Politically Correct Paedophile teachers grooming children at British Schools

Diversity, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and history that portrays Hitler in a Negative light – this is the type of education that our children receive today at our schools, up and down this country. In a recent investigation carried out by Daily Bale News, it was found that a number of teachers who had preached a politically correct agenda to our children, were in fact convicted paedophiles and child groomers.

Sick and evil Paedophile, Richard Crawford of Ayr, was caught working in a primary school last year where he was in charge of the school’s ‘diversity program’. Crawford, 34, had attempted to groom children by offering them “sweets” and “rewards” for participating in sickening diversity games, designed to teach children the “importance of diversity” through education.

Jewish Paedophile teacher and persistent sex offender, Martin Goldberg, who committed suicide last year, was also working in a school where he taught lessons about multiculturalism to white students. Working at Thorpe Hall school in Southend, evil paedophile Goldberg groomed children by offering them Gift cards in exchange for Politically correct, paedophilic left-wing multicultural lessons.

Dr John Wunderie, Slatfretish fetishist and paedophilic collaborator

Dr John Wunderie, Slatfretish fetishist and paedophilic collaborator

Former Labour Party councillor and prolific Left-Wing, Anti-White and Jewish School teacher, John Wunderie from Essex was another classic example of Paedophilic Left-Wing education. Wunderie, who taught at Bancroft School in Woodford Green was jailed after he forced a student to give him a “blow job” whilst he dictated multiculturalist propaganda.

Carole Clarke, 46, from Grimsby, was also outed as a Predatory Left-Wing Paedophile Teacher. Clarke, who had a long history with Unite Against Fascism and Hope not Hate would follow young children into Grimsby toilets where she proceeded to rape them. Witnesses described Clarke as shouting “AllahuAkbah” before launching her sickening left-wing paedophile attacks on Children. Although not a Muslim, Clarke believed that by expressing herself as a Muslim to her pupils, she was doing a “favour for diversity”.

Disabled Paedophile teacher and child abuser, Becki Muzikal-Someclit from Leicester was found to have taken pornographic photographs of her students whilst openly debating Nationalist figures with them, depicting nationalists in a bad light so that her pupils would take up Anti-Fascist causes.

Many of these sick Left-Wing, Hope not Hate and Labour Party Paedophile teachers are still active in our children’s schools. The tell-tale sign of the Left-Wing Predatory Paedophile teacher is the fact that they conform to a politically correct teacher and attempt to groom children with sweets as rewards for engagement.

Paedophiles like to hide behind the title of ‘Diverse’ or ‘Left-Wing’ but we should always immediately suspect them of being Paedophiles for their track record doesn’t do them any favours.

Marcorth Clitsome, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Labour Party Paedophile Pritchard Lay exposes himself in court

So far under our ‘noose for a nonce’ campaign, we’ve secured the convictions of over 20 different Left-Wing paedophiles who have been actively working within the Labour Party but we came up against the most vilest in the form of Pritchard Lay

Convicted Left-Wing Paedophile Pritchard Lay

Convicted Left-Wing Paedophile Pritchard Lay

Pritchard Lay of Bawtry Close, was found guilty of 23 offences relating to child abuse images after a trial at Manchester Crown Court in October last year.

He will serve a further four years on licence.

The court heard that Lay had openly admitted downloading and sharing images on the internet in interview, expressing his belief that his actions should not be a crime.

Pritchard Lay had initially been arrested after a search warrant was executed at his home address in February 2012. Lay who came to court wearing a blue plastic rain coat, accompanied by his mother was seen to be visibly happy as he entered the docks of Manchester Crown court.

The court heard that Lay had been rearrested in July 2012 when answering bail. He had attended a police station to answer bail with a laptop containing further child abuse images in his possession.

He was then arrested for a third time in March 2013 after a computer containing more indecent images of children was seized off him in Manchester High Street.


It was upon sentencing that Pritchard dropped his saggy jogging pants and exposed himself to the judge in the court, who ordered Lay immediately taken down to the cells.

