes.

At one point, they surrounded a man driving a new Mercedes car and sprayed the back of it with an aerosol, pushing their tubes at him as he opened windows to remonstrate with them

A police officer ducks to avoid the pushing and shoving which surged through the crowd during the protest

Police officers run for cover under the barrage of assault and violent frenzy from left wing Anti British Marxists

Police arrested a man on suspicion of headbutting a woman police officer outside Buckingham Palace during the protest

Evil vile left wing politically correct sick violent Anti British Marxist arrested.

Officers were forced to draw their batons as missiles, plastic cones and road signs were launched along the Mall 

Left wing Marxist storm troopers launch second attack on police officers.

The protest, known as the Million Mask March, was one of hundreds organised at the same time in cities around the world.

Demonstrators wearing sinister Guy Fawkes masks – made famous in the film V for Vendetta – descended on Trafalgar Square, waving banners and placards, before marching towards Parliament Square at 6.30pm.

As they milled around the square, they chanted anti-establishment slogans before climbing on to the base of Nelson’s Column and letting off fireworks.

They then moved onto Buckingham Palace before hundreds of protesters made their way through central London, going to Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Oxford Circus.

They then marched to the BBC’s headquarters at Broadcasting House on nearby Portland Place and going along Oxford Street to Hyde Park and Park Lane.

hope not hate. U.A.F

The majority of the British public feel it is now time that the Government clamped down on extremist left wing politically correct Anti British gangs and criminal groups.

 Protesters argued with riot police as they formed human barriers against the huge crowd of demonstrators 

Left wing politically correct Marxist evil upon British streets.

Riot police were put on high alert after warnings from the protest group that it would cause chaos in London

Left wing mobs even threatened the Palace and police were placed on high alert.

As of around midnight, ten people had been arrested, including three on suspicion of assaulting police officers, one of a firework offence, three for public order crimes and one of attempted GBH.

The group said in its manifesto that it fights against mass surveillance, austerity and infringement of human rights.

Russell Brand also joined the London arm of the worldwide Million Mask March last year.

During that march, energy bills were burned, fireworks were shot at Buckingham Palace and there were 15 arrests, following scuffles with police.

He later wrote an article saying that riots are sparked ‘when dialogue fails, when they feel unrepresented and bored by the illusion’.  This in itself sounded like a threat.

Today, it seemed the group were hoping for a similar result. On its website before the march, one of the group members wrote: ‘What I’d like to see is a MASSIVE Anonymous blockade of London City.

‘Complete physical GRIDLOCK. Only thing that gets through are Fire & Rescue and ambulances. NOTHING ELSE MOVES.’

The group - which uses the Guy Fawkes masks as its trademark - said it fights against mass surveillance, austerity and infringement of human rights

Left wing Marxist storm troopers in masks. When will the Government act to stop this ?

Protesters chanted anti-establishment slogans as they milled around, while others climbed on to the base of Nelson's Column let off fireworks

Major threat to our civil liberties and a major security threat to the state. Left wing Marxist politically correct Anti British thugs.

The group also warned it would have ‘bigger banners, louder voices, more people and a louder system’. 

The London march is part of a day of global demonstrations, which include rallies across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

The protest has led to officers from the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and the City of London Police Force being on stand-by.

The heightened security measures came as the Metropolitan Police attempted to contact Anonymous, but no one came forward with any details.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said they had attempted to contact organisers of the event ‘without success’.

Graffiti was daubed on a police van, while a masked protester stood nearby waving a placard

Violence and criminal damage towards police and law enforcement property

Most people protested peacefully, but some ten arrests were made, Metropolitan Police said 

Blatantly calling for the overthrow of the democratic state.  Treason !

The protesters came up with a number of creative ways to express their messages of discontent 

Menacing threatening left wing politically correct Marxist Anti British masked thugs.

Anti-capitalist protesters held up signs saying 'Expect Us' 'We Are Anonymous' and 'We Are Everyone'

More threats towards the British people and Nation.

The police had to impose Section 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 across Westminster between 5pm today and 2am, which provides powers to remove masks when police fear a crime will be committed.

Scotland Yard said: ‘The Met Police deals with around 4,500 protests and events every year. These can range from a single protester to hundreds of thousands of people walking through the capital’s streets.

‘Officers work with organisers to ensure that people are able to carry out their right to peaceful protest whilst ensuring Londoners can go about their daily business.’

Last year’s London march saw more than 2,500 protesters take to the streets, in a rally which saw fireworks thrown at Buckingham Palace and a total of 15 arrests.

