Joshua Bonehill: On the eve of battle


Tomorrow I return to Yeovil Magistrates court where I am due to be sentenced in regards to being politically incorrect on the internet and fighting in the name of free speech.

The charges I stand guilty of are:

1 X Malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X Harrasment for calling a left-wing pervert a paedophile
1 X malicious communications for calling a Jewish pervert a ‘Jew’
1 X malicious communications for calling a Homosexual pervert a ‘Queer’

The simple fact remains that the Left-wing are guilty of paedophilia by association after Rotherham and the countless other Labour party paedophilia cover-ups.

I only acted in retaliation to a vicious campaign of harrasment conducted by the so called victims in this case. The harrasment is documented within this website.

The Charges for calling somebody a Jew and a Homosexual are pathetic.

I have furthermore traced a conspiracy by the left-wing to silence me by using their Jewish influence with the media, crown prosecution service and labour party. The left-wing want to see me silenced for exposing the truth essentially and they think a short stretch in prison will be enough to stop me – well I can tell you that they are wrong!

At 1700 hours tomorrow on this very website there will be a statement issued from myself, regardless of my potential imprisonment. The statement will reflect the sentencing and my future and fate will be dictated through this.

Should I face imprisonment then know that the Left-wing will be doing everything within their power to cover up the truth and dirty my name. This website stands as a testament to both truth and justice and I ask all reasonable and intelligent people to only accept the truth that is printed on the daily bale.

I am a crusader of both truth and justice, a fighter of freedom and a staunch white nationalist. I have tirelessly worked to expose the vast cultural Marxist conspiracy and will continue to do this, regardless of my destiny as dictated tomorrow.

I love my race, my nation and the rich heritage of these lands and am prepared to die in order to defend this from the tyrannical claw of the judeo Marxist enemy.

I have been accused of ‘trolling’ whilst using Twitter, this is a charge I do not deny – trolling is soldiering, and in this age of the internet it is necessary to employ modern tactics to fight the left-wing enemy.

However with this said, my brand of trolling is purely political and designed to bring about change in Britain through intelligent campaigns and political statements.

Since opening the Daily Bale, nearly three million people have accessed this website with millions more hearing of our stories In the real world. I have spoken to people from every walk of life whether it be police officers, doctors or the general public – you have all shared my articles and know of the BALE and I thank you for your support and belief in our cause.

They can imprison my body but they will never imprison my soul. The belief and passion I have for this cause is eternal and in the event I am imprisoned I can guarantee that I will be back fighting on the frontines in this ideological war from the day of my release.

In 2011 I broke into a police station and stole police uniform, I wasn’t imprisoned. Since 2011 I have evaded prison for every political crime I’ve committed. I personally do not believe that I will be imprisoned tomorrow and have stated this throughout my journey.
Should I walk a free man then tomorrow will certainly be a tremendous day for British nationalism and free speech. In the event of my imprisonment then we will still hold victory over the left-wing because my imprisonment will only further validate the cause for which we fight.

It has been my absolute honour to voice the people’s struggle in recent months, a duty to which I will continue gladly.

This is an ideological war, tomorrow is just a battle but whatever the outcome – we will triumph!

With me to court tomorrow, I shall bring a large union jack flag which will sit in my pocket as I am sentenced. If they sentence me to prison then they will be sentencing the people to further injustice and tyranny.

I am hopeful that I will be allowed to make a speech in court, outlining the injustices faced by our people and the illegitimacy of the case against me.

Tragically, my family can not be there to support me tomorrow as threats have been made by the left-wing who have persistently targeted family members in a bid to get me to stop.

Let it be known that despite being on Bail, despite going through court I had continued to publish on the daily bale right up until the last moment. Indeed I even wrote and published daily bale articles whilst waiting to enter court.

So with that I March forward into tomorrow a lone wolf but a fierce thorn in the crown of the left-wing judeo-Marxist enemy. Do not give up on our fight, I expect every man to do his duty regardless of tomorrow’s verdict.

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill


Joshua Bonehill demands Britain’s withdrawal from EU

In a lengthy conversation with European Union Commissioner Francois Albrecht, Joshua Bonehill today voiced the peoples concerns about the European Unions control over Britain and demanded that Britain immediately withdraws from the EU.