The court was shocked by Lay’s actions, Manchester Police are in discussion as to whether or not charges will be made against Pritchard for public indecency or exposure.

One man who was present in the court had a stroke upon witnessing the shocking exposure of Pritchard Lay’s genitals in open court

Senior man having a stroke. He is experiencing facial weakness.

Senior man having a stroke. He is experiencing facial weakness.

Lay has had a long career in Left-Wing and Labour Party internet activism where he and his daughter would routinely troll or abuse Nationalist Facebook pages and groups to score cheap points with provocation.

The 50-year-old had also written to several prominent figures and organisations across the county advocating “freedom of choice for children to have sexual relationships.”

DC Nicole Linn of Manchester Police’s Internet Child Abuse Team (ICAT) said: “Lay is clearly a very dangerous man who has no concept of the deep and lasting impact his crimes have on the children involved in the material he has obtained and distributed.

An artists interpretation of Pritchard being led away to his cell

An artists interpretation of Pritchard being led away to his cell

“We hope this sentence demonstrates the work of the ICAT team and the Hi Tech Crime Unit and sends out a clear message that offenders will be pursued and brought to justice.”

Lay’s daughter was crying as her father was taken down to the cells, she was heard screaming “He’s Left-Wing, he’s a good man” as court security firmly remove Pritchard Lay from the room.

Richard Daytona, Reporting for Daily Bale News

Does this drunken Photograph Show Russell Brand with Paedophile P.I.E Leader Tom O’Carroll?


On the right, we can see Russell Brand obviously stood leaning towards a man on his left. The man on the Left appears to be Convicted Paedophile and leader of P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange), Tom O’Carroll.

O’Carroll, who runs a sick paedophile rights blog, has a long history with various members of the Left-Wing and Labour Party community. The Left-Wing in Britain welcome the support of convicted Paeodophiles like Tom O’Carroll because it gives them another false-issue to campaign for in their pursuit of raping our nation. Russell Brand, who himself has criminal convictions for drug usage and perverse politically correct behaviour is a prime example of a degenerate that the likes of Tom O’Carroll would probably be attracted to.

We must stress to protect ourselves legally, Brand is not a Paedophile (that we know of) nor should we point the finger at him directly and accuse him of being a sick paedophile. 

During the 1970s, the Labour Party openly supported the Paedophile Information Exchange, led by O’Carroll, and we know that the Labour Party played a great part in covering up for the 1400 children who were abused in Rotherham at the hands of Islamic Paedophiles from Pakistan.

The message behind this article is simple, the kind of Britain that Russell Brand wants to create, is one where Paedophiles like Tom O’Carroll would have his Left-Wing paedophilia legalized thus putting our children at risk. By supporting communism or any form of Left-Wing ideology, you are actively supporting Paedophile rights and the likes of O’Carroll will benefit from your support by empowering him to campaign Paedophile rights more often.

In all likelihood, the image is certainly Photoshopped with a good reason to make a point whilst being entirely fraudulent in nature, but from an intelligent and analytical viewpoint, it shouldn’t bear any handicap upon the very real fact behind the image – the Left do support paedophilia rights. 

We don’t for one minute suggest you accept or even hold confidence in this representation, in fact we openly discourage any active form of acknowledgement that for one minute we have in front of us a genuine rendering that may very well present an open case of direct Left-Wing paedophila involvement. I think we can say that the photograph is definitely erroneous and this in itself presents a very good piece of evidence that could be used in our case of truth.

Richard Daytona, reporting for Daily Bale News

Joshua Bonehill, latest court update and Nationalist Free Speech

Joshua Bonehill reveals the harassment he faced by AntiWhite Marxist Perverts at his court hearing today in Yeovil. In this video, bonehill also makes a case for Free Speech and points the finger firmly in the direction of the Jew as being responsible for denying our right to Nationalist Free Speech

No Sympathy for Charlie Hebdo: The Marxists who brought it upon themselves

Be careful before you jump to the support of Charlie Hebdo and give them sympathy just because several of their employers were seemingly taken out by Islamic soldiers earlier today, they are Marxists. Charlie Hebdo, set up in 1970 has acted as a propaganda outlet to the Left-Wing in france for many decades and the deaths at their offices today are entirely their own fault.