Rather than communicate directly with local authorities, Anonymous sent a message to the government, and to global world leaders: ‘To oppressive governments, we say this: we do not expect our campaign to be completed in a short time frame. However, you will not prevail against the angry masses of the body politic.’



Russell Brand is calling for an anti-capitalist revolution and claims ‘profit is a filthy word’. But that has not stopped Russell Brand making a tidy sum for himself and his publishers with Billions of pounds in massed wealth.

The comedian has sold more than 22,000 copies of his book Revolution in just two weeks, raking in £230,000. Official figures supplied by Nielsen Bookscan show the controversial book sold 22,119 copies between October 23 and November 4, despite being panned by critics.

With a recommended retail price of £20, the hardback has helped rake in profits for Century Publishing.

It is not known whether Brand plans to keep his share of the profits or donate them to charity. And despite his publishing success, it appears Brand has had less luck when it comes to selling tickets to his upcoming appearance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Brand will put on a one-off performance of Pied Piper of Hamelin next Friday. Tickets – which come with a free book – are being offered by the venue for up to £79, but hundreds still remain unsold.


The Daily Bale feels that Russell Brand should be arrested and placed where he belongs – in the Tower of London.


The Hidden Agenda Behind Political Correctness in Britain and the U.S.A


Left wing Anti Fascist politically correct groups such as –

‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’

are first and foremost Communist in ideology and Anti British, and Anti British identity and Culture in structure.

Members of these groups either are Communist, or they have been led to believe by these groups that they are ‘only’ about Anti Fascism and nothing else.

The truth could not be further from the truth.

The same goes for all Anti Fascist groups who use race as a cover for what their real intentions are and their hidden agenda and purpose.

That purpose is to cause as much division and hatred as possible and the breakdown of society as we know it.

Below is a short example of what happened within the Soviet Union when the Russian people in 1917 fell for a similar ploy by left wing politically correct Marxists and Communist criminals, and exactly what happens under Communism when this evil ideology is allowed to be implemented as an ideal.

But to achieve this stage within a host country, the people must first be stripped of National identity and National belonging, and all previous understanding of culture and morality must be stripped away.

The reason for this is that under any other conditions involving sanity and common sense, true morality and reason, the people just would not accept Communism under any circumstances involving their own choice and right minds, and would immediately reject it as barbaric, unnatural and evil.

How do the Communists bring about the stripping of a whole Nations identity in order to slowly introduce a Communist order and mass oppression ?

The answer – Political Correctness.


Gain control of the people’s thoughts, and you then control their freedom of speech and their behaviour.

Control their speech and behaviour and you then control their destiny and future.

In the case of left wing politically correct Marxists, that future is set to be full Communism.

Here is a short description of what happened in Russia when the people allowed this evil ideology to be forced upon them by left wing politically correct evil Marxists.


The Conditions Within A Politically Correct Communist State.

1.) There was no such thing as private property. If you owned land, a farm or farm animals, those became the property of “the people”…or rather the state. To add insult to injury, they forced you to work those fields and feed the animals they took away from you. Also, practicing religion was forbidden although many older people did it anyway in their homes.

2.) It robbed people of ambition and therefore the drive to work harder. Everyone was required to work. You either worked or went to jail. Sounds fair…even nice until you realize your job is never going to earn you any great luxuries, and it’s not like you can become anything you want to be. The lazy bums at your job earned the same amount as you and no matter how badly they slacked off, they knew they weren’t going to be fired. You begin to wonder why you’re killing yourself when there’s nothing special to achieve….unless you kiss the ass of Communist party members and become one of them. They got rich by stealing, through bribes, etc.

Many, many people worked for the Government and their job was to create a bureaucratic nightmare. If you came in to get anything done, it took months and they treated you as if they were doing you a favor you didn’t deserve. Pretty soon even store clerks adopted this attitude because the store was owned by the state so there was no private business owner to answer to.

3.) Corruption was so high that you couldn’t even achieve some of the most simple things without a bribe. Many parents bribed teachers for their children’s passing grades all the time. If you wanted to get into a good College, grades made little difference. It was all about who you knew and who you could bribe. People wouldn’t show up at a doctor’s office without gifts….at least a bottle of vodka.

4.) Borders were closed and you were no longer allowed to travel to the west. If you absolutely had to go, you were forced to leave one of your children behind to motivate you to come back. If you decided to leave your family behind and escape, they would cease your property and interrogate your family. If you decided to return, you would go to jail for however long they wanted you there. No due process.

