The Jewish UKIP Politician who Pooed himself in Tesco

In continuation from my earlier article written about the Jewry behind Tesco, I wanted to expand on the story regarding Alex Wood who actually soiled himself in an aisle of Tesco.

Alex Wood during his UKIP days

Alex Wood during his UKIP days

After Alex had been the center of a media-storm regarding the now infamous “Nazi salute” fiasco (Which turned out to genuinely be him reaching for a phone) Alex took to alcohol and found a great deal of comfort in the bottle. Intending to still contest the Blackmoor Vale seat for UKIP, Alex and myself would meet up frequently and enjoy a beer or two and I would advise on his campaign.

Now, this is before Alex had come out as a Jew and he was a good friend of mine at the time but after a night out in Yeovil, Alex decided he wanted to go to Tesco in order to get some food. I, who have not entered Tesco since about 2008, remained outside with my friend Thomas and we awaited Alex’s return.

Alex Wood today

Alex Wood today

What followed next was perhaps the single most hilarious incident I have ever witnessed in my life.

Alex who was clearly paralytic from extreme alcohol poisoning, approached a flower stand near the entrance of Tesco where he began to EAT flower-heads (tulips from what I could see) in front of the security staff who were cautiously watching Wood.

Alex Wood in 2015

Alex Wood in 2015, still an alcoholic

Next our prospective Jewish UKIP candidate embarked on a rampage around the Tesco supermarket in Yeovil, closely followed by Security who eventually lost him when he reached the dog food aisle. As myself and Thomas watched, Alex pulled down his trousers to his ankles and then crouched over the floor in Tesco. We were watching from a distance but clearly Alex Wood pooed on the floor of Tesco before actually SITTING DOWN in it and sliding back and forth, in a rowing fashion as if to smear the excrement into the floor in a streak-like pattern.

Alex Wood then laid down in a pool of what looked to be excrement as the store security rushed towards him before they dragged him out of Tesco. Alex with his trousers around his ankles and human excrement spread all over his morning suit, crawled off the Tesco forecourt and started sobbing to himself in the corner.

Alex Wood UKIP

Alex Wood Today

Suffice to say, UKIP’s Alex Wood didn’t win the seat he was standing for and then soon after was kicked out of the party and became a Marxist (Seriously). The moral of the story is, this is an insight into the Jewish Marxist mind.

Joshua Bonehill

Left-Wing Paedophile who stalked Joshua Bonehill finally put behind bars

A Prolific Left-Wing Paedophile who used social media to stalk Joshua Bonehill after being exposed by the Daily Bale has been imprisoned today.

Vile foraging Paedophile, Graham Ovenden

Vile foraging Paedophile, Graham Ovenden

The Paedophile known as Graham Ovenden has been jailed for two years and three months for sexual offences against children, after the appeal court ruled that an earlier non-custodial sentence was “unduly lenient”.

Ovenden, 70, who is best known for explicit portraits of young naked girls, was given a suspended sentence in the summer after being convicted in April, at Truro crown court, of offences against girls as young as six.

Graham Ovenden, who is a keen forager, was first exposed by the Daily Bale as being a Paedophile. Joshua Bonehill had been arrested under the Malicious communications and Harrasment act for exposing Graham and further sentenced in Yeovil magistrates court to 2 years probation in doing so.

In spite of being exposed, vile paedophile Ovenden turned up to Bonehill’s court cases and indeed his home where he made several threats towards Mr. Bonehill.

At Plymouth crown court in June the judge, Graham Cottle, ruled that Ovenden was no longer a threat to children, and said that his offences, which took place in the 1970s and 80s, happened before the current laws protecting children against sexual predators were introduced.

Mr. Ovenden would use a number of online aliases to attack his victims, even using several fake names whilst speaking to the media in order to explain his actions.

On Wednesday, the lord chief justice, Lord Thomas, sitting with two other judges in London, said Ovenden had not shown a “shred of remorse” for his victims. He ruled that the sentence should not have been suspended and that the correct total to be imposed was a term of 27 months.


Taken from the RedWatch Facebook page, with thanks

The attorney general, Dominic Grieve, had asked the appeal court to consider whether Ovenden had been treated too leniently, following an outcry by campaigners working with abused children.

Speaking after the appeal court decision on Wednesday, Grieve said: “Graham Ovenden committed terrible sexual offences against vulnerable young girls who were in his charge and ought to have felt safe. He manipulated them and abused his position of trust.

