Tesco: A store to avoid

Ever applied for a job at Tesco? Ever been banned from a Tesco Store for doing nothing wrong? Ever been falsely sold Horse meat before? The Daily Bale has been investigating Tesco. Steven Sodholmy reports;

Tesco is a supermarket giant that has been slowly taking over our country since the early 20th century. Founded by Jew and capitalist Jack Cohen in 1919, the store has been recently hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Image

It’s all too obvious that Tesco is a front for Left-Wing activity, they prefer to employ illegal immigrants, migrant workers and severely disabled people over Working British men & women. A small fact that hasn’t really been talked about is that their workforce is almost 60% non British.

What about the horsemeat scandal? Tesco led the way conning and lying to the British public in regards to their foods, convincing people that they were eating beef, pork and chicken when in fact they were eating the friendly horse. Is this an acceptable behavior for such a large brand as Tesco? 

Tesco has been expanding massively since 1919 and has been responsible for destroying many British towns and putting a lot of local companies out of business so effectively dismantling our high streets.

Tesco has become a disease, a parasite and it’s getting worse. Stop shopping there, stop funding their campaign of of control and deceit. Nobody truly knows what this shady organization is up to but we can say with certainty that it’s nothing good.

Next time you go shopping for food, try the local fruit & veg shop, the market and all those smaller shops that sit on your high street and you’ve long since forgotten. Help fund British shops that employ British people.

Tesco is already a proven liar with the horse meat scandal, can you really trust a liar?