Joshua Bonehill

In a conversation that lasted over an hour, Joshua Bonehill demanded Britain’s immediate withdrawal from the EU and fiercely criticised the current fascist regime of European Union has Britain within its iron grasp.

The conversation which took place today was made on behalf of the British people after Joshua Bonehill decided to take action given current attitudes towards our membership to the EU.

Bonehill has offered European Union Commissioner Francois Albrecht a 22 day deadline to respond to the peoples concerns or the possibility of facing immediate action and a sanctions package which could include the boycotting of all non-British products.

Bonehill is said to be dissatisfied with the way how British people are being ignored in their demand for independence from the EU.

Peter collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Neo-Nationalism: The Atlantic Race

Neo-Nationalism is the only solution, the ideology of old has failed us and now we must look to new and effective ways of driving nationalism forward into the 21st century. With Neo-Nationalism as our foundation, a movement will be born.


As opposed to singular patriotic or fascist movements, Neo-Nationalism is about the people first. What we hope to achieve is the creation of a “peoples state” in which true democracy will flourish under strong and positive Nationalist policy. When we talk about a state belonging to the people, we recognise that Britain and indeed most western countries are the domain and sovereign property of the White man.

Globalization is the immediate enemy of classical nationalism. A singular world state would eliminate nationalism in the form that we as theorists recognise, so with this in mind it’s time to upgrade nationalism into a new form of 21st century nationalism defined by both race and nation.

The common bond between people is race but this is also the common enemy. We as white people have a unique and rich identity, created through years of conquest, invention and indeed healthcare. The white race faces extinction at the hands of another race, that being the Jews.

Given the rise of America and emergence of rich white Anglo-saxon culture within the northern American continent, we must now reconsider racial territorial boundaries and claim ourselves as ‘earths premier race’ – The Atlantic race.

It would make sense to claim the title of Atlantians given the nature of how our race has spread around the Atlantic ocean but also given our connection to the original continent of Atlantis, home of the white race.

When we talk about Atlantis, we’re not talking about a sunken island etched in Greek mythology and superstition, we’re talking about an ancient civilization that existed on earth 1000 years before the roman empire was formed.

Atlantis was technologically ahead for its time, white culture was by far superior to the tribal races that existed around the Continent and true racial nationalism flourished within the ancient state of Atlantis.

There is a Jewish myth that states ‘all people come from Africa’, this lie emerged with one purpose – to destroy nationalism and encourage globalization. There is no physical evidence to link Africa as being the birthplace of the white race.

The white race or Atlanteans as we will henceforth be known, originated from the ancient continent of Atlantis. We do not know what happened to Atlantis but the likely explanation for its disappearance is simply invasion and multiculturalism. The idea that a whole continent sunk into the ocean is preposterous but we have definitely forgotten the location of our historic birthplace.

Atlantis as a continent either existed in the Americas or northern European continents which would make sense that a sea should be called ‘The Atlantic Ocean’. The other explanation is that Atlantis is now what we call the ‘North Pole’ and this icy and cold climate would explain the colour of our skin although Atlantis in its ancient day form wouldn’t have had the dangerous climate we witness today in the North.

If we go by the myth about Atlantis sinking into the ocean, the present appearance and climate of the north Pole would explain such a tragedy but the likeliest explanation would be that as the North Pole melted, waters rose and covered the Continent of Atlantis.

The following is taken from Professor Henry Ambrose’s book, ‘finding Atlantis’ and this is the most plausible theory that we should accept:

The reason nobody has been able to find Atlantis is because Atlantis has been above water for 
thousands of years. The water level caused by the receding glaciers had begun to rise as early as 
5000 BC. By 4,200 BC some of the Atlantean leaders began to flee to the Mediterranean, Asia 
Minor,Egypt, and to the Americas. After the water level rose and inundated the main island of 
Atlantis, the water receded and Atlantis has been above water since 3,400 BC. The epic of 
Gilgamesh and the story of Noah give an account of this escape from the rising flood waters. 
Plato, in his dialouge, “Tamieus,” stated that there were some who remained in the mountains.