Pritchard May, Reporting for Daily Bale news

“It is right that sexual crimes – whether committed many years ago or more recently – should be punished appropriately. Today the court affirmed this and sent a clear message that people who have behaved in this way in the past will face the consequences through the courts.”

Convicted Left-Wing Paedophile, Tom O’Carroll wants to start Paedophile colony on Mars

It reads as if it’s satire but there is no joking matter in the mind of evil Left-Wing Paedophile, Tom O’Carroll who is hoping to be selected as a candidate for the Mars One project.

Labour funded Paedphile radical cleric, Tom O'Carroll

Labour funded Astronaut,  Paedphile and radical cleric, Tom O’Carroll

Radical paedophile cleric, Tom O’Carroll, led P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange) in the late 1970s and early 80s and has always had a hand in extreme far left politics but today the Daily Bale has seen a shocking dossier that links O’Carroll to the Mars One project, which seeks to establish a colony on Mars.

O’Carroll who recently released his book ‘Paedophillia – the radical case’, is estimated to be worth over 10 million pounds and has been proven to have been a key funder of Hope not Hate during the early years of it’s tyrannical regime. When he’s not standing shoulder to shoulder with Nick Lowles, O’Carroll can be found on the streets of Britain where he routinely preaches paedophillic hate to promote rights for paedophiles.

It seems that in 2009, O’Carroll took a back room role in Hope not Hate operating in their offices in conjunction with the Daily Mirror. Paedophile O’Carroll has been working to campaign for Paedophile rights within Hope not Hate for some time, changing the main emphasis of the group to a more militant pro-paedophilic extremist front from the simple antifascist organisation we see today.

Now the radical Paedophile cleric has reemerged and is looking to travel to Mars.

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands that has put forward conceptual plans to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by 2025,  also planning on having the first humans land on Mars, and beating NASA’s Orion missions by a decade.  The private spaceflight project is led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp (Not a Paedophile), who announced plans for the Mars One mission in May 2012.

Mars One’s original concept included launching a robotic lander and orbiter as early as 2016 to be followed by a human crew of four in 2022. Organizers plan for that crew, selected from thousands of applicants who paid an administrative fee, to become the first residents of Mars with every step of the crew’s journey will be documented for a reality television program which would partially fund the project. In February 2015, the primary contractors on the robotic missions confirmed that work had ended on those missions with the completion of contracts on initial studies.

Whilst he is unlikely to be accepted as a candidate on the Mars one mission, we should nonetheless take note of this radical paedophile and his attempts to radicialise paedohiles within the space industry. Tom O’Carroll is a raving lunatic and hate pretom-o-carrollacher, god only knows what kind of affect this man would have on the crew of Mars One.

O’Caroll declined to comment

This is not the first time Tom O’Carroll has attempted to use space age technology in order to create a perverse Left-Wing and paedophilic world. In 2014, O’Carroll built a Paedophile child robot and attempted to sell it on the mass market.

O’Carroll is believed to have been working on the Paedobot 500 since the 1970s after realising that the Paedophile Information Exchange would never have been successful in campaigning for sick paedophile rights alongside the Labour Party. The Paedobot, believed to be funded by the Labour Party, is a sex robot designed to act as a sickening slave to evil paedophiles who are ‘out of children’ as described by Nonce, O’Carroll.

James MACford,

Left-Wing serial Paedophile stamped to death in prison

An inmate has been charged with the murder of a Left-Wing serial paedophile at the prison where they were both held, it emerged today.

Dead Left-Wing Paedophile Robert Coello

Dead Left-Wing Paedophile Robert Coello

Hope not Hate activist Robert Coello, 44, was allegedly stamped to death by Lee Foye, 27, in his prison cell at HMP Grendon in August.

Former bus driver and Labour Party donor, Coello, who was jailed for life in 2006 for four counts of rape against a child, was found lying in a pool of blood with severe head injuries.

Prison staff discovered discovered the scene in a G wing cell of the category B prison which treats inmates with antisocial personality disorders.

He was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks., where doctors were unable to save his life after a seven hour battle.

The convicted paedophile had volunteered to move to the prison which is a ”therapeutic community” after an interview to establish he had a ”genuine desire” to change but retained his Politically correct views until death.

He was jailed for a minimum of seven years in 2006 after admitting four rapes and 12 other sexual offences on a schoolgirl, facilitated through his Labour Party activism.

Sentencing Coello, a former driver for Reading Buses, from Whitley, Berks., Judge Zoe Smith described his Left-Wing orientated offences as the ”worst of their kind”.