See, France being a big supporter of the European Union and with it’s socialist government under François Hollande has failed to protect it’s citizens from the dangers of multiculturalism and diversity. Ever promoting diversity and eradicating the French Identity, france has successfully managed to cultivate Islamic extremists and all manner of other non-white forces to turn on the white French population when their backs are turned.

Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor of Charlie Hebdo who was shot and killed today, is a kind of french version of Nick Lowles, but also both a Jew and an Antifascist (AntiWhite).  Everybody killed in the attacks today would have almost certainly have been Anti-White, Left-Wing scum and there’s a great irony behind that as well.

Dead Marxist editor of Charlie Hebdo, Stéphane Charbonnier

The people who were killed today at Charlie Hebdo spent the best part of their lives preaching what eventually turned out to be their death, they wanted more Muslims in their country and actively celebrated diversity through their publication. You could question why it is that a Left-Wing publication decided to publish Anti-Islamic propaganda, well the answer to this is relatively simple.

There is a growing trend among the left-wing to target extreme Islam, realising that for the past decade where they have defended Islam and deemed it as racist to speak out about it, they were wrong and  are now in the process of doing a U-Turn in order to gain public support and sympathy for their cause. We as nationalists have always attempted to warn about the dangers of Multiculturalism and diversity, whilst the Left-Wing publicly branded us racists and stood by and actively supported the growth of Islamic extremism.

If only Charlie Hebdo had of listened to us instead of preaching diversity and multiculturalism, they only have themselves to blame for the deaths of the 12 people at their offices today.

Article taken from Joshuabonehill.co.uk

NHS in Crisis Because of Left Wing Politically Correct Marxists

Daily Bale

NHS England staff spend 7 million of taxpayers cash on hotels, flights and train tickets in just a year. We must rid the NHS of all leftists and politically correct Marxists left over from the New Labour controlled horrifying years who still treat the NHS as if New Labour were still in power and act like the Marxists in the old Soviet Union.

  • Staff working at NHS England spent £7million on train and plane travel 
  • Expenses bill equates to £1,334 spent per member of staff at NHS England
  • Critics say the spending ‘sends the wrong message’ when times are tight 
  • NHS England was set up in 2013 as part of reforms to save NHS money
  • But new figures reveal organisation is proving a costly service to run 

Suspected left wing politically correct Marxists working for NHS England racked up expenses bills of more than £7 million on travel and staying in hotels in just 12 months and acted like Commissars in the old Soviet Union.

NHS England was established in 2013 as part of reforms to the health service which aimed to save the NHS money by reducing bureaucracy and consolidating commissioning in one centre.

But the move continues to prove costly for the taxpayer.

NHS England racked up an expenses bill of £7.1m in just one year. One of the highest claimants was Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information, who claimed £46,000 in expenses for travel and hotel bills

NHS England racked up an expenses bill of £7.1m in just one year. One of the highest claimants was Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information, who claimed £46,000 in expenses for travel and hotel bills

The total expenses bill submitted by NHS England staff last year equates to about £1,334 spent per staff member on flights, travelling on trains and staying in hotels in the UK and abroad,  the Yorkshire Post reported.

NHS England has offices in Leeds and London and employs around 5,000 staff.

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said: ‘It is alarming that such vast sums of money are being spent in this way. At a time when the NHS is under such huge financial pressures, this type of waste is unacceptable.

‘We must remember that the NHS is paid for by the tax-payer, and it belongs to patients and the public.

We must root out and get rid of all leftists, Marxists and politically correct cranks within our NHS

‘Every pound spent on expenses is a pound lost for the delivery of frontline services. This money would have been better invested in resourcing our wards with front-line staff and in improving patient care. We cannot continue to allow patient care to suffer due to poor management and wasteful spending of precious resources.

Unison said the spending appeared to be high and said the organisation should be ‘tightening its belt’ at a time when staff were being refused pay rises.