  According to Plato, Atlantis ruled several islands and other territories. Plato stated: ” But 
afterwards there appeared a violent earthquake and floods, and in a single day and night, all your 
warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the land of Alantis in like manner disappeared, and 
was sunken beneath the sea.” This island that sank suddenly was part of the Atlantean empire 
and was the island of Thera. The main island of Atlantis suffered a different fate. This fate was the 
same as in the story of the Bible where Noah and other inhabitants of Atlantis found that the water 
was rising and built boats in order to survive. These two stories were about the same people and 
same time.

  In 4,243 BC the Egyptian astronomers discovered that the star Sirius rose at sunrise during that 
year. This star reaches this orbit with the sun every 1,460 years and there appears to be a 
catastrophe every time this occurs. During the Atlantean catastrophe, the star Sirius lined up with 
the sun at sunrise and caused the earth to shift on its axis. When this happened the North Pole 
shifted toward the sun accelerating the melting of the glaciers near the North Pole. This caused 
the water level to rise more rapidly in that area. Thus when Atlantis was flooding, the inhabitants 
knew the water was rising and they built boats to save themselves. There is a well documented 
fact that a Mammoth was found frozen in Siberia with tropical fruit in its stomach lending proof to a 
sudden shift of the earth and subsequent climate change.

  The main island of Atlantis that was flooded by the melting waters of the North Pole would have 
to have been located near the North Pole and beyond the straights of Hercules. Also this Island, 
according to Plato, consisted of several different islands. Plato cleverly describes several different 
islands in his dialouges. The group of islands that fits this description is Great Britain.

   As the flood waters rose, the Atlanteans continued to cultivate the land as witnessed by the 
agricultural pollen from domestic crops that existed until 3,700 BC in the Severn Basin of Great 
Britain. By 3,400 BC , the pollen was found again in the Severn basin by the carbon-14 dating 
method. Burial sites in the Severn Basin reflect the water level during this period. The level of 
burial sites rose from 350 feet to 850 feet on the east side of the Severn Basin, in the Cotswold 
Hills. On the west side there was no change. The west side apparently was unable to sustain life 
and was apparently abandoned during this period. This indicated a water level of 500 feet above 
normal. This research shows Great Britain was in fact flooded during the time of Atlantis.

   Plato gave approximately 9,700 years BC as the time when Atlanteans ruled their island in the 
Atlantic and extended areas. If you ask an old indian how old he is he probably will tell you the 
number of moons instead of the number of years. Also, in relating to an event that happened in 
the past, his reply probably would be in the number of moons. According to some of the ancients, 
the moon completes one full cycle every 28 days. In order to compare this with our solar year, we 
would take the number of days in the solar year and divide them by the number of days it takes 
the moon to complete one full cycle. This then gives us 364/28 = thirteen Lunar years to complete 
one of our Solar years. By taking the age of Adam, which was 930 Lunar years, he would have 
been 72 years of age. By checking on the old man Methusla, who lived to a ripe old age of 969 
moons, we find that Methusla would have been 75 Solar years old. This then begins to reduce 
Plato’s time table considerably. The chapter “Time” covers this.

   Plato describes the citadel he created for Clieto; “and breaking ground, enclosed the hill on 
which she dwelt, all around, making alternate zones of sea and land, larger and smaller, 
encircling one another; there were two of land, and three of water, which he turned as with a lathe 
out of the center, for ships and voyagers were not yet heard of. ” This Citadel is now known as Old 
Oswestry Hillfort in Shropshire England and is shown on this website and the cover of the book.

   Plato writes; “He also begat and brought up five pairs of twin male children; and dividing the 
island of Atlantis into ten portions, he gave to the first born of the the eldest pair his mother’s 
dwelling and the surrounding allotment, which was the largest and best, and made him king over 
the rest; the others he made princes, and gave them rule over many men and a large territory. He 
named them all. The eldest who was the first king, he named Atlas, and after him, the whole 
island and the ocean received the name Atlantic. To his twin brother, who was born after him, and 
obtained as his lot the extremity of the island toward the Pillars of Hercules.” There is another 
hillfort called Maidens Castle similar to Old Oswestry Hillfort further south towards the extremity of 
Great Britain in the area described by Plato that was given to Atlas’s twin brother.