5.) When they closed the borders to the West, a lot of intellectuals and professional people immigrated out of the country while they could. This left a miserable selection of professional doctors for example. Since socialized medicine took effect, anyone could go to the doctor for any little thing. Unfortunately there were not enough doctors or specialists left behind, so hospitals were short-staffed and overcrowded. Money was running out fast and often there was not enough medicine and supplies to go around. A visit to the dentist many times meant no pain killers.

6.) Watching western movies, music or reading western books was not allowed. People smuggled videotapes of western movies, but technically this was against the law.

7.) Schools brainwashed kids into believing that Russia was the best country on earth. They would say that people to the west were starving and dying, but of course that was not true in the same way they tried to make it out to be.

8.) Groceries were very hard to come by. People had to stand in line for hours to get a loaf of bread, oranges, bannannas, toilet paper, etc. Oranges were a special treat around Christmas. Jeans were hard to come by and most people were careful to wear them on more special occasions.

9.) Students were often required to work the fields when they didn’t have to be at school.

10.) Big housing complexes arose around the country and they literally all looked the same. They were ugly as sin…..plain cement rectangles. People joked that they often walked into the wrong building thinking that’s where they lived. These buildings started falling apart and there was no money to fix anything. The lifts inside them were breaking all the time.

11.) Most people had to raise animals and plant their own gardens to supplement their food to survive. Many couldn’t afford to buy coal or wood to heat their houses in the winter so they would go steal it by either bribing a wood worker or go chop it at night. Owning dogs was a luxury. Few could afford to feed them not to mention pay taxes for owning them.

12.) Historic monuments were destroyed, gutted, valuables stolen and sold to foreign collectors. Castles and mansions were a symbol of capitalist evil, so when they kicked the owners out of them, they then used them to house livestock.

13.) People were being spied on openly. If you spoke up against the government, you were as good as gone. If your neighbor didn’t like you, all he had to do is accuse you of expressing your anti-government beliefs. The secret police could show up at your door at any time. If they wanted to audit you, they would do it at their own convenience for whatever reason they wanted.

14.) Athletes were forced to be the best to represent the greatness and superiority of Communism. When they screwed up they were punished.

15.) The entire system collapsed when the government went bankrupt. People began to revolt, but at that point the Communist party had nothing to steal anymore. They essentially handed over the keys after they destroyed everything they could possibly destroy. I’m sure I could keep going, but I think I’ve given enough reasons already.

political correctness

Think about it. Confront it. Do not allow it to be forced upon you or your family and the country you love.


School Teachers, Parents, Children, Victims of Political Correctness

The Daily Bale

Left Wing Politically Correct Sickos and Weirdos Now Pick on Children as Young as Three Years Old.

Branded bigots at the age of THREE: How thousands of children are being blacklisted by schools for using innocuous playground taunts such as ‘girl’ and ‘fat bucket of KFC’

  • Alleged offences by some 4,000 pupils were logged in just 13 council areas
  • Teachers keep a log of insults such as ‘doughnut’ and ‘fat bucket of KFC’
  • Even calling a pupil a ‘girl’ can be classified as abuse, it has been revealed
  • Records of a child’s ‘prejudice-related’ behaviour can be passed to next school
  • Campaigners warn practice could have consequences for any children labelled as bigots

Hope Not Hate

Children as young as three are being branded racists, homophobes and bigots over playground taunts by evil vile left wing politically correct sickos, weirdos and Marxist freaks who have worked their way into our education system.

Thousands of pupils are being reported for so-called hate crimes after using innocuous words such as ‘Chinese boy’, ‘Somalian’ or ‘gay’.

Teachers also log insults like ‘doughnut’ and ‘fat bucket of KFC’. Even calling a pupil a ‘girl’ can be classified as abuse.


Decent patriotic normal intelligent Teachers are sick and tired of left wing evil sick politically correct weirdos who force left wing Marxism and politically correct evil upon very young children.

Schools file the incidents for local education authorities. The details are also passed to Ofsted inspectors who are required to assess how teachers deal with bullying.

Records of a child’s ‘prejudice-related’ behaviour can be passed to their next school, potentially casting a shadow over their secondary education.

Alleged offences by more than 4,000 pupils were logged in just 13 council areas – meaning the national total may stretch into the tens of thousands.

Civil liberties campaigners warned the practice could have serious consequences for any children labelled as bigots.

Political Correctness

Josie Appleton, of the Manifesto Club, a civil liberties group, said: ‘Particularly worrying is the expansion of incident recording and reporting to ever-greater categories of prejudice, which seem limited only by the strange imagination of education officials.