Foye is a convicted murderer who was jailed for a minimum of 16 years and eight months in 2006 and was believed to have been at Grendon for six months.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police today confirmed the charge.

He said: ”Twenty-seven-year-old Lee Robert Foye was charged on Monday with murdering 44-year-old Robert Coello at HMP Grendon, Buckinghamshire, on 1 August.

”Foye will appear at Aylesbury Magistrates? Court on Monday, 18 October.”

Former chief inspector of prisons, Dame Anne Owers, last year described Grendon as a ”fundamentally safe place”

HMP Grendon, near Aylesbury, Bucks., was opened in 1962 as an experimental psychiatric prison to treat prisoners with antisocial personality disorders.

The prison has a capacity of 200 and deals with some of the most disturbed inmates in the UK including murderers and sex offenders.

James MACford,

Liverpool correspondent, Daily Bale News

Labour Party councillor plotted with Muslims to groom children in Rotherham

A mayor who stood down last month three weeks after taking office was facing claims he sexually abused a girl, it has emerged.


Barry Dodson

Barry Dodson, who quit as Labour mayor of Rotherham on 28 June 2014  citing personal reasons, faces allegations he indecently assaulted a 13-year-old girl in 1987, the BBC understands.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed a 66-year-old Rotherham man was arrested on Friday and has been released on bail.

Mr Dodson has not commented.

He has resigned from the Labour Party and now stands an independent councillor.

Rotherham council said it could not comment on a police matter.

There is speculation and unconfirmed reports among locals that Barry Dodson had been working hand-in-hand with muslim grooming gangs who were responsible for exploiting over 1400 children. Jill Damdo who has been a long time resident of Rotherham told the daily bale: “Barry would often loiter around the park in our city where he was spotted talking to young girls, often accompanied by a gang of asianianc thugs”. Another resident expressed “concern” that dodson had been facilitating homosexual and paedophilic activity from his flat known as “The Doll House” among locals.

“Many of the 1400 children abused by the Asian grooming gang in Rotherham were given Labour Party literature and encouraged to join the party in return for their safety and protection”, Sally magnuson, security advisor, told the daily bale.

“It’s probably that we’re looking at a Labour Party cover up and inter-party participation in paedophile activity throughout Rotherham”

Graham Clueley, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Left-Wing Anti-Racist Paedophile stole baby from incubator

An Anti-Racist activist from Ramsgate, UK, has been convicted of kidnapping a newborn baby from an incubator the baby was being kept at in Ramsgate General Hospital.

42 year old Simon Lindelmann crept into Ramsgate General Hospital where he took a 2 day old baby girl from the incubator she slept in. Lindelmann, who keeps a social media presence within the Left-Wing Anti-Racist community, was known as a social recluse and had form for offences against children, Ramsgate Court heard.

Sick Left-Wing Convicted Anti-Racist Paedophile, Simon Lindelmann

Sick Left-Wing Convicted Anti-Racist Paedophile, Simon Lindelmann

An avid gamer and professional Weirdo, Simon Lindelmann took the 2 day old baby back to his house but was stopped just an hour later when police knocked on his door after recognising his face from the hospital’s CCTV system.

Branding Simon Lindelmann as “EviL”, Judge John Jeffery sentenced Lindelmann to 8 years in prison.

The Daily Bale contacted Simon Lindelmann’s Anti-Racist organisation, Hope not Hate, but they refused to comment.

Richard Daytona, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Feminism: A Case-Study of Ugliness

Feminism, a poison that has torn through white western civilisation for the past decade, eating away at natural sexualism and destroying the female gender role at great cost and peril for the future hopes of our race.

This case-study seeks to examine an individual feminist as opposed to feminism as a false ideology. Here we will scrutinise the appearance, attitude and mentality of one feminist in a hope of understanding feminism, and more importantly, the reasons why.

We do not know the name of our specimen feminist, it opts to act anonymous whilst posting photographs of it’s lack of life on social media. For the purpose of this case-study, we will name our Feminist simply as ‘Subject A’.

The Face of Ugly: Subject A

The Face of Ugly: Subject A

Subject A is a twenty-something manic depressive and social recluse, she is unemployed and a self-confessed narcissistic fantasist who relies on social media as her only connection to the outside world. Subject A has for a long time, obsessively stalked Nationalist figure and proud fascist, Joshua Bonehill on Twitter, in both a sexually motivated and aggressive barrage of anti-white harassment.