    The main island of Atlantis was inundated by flood waters from the receding glaciers of the 
North Pole when the earth shifted on its axis suddenly. This island became submerged gradually 
over time and Noah and other inhabitants of Atlantis  built boats to escape the flood waters. 
Because of the gravitational effect of the star Sirius there was a major earthquake and the island 
of Thera sank suddenly. This was the island that Plato said sank suddenly. Poseidon’s Citadel as 
described by Plato is now known as Old Oswestry Hillfort in Shropshire England. Carbon dating of 
agricultural pollen in the Severn Basin of Great Britain shows That conditions existed where crops 
could not grow which indicates it was flooded during a specific time period and this time coincides 
with the time of Atlantis. Many researchers have failed to find the lost island of Atlantis because 
they were looking under water. The flood waters have dispersed over the ocean causing the 
flooded island of Atlantis to once again become dry land. 

So Professor Ambrose has concluded that the ancient continent of Atlantis is indeed GREAT BRITAIN

After the destruction of Atlantis, the ancient Atlanteans scattered across the world but a large concentration of Atlanteans remained close and settled in what is present day Northern Europe.
When Germanic tribes invaded Britain and Britain became ‘Anglo-Saxon’ we saw the return of Atlanteans to their natural land territory leading us to present day Britain. When western settlers of Anglo-saxon descent colonised America, we saw our race expand to the outer reaches and conquer vast masses of territory in the Americas.

That is our Atlantic race firmly established, an empire which stretches over northern Europe to the very corners of the Americas.

Now our race faces the threat of genocide at the hands of our age old racial enemies – the Jews.

The Jews essentially want Atlantis and the only way they can achieve this Is through destroying us and taking the land using cultural Marxism as their weapon.

Neo-Nationalism is the only ideology that can defend our race and territories through racial unity and solidarity. Scholars and intellectuals had always predicted the rise of Atlantis and the creation of a new great empire state.

With Britain at the helm, an Atlantic Union and empire can be formed stretching over the continents that our race occupy.

The Atlantic Empire would be the third great state of existence, following the Roman Empire and the British Empire neither of which were Atlantean in nature but empires nonetheless.

The only way we can get to this point is by forming a government in Great Britain under the principle of ‘Atlantean or non-atlantean’ which sits firmly within Neo-Nationalist policy.

The time for fun and Games is over – in five years time I will present you with a fully functional and operational political party in Britain. The new party will be our only way out and a solution to every problem faced in current day Britain.

I don’t for one minute presume that we will gain overnight electoral victory but I can see a government being formed by the 2030s with perseverance and steel determination.

The principles of a Neo-Nationalist party would be:

1. Atlantean Race
  1.1 Racial Unity
  1.2 Racial Purity
  1.3 Racial Security
  1.4 Racial Imperialism

2. State
   2.1 Peoples State
   2.2 Expulsion of capitalism
   2.3 End of class war
   2.4 Socialist/Nationalist economy
   2.5 End of unemployment
   2.6 restoration of judicial system
   2.7 restoration of military
   2.8 withdrawal from EU
   2.9 preservation of Free Speech

This article covers the racial aspect of Neo-Nationalism but I will elaborate on the full ideology in a book I am presently writing.

Joshua Bonehill

The tragedy of Twitter

So seeing as Twitter suspended my popular account @Leaderbonehill after the Labour party complained about me criticising their MPs, it’s fair to say that this has become a tragedy but not a tragedy for me.


Your typical left-wing twitter user

See, my account boasted over thirty thousand followers and people enjoyed the content I was tweeting which therefore made me a form of ‘public service’, like a popular television show or a magazine.

My tweets tested the boundaries of free speech and welcomed members of the public to engage in the content I was creating. With the suspension of my account came the loss of a public service which ultimately is a tragedy for the people.