Christina McAnea, head of health at Unison, said: ‘When times are tight, this is one of the areas that NHS England must be cutting back on.

‘Huge amounts of money being spent on executive travel, cars and other perks sends out completely the wrong message.’

The central NHS body was set up to cut bureaucracy in a reorganisation by ministers and led by Sir David Nicholson.

Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of NHS England spent £32,000 in expenses
 Sir David Nicholson (left), who spearheaded the reforms, claimed £32,000 in expenses while chief nurse Jane Cummings (right) submitted a £27,000 bill which included money claimed for hotels and travel expenses

This saw strategic health authorities (SHAs) and primary care trusts (PCTs) abolished and replaced by NHS England and locally run clinical commissioning groups. The changes were designed to reduce the number of managers and put decision-making in the hands of doctors.

But the measures, introduced by the then health secretary Andrew Lansley, been criticised as introducing dozens of new quangos and expenses for the health service.

A spokesman said: ‘NHS England has staff based all over England, and it is necessary for them to be out talking to patients, clinicians and others in order to carry out the work of commissioning healthcare.

‘Staff are expected to think like patients and act like taxpayers, and from April 2014 no staff were permitted to travel first class, and must use public transport where available.’

NHS England was set up in 2013 to save money 

NHS England was set up in 2013 to save money

All staff at NHS England are expected to book travel and hotel arrangements through Leeds-based company Redfern and to use public transport instead of taxis.

This is not the first time the organisation has been hit be revelations of large expenses claims by its staff.

In the first year of NHS England’s existence £195,802 was spent by just nine board members of NHS England on travel and hotels.

The top spender was Tim Kelsey, national director for patients and information at NHS England, who lavished £46,000 on taxi bills and plush hotels.

Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of the organisation, claimed £32,000 in expenses, while Jane Cummings, chief nurse, spent £27,000.

Since the revelations about expenses, staff have been banned from using first class rail travel. The quango also spent £1.2m on kitting out staff with iPhones and iPads since it was launched in April 2013.

Critics also claim the NHS wasted money by giving managers axed by the reforms large pay-offs, only to rehire them again with large salaries.

Major incidents Declared at A&E English NHS Emergency Departments

The Daily Bale

Hospital A&E Departments swamped with none emergency arrivals – is a suspected left wing Anti Fascist Marxist plot organised by leftists to discredit the Government by Anti Fascist members turning up at A&E with nothing wrong with them to make it look like the N.H.S is failing.


A surge in demand at emergency departments has forced two hospital trusts to activate major incident plans.

Hospitals in Cheltenham and Gloucester, in Gloucestershire, and at Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, have had to introduce special measures due to the overwhelming numbers of people attending their accident and emergency units.

Managers at Scarborough Hospital said the situation had been brought on by an “unprecedented surge in demand”.

Some non-emergency operations have been postponed at Scarborough Hospital

The Daily Bale has learnt that left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Marxists have allegedly been plotting on social media to organise politically correct Anti Fascist groups and members to visit A&E Departments with nothing wrong with them in order to make it look like the Government is failing to provide Hospital care and services.

It was actually under the last Government New Labour that Hospitals in the U.K were reduced to horrific states of neglect and horrific conditions with people dying and being left without any care at all in their beds.

Stafford Hospital: The victims of the hospital scandal under New Labour

Stafford Hospital victims

In the years leading up to 2008 hundreds of people died at Stafford Hospital amid “appalling” levels of care.

The public inquiry heard that managers cut costs and reduced nursing numbers in a bid to achieve Foundation Trust status, even if that meant patients were put at risk.


This is all part of the left wing plot to cause disruption and chaos in the U.K  along with the political correctness conspiracy of bullying, intimation and manipulation by left wing Anti Fascist Marxists and the suppression of freedom of speech and the P.C criminal oppression of decent normal patriotic British Citizens by calling anybody who opposes them ‘fascists and racists’ in order to silence all opposition and try to shame people.

Hope Not Hate

Groups like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’ are known left wing Marxist organisations in the U.K

The hospital said the decision was taken after patients had been waiting in its emergency department today, unable to be admitted to the main hospital due a lack of beds.

