Feminists are deranged and should be sectioned

It’s not until you actually deal with a feminist that you realise how mentally deficient they actually are. In recent weeks I’ve had a weird, left-wing feminist freak obsessively stalk me on Twitter who coincidently looks like Mark Chapman (The man who shot lennon).

Twitter user ‘Foxy Woo’ who not surprisingly goes anonymous has made over 500 tweets mentioning my name in the past week. The content of her tweets are primarily false and disgusting accusations.

This feminist has essentially convinced herself that I’m stalking her on Twitter using a number of false aliases (Yeah paranoia or what?) but then she goes a step further to accuse random people of actually being me, some of whom have never even heard of me before!


imagine looking like this, feminism is your only option

When you look at a photograph of this anonymous feminist, you can understand why she may have turned to feminism as a form of ideology. It’s clear that this pervert doesn’t receive any form of male attention whatsoever because of her appearance which frankly is beyond grotesque.

In some kind of mental delusion, the feminist in question has convinced herself that I would have some kind of ‘sick’ interest in her, so in turn she has centered her problems around myself and the behaviour she is displaying can be seen as a form of mental reflection.

Not only is this behaviour restricted to Twitter but the vile feminist has threatened to come to Yeovil and harrass me in person. This is the kind of nutter that needs sectioning because she’d be dangerous with a gun – just a regular Mark Chapman!


An uncanny resemblance to Mark Chapman

The utterly insane thing about this is that I’m not even presently on Twitter, yet the feminist has conviced herself that I am somehow every account that interacts with her.

Well I should like to make it absolutely clear that I find this feminist vulgar, repulsive and everything that a woman shouldn’t be. Frequently with friends on WhatsApp or Skype we have sat and both laughed and mocked her appearance.

If anybody has a name for ‘Foxy Woo’ then don’t hesitate to get in touch as I’m going to shop this obsessive weirdo to the police and get her put on a register or something.

Joshua Bonehill