It’s funny as I’m told now that the Left-wing who use twitter and used to try and attack me are now tweeting about ‘doctor who’, video games and things that people don’t really care about. Through the suspension of my twitter account, these already meaningless left-wing agitators have faded away into complete obscurity whilst I myself have become untouchable behind the iron fortress that is the Daily Bale and the ‘twitter left-wing’ have become suspended from relevance.

It’s clear that my twitter account was taken down in a flagrant breach of free speech and corruption at the highest level. When the bods at the top see a Nationalist with a lot of public support through social media then this becomes an immediate threat to them.

Well at the moment I’m not planning on returning to Twitter, I may do so in the future when the waters are clear but the victory has ultimately been mine. Now I can spend more time productively writing for the Daily Bale and creating content that is keyed directly in with Google which in my eyes is bigger and better than Twitter or indeed social media is.

My advice to Nationalist social media users is to come away from your twitter and Facebook accounts, set up a blog or website and hammer out fierce attacks against the judeo-Marxist establishment.

Let the left-wing talk about meaningless subjects on twitter, leave the play pen and come over into the ‘big boys’ realm.


Left-wing infobesity

Most of the people who I have encountered on Twitter and side with the Left-wing spectrum appear to have IAD (internet addiction disorder). There is a clear culture of ‘infobesity’ among the left-wing and they are clearly unable to detach from the fantasy world of twitter and project their real thoughts and ideology through normal social means.

Joshua Bonehill

Marxist Spotting

The common household Marxist – a pariah of society, formed of the most evil and devious ideology known to mankind. Marxists can be easily spotted by their paedophilic tendencies and their general unkempt appearances.

We all know who they are, it’s fun to point and spot out the weirdos in society but what most people don’t recognise is that these parasites are in fact marxists.

You can spot a Marxist on nearly every street corner as it takes to the habitual routines of a Marxist degenerate. Most marxists tend to be in their late 40s to mid 50s. They dress inappropriately, opting to wear blue or florescent rain coats on a warm summers ‘day’. Upon gaining close proximity to the spotted Marxist, one should take note of the repugnant stale smell of tobacco or general unhygienic practises.

The next tail tale sign of Marxism is the presence of a long and unstyled greasy beard that resembles that of Karl Marx himself. Marxists tend to be short sighted and will often be spotted with thick framed glasses or some form of monocle preserving the sight of eye.

Marxists tend to be short in stature and will typically be overweight or spotted with a few extra pounds.

Since the advent of the Internet, Marxism has flourished with the aid of social media websites like Twitter or Facebook in which the deluded and brain damaged Marxist will seek refuge and live within a world of fantasy where he can connect with fellow perverted marxists.

If your spotted Marxist has his phone out then he is most likely operating anonymous social media accounts as his obsessional tendencies will not be able to drift away from what is happening on the Internet.

More often then not, the Left-wing Marxist will have the hood of his blue rain coat wrapped around his greasy head in an attempt to protect the blatant ugliness that lies beneath. This is a form of sheltering from a world that rejects Marxism and indeed this form of perversion.

We’ve all said it before, “that man looks like a paedophile” in reference to somebody who looks odd. Well often these prospective paedophiles are in fact your typical common household marxists.

The link between paedophilia and Marxism is blatant and rich in history. Indeed through rejection of the opposite sex, the preying Marxist will attempt to lure children into his grasp as in the well documented case of Russian Marxist, paedophile and serial killer – the red ripper.

There is nothing wrong with smoking but again this is a trait of the common Marxist. You will notice intense yellow nicotine staining on the hands of the Marxist, occasionally there will be rubbed in tobacco ash and dirt on the rain coat of your pervert in question.

Paedophilia is Marxism, make no mistake about this. The sickening ideology of the stereotypical paedophilic pervert is akin to that of mainstream Marxist teaching. Indeed the rise of paedophilia can be blamed directly on cultural Marxism and left-wing paedophilia rights activism.

Marxists tend to rely on public transport and can be observed sitting on buses chatting with fellow Marxist weirdos. It seems that a culture of Marxism has developed through the public transport system.

If you spot a Marxist then call it out. Stop, look and think – is that weird looking man a Marxist?

Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill on the year in review

Seeing as the year is nearly over and I’m done commiting ‘internet crimes’ for this season, I thought I’d take a look back on the year in review.

Earlier this year I attended Yeovil Magistrates court for writing an article about the Globe Pub in Leicester, in this daily bale article I claimed that the Left-wing pub refused to serve British soldiers in favour of the local muslin populous. The article immediately went viral and the pub ended up getting a few bad reviews on trip advisor and a barrage of threatening and abusive telephone calls from concerned members of the public who were simply venting their anger towards Left-wing political correctness.

Whilst the article about the Globe Pub was technically false in nature, it draws to attention a very real issue in Britain – political correctness. Whilst the Globe Pub may not have banned British soldiers, we have to recognise that because of political correctness there were 1400 children abused in Rotherham and this is where the real criminal activity is happening.

For the Globe Pub article I received some community service and a small fine. Community service has been great and a real chance for me to spread the Nationalist message and recruit racial comrades. Often I found community service a great platform for speaking and a useful service to meet like minded individuals and get local Nationalist activism rolling. Not only is community service a great tool but also I was able to visit beautiful national Trust and English heritage properties during the summer where I would lovingly spend time restoring beautiful relics of British history. Can’t recommend community service more, if you’re lucky enough to get it during the summer months then you will have a wonderful time.

The Probation Community payback officers are often like us and don’t stand for any politically correct rubbish so there’s a great deal of camaraderie and Nationalist spirit. Community service is not the sort of place the weak Marxist weirdo would survive, a leftist on community service would be subjected to group bullying and persecution – and rightly so!

After the whole Globe Pub affair we released the first of our ‘missing posters’ which have drawn attention to the horrific activity of the Islamic Grooming Gang. The Daily Bale’s landmark Amy Hamilton missing poster was a work of art within its own right.

The poster which displayed a fictional white girl in a painted portrait with the name Amy Hamilton alleged that she had potentially been kidnapped by Islamic grooming gangs operating in the Croydon area. Whilst the missing poster was branded as a ‘hoax’ by leftist paedophilic websites, we stand by the general idea and that it existed simply to draw attention to the very real and dangerous grooming gangs operating In the UK.

During the summer I had the pleasure of speaking Publicly at several Nationalist meetings and rallies (see YouTube) and rallied up support for my Nationalist platform, the NBR.

Next I found myself arrested and charged with 7 counts of malicious communications against Left-wing weirdos and perverts by writing articles about them on this very website, alleging that they engaged in paedophilic behavior. Again, I fully stand by these articles as the left-wing are all accomplices to paedophilia after the Rotherham scandal and indeed labour’s connections to PIE which were exposed by the Daily Mail earlier this year. Not only is there solid evidence connecting the left to paedophilia but also paedophilia is very Left leaning In practice.

The people I branded paedophiles are in no way innocent and should not be viewed as ‘victims’. These people who I can not mention until after this present trial are complicit in a hate campaign against myself and have exhibited various criminal behaviours which are currently being investigated by the police. Moreso the ‘victims’ in this case are Left-wing so to assume that they are in anyway good or honest people is a mistake, these are evil and terrible monsters.

You can rest assured there will be no hand written apology letters from me to the Marxist scum ‘victims’, I fully stand by my actions and words. In the eyes of the majority, the Daily Bale articles branding people paedophiles were perfectly acceptable. It’s just the politically correct lowlife Left-wing few who will take issue with my actions.

It’s also important to note that three of the malicious communications charges against me were for calling people Jews, homosexuals and perverts. I do not recognise the legitimacy of these charges and find the fact I was even arrested for calling people these names entirely laughable.

Next was my Operation Destroy Labour campaign which saw various members of parliament belonging to the Labour Party obliterated in mass viral campaigns of truth. Using the medium of quotes, I took down Chuka Umunna, Diane Abbott and an MP I can not mention due to legal reasons.

The campaign was highly successful, I also published several news articles on the daily bale which alleged the Labour party were planning to ban various British symbols and indeed change the Union Jack. The articles went viral and we saw a number of people pledging never to vote Labour again – this was fantastic news.