The move means some non-emergency operations have been postponed.

Mike Proctor, deputy chief executive at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital, said: “While the winter months are traditionally a busy time for all hospitals across the country, we have been experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for our services and we have today reached a point in Scarborough where we have needed to enact our major incident plan.

“Today in particular we have had people waiting in the emergency department before being admitted to a bed, and we need to make sure that our hospital beds and resources are saved for those who need them most.

“We have also had to postpone some planned surgery and other procedures, and we apologise to those patients affected by this.”

Mr Proctor said: “Both York and Scarborough hospitals will continue to be here to help anyone who needs urgent assessment and care. However the public can really help us by only coming to the emergency departments in an emergency.

“Taking the appropriate action to treat your condition, which might mean contacting your GP or attending a pharmacy, walk-in centre or minor injuries unit, will help to ensure that we are able to treat those patients whose need is greatest.

“Our staff are working extremely hard to maintain these services and are to be commended for continuing to provide excellent care in spite of the pressures they are facing.”

A “major internal critical incident” has also been declared at Gloucestershire Royal Infirmary and Cheltenham General Hospital following high demand in their emergency departments.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said the measures brought in include increasing the number of staff in the emergency departments, increasing the beds available across Gloucestershire and promoting community alternatives to hospital admission with health professionals.

Tom Llewellyn, clinical director for emergency care at the trust, said: “We are urging the public to think very carefully before attending our emergency departments. You may receive the care you need more appropriately and in a more timely fashion if you access other health services available.”

Helen Miller, clinical chair of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “It is really important to remember that hospital emergency departments are designed to treat serious injuries and emergencies.

“The choice of healthcare options is often greater than people realise, particularly for the treatment of minor ailments.

“The local pharmacy is a great first port of call for minor ailments. Pharmacists are qualified to give advice on a range of conditions, are experts on medicines and can advise people on whether they need to call or visit another NHS service.

“If people are unsure about what health services to access, they can also visit the Choose Well Gloucestershire website which provides details of all the services available or call NHS 111.”

According to the trust, the College of Emergency Medicine believes that between 15% and 30% of patients attending emergency departments could be treated elsewhere.

Last month, Sir Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the NHS in England admitted accident and emergency departments were under pressure.

Speaking at a conference in London, Sir Bruce Keogh said: ”The system is creaking, it is under pressure at the moment.

”A&Es are having to address increasing demand, the ambulance services are struggling in many parts of the country and we have a number of issues to deal with, which we are tackling.”

The Lancashire Telegraph reported that ambulance crews had to queue for up to two hours at the Royal Blackburn Hospital this weekend before patients were handed over.

It said that at one point there were 18 ambulances parked outside and vehicles needed to be drafted in from Manchester and Preston to attend call-outs.

A paramedic, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper: “This has become more and more of a problem in the last few weeks and it’s reached crisis point, without a doubt.

“The capacity of the hospital is awful because they never have any beds and there’s a huge amount of pressure on staff. In some instances they are trying to discharge people so quickly to free up the beds that patients end up getting readmitted.

“There’s also huge demand on the ambulance service and they had to bring over crews from Preston and Manchester to cover the area on Saturday.”

In a statement, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “The Christmas and new year period has been very busy for the Royal Blackburn Hospital with high levels of activity in our emergency and urgent care departments.

“Our priority has been to maintain patient safety at all times and thanks are due to all our staff who have worked so hard over the festive period to ensure this.

“The hospital remains extremely busy and whilst we are in this situation it is very important that people make the right choice of what to do when they are unwell. The emergency department is only for true emergencies involving serious and life-threatening conditions.

“Patients with less serious conditions should contact a pharmacist, visit their GP, attend a minor injuries unit, or ring NHS 111 for advice.”

 Daily Bale. Political Correctness
The Daily Bale says –
We must ban all Political Correctness and outlaw all left wing Marxist Anti Fascist Anti British groups in the U.K and restore order and common sense, bring back true patriotism and National pride in our Nation and people, and deal properly with those who wish to cause us harm.