The first and most prominent feature of Subject A is the level of ugliness that emits from its face. At first glance, we can not be sure if this thing is either a male or a female, there is certainly a lack of oestrogen in Subject A which is apparent in the broad and un-female facial features that form it’s face. Subject A classifies itself as a Female, we will have to take her word and assume by guess that she is indeed a female human-being.

Looking at the photograph to the above, left, we notice a distinct deformity to the lips. It appears that Subject A’s lips have retained their adolescent appearance and not developed much past puberty. Subject A is certainly not white, boasting about her Tunisian/Negro heritage on her time-line, Subject A proves that her ancestry belongs in a Negro country where civilisation does not exist.  One of the more prominent features about Subject A’s face is the distinct ‘tortoise like’ shell that appears to be the forehead, which appears to be above the eyes. The Forehead in this non-white is clearly too far long and elongated to qualify for white status and appears to be aged beyond her actual age. It should be noted that Subject A’s eyes are far too apart, resulting in a chasm that has formed between the eyes on what we can only assume to be a nose, in it’s pug-like form. You’ll notice the presence of eye bags, possibly due to long hours spent in front of a computer screen or television, this is a tale-tell symbol of a social recluse.

Subject A opts to wear glasses because of genetic eye problems that have resulted from a history of apparent race-mixing, though glasses are not strictly a feminist trait, it should be noted that many feminists do wear glasses or have weak and non-white eyes.

The general appearance of Subject A could be classified as ‘misshaped’ and ‘manly’, something that is not socially acceptable in the court of public opinion for that of a mid-twenty something woman.

Now we have ascertained the physical appearance of Subject A, we should begin to examine the internal workings of our Subject where we shall document it’s mentality.

Subject A suffers with severe mental health problems and degeneracy that have resulted from an Anti-Social and bestiality-ridden lifestyle. Bullied as a child and neglected by it’s peers as a ‘freak’, subject A has developed brain damage through social isolation and left-wing conditioning. We would diagnose Subject A as suffering with mania, manic depression, psychosis and schizophrenia and this is evident from Subject A’s psychotic and unhinged level of tweets to which confirm the mentality of our patient.

We mention bestiality, well Subject A seems to sexually abuse her dog whilst posting horrific images of this abuse on her

Sexual Intercourse with Animals

Sexual Intercourse with Animals

Twitter account. Recently, Subject A posted an image of her pet dog in a bed she shared with it, this is typical of the pan-Asian aggressive bestiality-maniac.

Completely Friendless and devoid of a social-life, Subject A has identified as a feminist to fulfil the void in her life and replace the deep feeling of loss and failure as a woman that it feels.  We have to presume that Subject A is probably suicidal, a history of manic depression and feminisitic self-harm would indicate that Subject A is unstable and belongs in a facility for the mentally deranged.

What Subject A fundamentally lacks is a desire to the opposite sex. We’ve conducted a study at the Daily Bale where we’ve asked ten normal or average looking men to indicate how they would score Subject A on a score of 1-10. In our study, ten out of the ten men we stated that they would score Subject A as being “1”, with one man saying that he’d “Rather smash his head in with a brick, than go anywhere near a creature like this”. Subject A will never breed, the simple fact is that men will recognise that she is not genetically good to breed with and any transfer of DNA would result in contamination of genetic history. Even when drunk, we as men have a tendency to sometimes adapt ‘Beer goggles’ and make desperate mistakes that we all live to regret the next morning, I as a man can confidently say that even whilst completely paralytic, there would be nothing that could attract me to Subject A. In fact, whilst drunk and under the influence, I’d rather throw up last night’s dinner onto the road before licking it up with my tongue instead of approaching Subject-A.

So – we are left with a degenerate who will never breed, contribute to society or have any form of positive influence on our people. Subject A worships a religion of hate, being Feminist and continues to operate multiple twitter and facebook accounts to harass males she finds attractive. This is a disturbed individual who needs locking up immediately, we were shocked to find images of nails on her twitter account.

Is she planning a terrorist attack?

Is she planning a terrorist attack?

Is it just possible that Subject A is planning some form of Left-Wing terrorist attack on men she hates? We think so, why would you post an image of nails on your Twitter account so blatantly if you were not suggesting that you planned to make an attack on the people of this nation.

This is the worrying thing about Subject A, the feminism inside her has made her completely unhinged and nobody quite knows what her next move will be.

In a Nationalist or` Fascist society, we’d deal with a problem like Subject A by means of Eugenics and completely remove this cancerous plague from our nation.

Alexis Wood, reporting for Daily Bale News