‘One primary school pupil calling another a girl suddenly becomes a sign of gender image prejudice, subjected to recording requirements more thorough than accompanying most burglaries. A reality check is urgently required.’

The reporting of racist incidents in schools became recommended practice for local education authorities across the country under Labour.

The Coalition government made clear that schools were no longer under obligation to submit these reports to LEAs and should exercise their own judgment in deciding whether to record.

political correctness

However, data published by the Manifesto Club – and gained under the Freedom of Information Act – shows that reporting and recording has continued and in some cases has been expanded.

The 30 LEAs who recorded the most abuse under Labour were surveyed and 13 continue to collect racist incident reports from schools and six have expanded their recording to include a broader range of ‘prejudice-related’ bullying.

The majority say they ask, recommend or encourage schools to keep their own records.

In 2012-13 – the latest available statistics – 4,348 incidents were reported to the 13 LEAs.

Of the 1,909 incidents where the age of children involved was specified, over half were in primary schools and astonishingly, four were in nursery schools.

In one case, at a Brighton school nursery, a child aged three or four was the subject of an incident report and given counselling.

Looking at pictures of people with different eye colours he had said ‘yuk not black’ and discarded all the black faces.


Left wing evil sick politically correct Communists and Marxists are still indoctrinating our children with left wing politically correct ideology and sick twisted left wing Anti British self hating doctrine and left wing politically correct nonsense and rubbish.

Children are children. What they see they register and realise.

Thousands of pupils are being reported for so-called hate crimes after using innocuous words such as ‘Chinese boy’, ‘Somalian’ or ‘gay’ (file picture)


‘Children in the playground had been calling her son “Chinese boy”. A child in Year Two (ages 6/7), Brighton

‘Xxx was heard calling xxx “black” and “chocolate bar”. A Year Three child (ages 7/8), Brighton

‘Xxx called xxx an African rat, and xxx a rat. Xxx said “I know I shouldn’t have called it her because I’m black as well”.’ Birmingham

Xxx called the supply teacher Jimmy Savile. He told him to go back to Australia, he’s an Australian faggot and a pikey. Xxx then said to xxx he’s Savile and he rapes babies.’ Brighton

‘Xxx was asked by xxx why we wear sun cream. He replied “Muslims and Catholics wear sun cream so we don’t look like xxx”.’ Brighton

‘Xxx called xxx a monkey. Xxx responded by saying xxx was fat.’ Brighton

‘Xxx called xxx “Egyptian bitch”.’ Birmingham

‘There was an argument in the lunch hall which resulted in xxx apparently calling xxx “fat” and xxx “gay”.’ Year Five (age 9/10) Brighton

‘Xxx was called “doughnut”, “fat bucket of KFC”, “fat custard cream” repeatedly.’ Girl victim aged 9/10, Brighton

‘Xxx called them both retards.’ Brighton


Children are now starting to realise that something is not quite right.

The left wing politically correct weirdos and sickos are trying to indoctrinate children with Anti Fascist Marxist rubbish, but the children can see quite clearly that reality is far from what these leftist weirdos are telling them.

Children always revert to what their senses tell them is the truth, hence there is a major shift towards what the children ‘know’ is the truth, in relation to what the left wing sickos are telling them is the truth.

A child will speak the truth how they see it.  But they are being punished for it by left wing sickos !


Just as we saw in Rotherham. Bristol and Birmingham, children are easy targets for left wing politically correct cover ups and hypocrisy, we must remove and weed out all left wing politically correct Marxist weirdos from our education system and all areas of public influence, and these vile people must be brought before courts of law and punished for abuse.

In a primary school in the same city, a group of Year Two children (ages six/seven) were hauled in before their headteacher after a mother had complained they had called her son ‘Chinese boy’ at playtime because they did not know his name.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: ‘We ask schools to record and share details of bullying by type, without identifying the children or young people involved.

‘This helps tackle bullying in the most appropriate way and to develop assemblies or programmes about specific issues if required.

‘Recording types and rates of bullying and prejudiced-based incidents is good practice for schools and is data that Ofsted is interested in.’

Adrian Hart, who analysed the data for the Manifesto Club, said it was ‘highly likely that thousands of incidents are being logged by schools across the country, regardless of whether their LEAs are requiring them to submit data or not’.

Of the 13 Brighton primary schools he surveyed, five said they would attach incidents of prejudice-related bullying to the child’s reports submitted to the next school.

Birmingham City Council has stopped asking schools to submit the data, but some schools are continuing to collect it internally.

Daily Bale reporters on left wing politically correct criminality

Frazer Cook. & Alec Woodward