We shouldn’t forget the mass Facebook viral campaign about the church in Wiltshire that was due to be turned into a mosque. This was another daily bale viral which drew attention to the number of Christian sites being quickly consumed and stolen by Islam.

When Ebolageddon came to the UK we realised the very real implications of the African originating disease and decided to further draw attention to social dangers.

Following on from the successful Amy Hamilton poster, I put together the ‘jamal Malouf’ poster which claimed an illegal immigrant was on the run in Leicester with fully blown Ebola. This work of art quickly went viral and our supporters went to the tremendous effort of printing out the posters and displaying them across the city of Leicester. The poster drew attention to the very real dangers of illegal immigration and solidified the peoples desire and wish to end all immigration.

Next was the Tesco viral in which saw the positive outcome of £25000 being donated to the Ebola outreach fund because of our article. The article about Tesco was not a hoax nor was it an ‘attack’, I still believe that there is a risk from Tesco’s African depots becoming contaminated with Ebola which could in turn see our food chain contaminated with Ebola. The only reason Tesco was mentioned is because it’s the biggest retailer and has many depots in Africa where produce is collected. Tesco contacted the police and they have since been in touch and asked me to attend a ‘voluntary’ interview in Hatfield (hartfordshire) which I failed to attend. Legally speaking, I haven’t broken the law and if anything comes of this then it’s a clear free speech arrest. The article about Tesco was not a malicious communication and I’m sure it’s virtually impossible to harass a billion pound company.  Tesco however are more than welcome to sue me, bring it on.

After Garron Helm of National Action was falsely arrested and imprisoned for calling a Jewish MP a “Jew”, I decided to jump on board the campaign to free him and expose the truth. Berger along with an MP I’m not allowed to mention made a clear move against free speech and they had to be held accountable.

Subsequently my popular twitter account which boasted thirty thousand followers was suspended after the Labour Party contacted Twitter. The removal of my popular Facebook page swiftly came afterwards. I’m not too worried that I’ve lost my social media accounts, after all of this is done with and the wind has blown over I will create new ones.

What followed next was my arrest under the public order act for criticising the MP who can’t be mentioned. All of my electrical equipment was stolen by the police and I was placed on bail.

As if one arrest was not enough, I was arrested a second time for calling that same labour MP an “affeminite weirdo”. This time the police stole a number of items including notebooks, sim cards, mobile phones and my Internet cable which rendered me unconnected to the net. The charges this time around were for harassment and I was told that if I mentioned that MP again then I’d be arrested under the public order act.

So it looks like these free speech arrests will result in court appearances next year after a thorough police investigation.

I’m due back in court on the 21st of this month for sentencing in regards to the name calling incidents from earlier this year. Prison is indeed a possible outcome but one that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’d be looking at 3 months in the worst case scenario but the real punishment is likely to just be weeks.

Prison is a cultural experience and will give me something to write about in the future so I’m honestly not worried about the outcome. In fact the prospect of new life experiences excite me and I have to admit that a part of me is looking forward to prison as a possibility.

There are Left-wing weirdos who believe that my imprisoning would mark a victory for them and misery for me at their own sadistic pleasure. This is simply not the case, a prison sentencing would be a victory for me as it allows me to prove myself worthy of the Nationalist cause by doing time. Besides the sentence, I will be back out doing the same In just a matter of weeks so it really doesn’t affect anything.

So all in all for what I can only describe as non entity, non realistic internet crimes I’ve been arrested 10 times this year, my home has been raided 5 times in which every instance all items of Internet capability were removed and I’ve appeared in court 7 times. All in all this must have cost the taxpayer in the excess of at least £100000 but through my actions £25000 was donated to the Ebola outreach fund.

If I am imprisoned then this will also cost the British taxpayer £25000 per stretch because of name calling In cyberspace.

The next chapter of the story will be the legitimate move with plans for a political party and serious action. I’ve had enough of being arrested for one year and am retiring from getting arrested for the time being.

We should also probably look at taking the UK government to the European Court of human rights should this new stuff concerning criticising MPs reach legal fruition.

Meanwhile the Daily Bale will continue to serve the public with daily articles. This is non negotiable.

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill