BBC Question Time under fire for only selecting left-wing audiences

BBC Question Time is a long running flagship news and politics debate show on the BBC. People have long suspected a bias with the audience but it looks like they have been proven right.


Several university students have come forward to shed light on how members of audience for the show are selected and the process may prove a culture of left-wing corruption within the BBC.

According to Carl Lynch, 22 from Strathclyde University, he was asked by BBC Question Time producers if he was a member of the Labour Party or had Union ties. When Mr. lynch who is a UKIP supporter said no, his application for audience participation was swiftly denied.

An actors’ agency by the name of ‘4score’ recently revealed that BBC Question time had approached them looking for 30 paid actors to fill the audience for a show in Manchester. The actors were required to ask a number of questions as issued by the BBC but the agency felt uncomfortable with the proposal and declined the BBC’s offer.

An investigation into the claims is being made by broadcaster complaints quango, Ofcom. Whatever the results of the findings, the BBC can expect to be answerable to a culture of left-wing corruption.

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News.

Left Wing Anti Ukip Anti Fascist Marxist Monster


Another Shocking Story of Left Wing Anti Fascist Hate Crime.


THE former wife of a Left Wing Anti Fascist Anti Ukip stalker-rapist, who planned to bury his victim in a shallow grave, spoke for the first time last night about her years of hell.

The mother-of-two told of her guilt for not reporting the left wing evil Anti Fascist weirdo to police for his vicious attacks on her and said she wanted to apologise to David Slatt’s other victims.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Bale, the woman told of her 19-year nightmare living with the violent former Anti Fascist Member and Left Wing Marxist Activist in Bolton.


The 42-year-old, who asked not to be named, was at Crown Court on Friday to see Slatt jailed for life for two horrific attacks last May.

He raped and threatened to ditch a woman’s body in a hole on the moors, and left a man with permanent brain damage after smashing his skull with a hammer.

Judge Peter Denmark, branded the 42-year-old left wing sicko –

“a significant danger”

and told him he will be freed from prison only when the Parole Board think it is safe to do so and he is assessed as safe to the public and free of Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Perverted views.

Following the case, his tearful former partner told the Daily Bale:

“Even after all he put me through, I never thought he was capable of doing what he did to those other two people. It was absolutely sickening to hear it.

“I have two kids, aged between 11 and 14, and they are devastated by what their father did. They want everyone to know they are ashamed of him and they hate all Anti Fascist Weirdos and Sickos.

“They felt so bad that they wanted to write to the lady involved and say how sorry they are that their dad did that to her.”

She added: –

“He made my life a nightmare with his sick Anti Fascist left wing bullshit”

“I’m glad he’s behind bars and I hope he stays there for good. I needed to be here today to see it happen. Ukip people are wonderful king decent people, and nothing like the Anti Fascist sickos who call Ukip down all the time”


“I read the Daily Bale all the time too, and i just want to say thank you to the Bale for what you do in exposing these evil left wing sick vile Anti Fascist monsters”


The court heard how Slatt suffered ‘Left Wing Anti Fascist delusions in June 2011 but an expert said –

“it could not be said if it affected his behaviour to the extent he would kill, but as we know from the past and throughout history – Left Wing Vile Sick Politically Correct Weirdos do kill because of Communist and Anti Fascist sick twisted false beliefs”


During the brutal attacks, Slatt told the woman he was going to bury her on the moors – where a grave had already been dug for her ‘because she supported Ukip’

The victim told of her terror as she was snatched from her home, tied up and sexually attacked by “wild-eyed” Left Wing Pervert and Weirdo ‘Slatt’ late at night.

Slatt dragged the woman in her pyjamas, dressing gown and bare feet to his brother’s bungalow a quarter of a mile away, and threatened to murder her whilst screaming at her vile racist insults and calling her a Fascist and a Racist for being a member of Ukip.

But the perverted sick twisted left wing monster ‘Slatt’ never even knew that his victim was actually married to a west indian born gentleman, who is also a member of Ukip.

Slatt also lay in wait for the woman’s friend – who he wrongly believed was also a Ukip supporter, but he was actually a Conservative supporter – and left him with brain damage after hammer blows to his skull shattered his frontal lobes and he needed steel plates to replace a third of his skull.


The Victim said – “these left wing sick animals will never silence Ukip”

Peter Britain-Jones, prosecuting, said Slatt had a “fixation” or “obsession” with Political Correctness, and spied on his victim through the windows of her home for hours to see if she was talking on the phone to other Ukip members.

The judge told him “overwhelming evidence” would have convicted him, and it was “only when you heard the strength of the prosecution case that you decided to plead guilty, you really are a disgusting sick Left Wing vile specimen”

When he was on remand in prison, Slatt was caught out by a secret police recording boasting to his brother about the “cowardly” hammer attack and he said “thats another few Kippers out of action”

The court heard how the male victim has a permanent brain injury and will have lifelong problems understanding language and making himself understood, but he was determined to stay an active member of Ukip after now becoming a member himself and deserting the Conservatives.

“the people’s army is the way” a family member said.

He has epilepsy as a result of the attack, is in a wheelchair, is fed through a tube, needs constant nursing, and will never fully recover, but Ukip is his rock, and he wears the Ukip logo on his jacket every day.


Slatt, admitted rape and causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and was told he will have to serve a minimum of thirty five years for these evil crimes against upstanding members of society.

In a statement, the woman said: “It stripped me of my dignity. My life has been destroyed by a man who I can’t even bring myself to call by his name.”

The male victim’s daughter said in her statement: “Although he did not die as a result of the attack, his life has essentially been taken away from him in any case.”

She stated that she too had now joined Ukip, and said in a statement – “we need to stay strong together and fight these Anti Fascist Politically Correct Left Wing Sickos. Weirdos and Perverts.

She told the Daily Bale – “everybody has been so supportive throughout all this”


Daily Bale reporter on Left Wing Hate Crimes.

Alec Woodward.

Anti Fascist Plan to Destroy Ukip and the Conservatives with Mass Immigration to U.k

Shocking New Plans by the Left Wing to Completely open the Borders

Alleged new measures leaked to the Daily Bale by a Left Wing regular informant.


Our informant has access to insider information from Left Wing sites on Social Media and organisations that he is already a member of right now !

He told the Daily Bale that plans by Labour if they get into power next year is to merge Calais Port in France with the U.K Border over here – so that immigrants come straight to the U.K first and are assessed this side of the Channel, rather than in France as they are now.

That would mean ‘unlimited’ numbers of people coming here – and once they are here, they are here, – there is nothing that can be done to send them back.

Labour would then get massive voting numbers from ‘greatful new immigrants’

Ukip and the Conservatives would then become irrelevant to a future ‘massive multicultural new Britain’ under a tidal wave of tens of millions of new African immigrants coming up from the Italian Coast where they are now landing in massive numbers.


The shocking result of this would mean that all the current Refugees coming up from Africa at the moment, would head straight to the U.K as they are doing now, but they would have nothing to stop them in France and would only be checked when they got ‘this side’ of the Channel.


But because they do not have Passports or Documents, they would automatically be Classified as Asylum Seekers and allowed entry anyway.


Floods of immigrants already desperate to get into the U.K from Calais Port in France.


Labour deliberately let migrants into the U.K in the past under their last term in office to make Britain more multicultural and so Tories could be accused of racism, and now they want to make Ukip pay dearly too – our informant told the Daily Bale –

“the plan is to wipe Ukip off the face of the British Political scene forever”


The Left Wing plan to completely wipe Ukip out under a flood of new immigration.


Ministers have already faced calls for an inquiry into claims that their open-door immigration policy was designed to make Britain more multicultural and allow Labour to portray the Tories as racists.

A former Labour adviser alleged that the Government opened up Britain’s borders in part to try to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.

The Conservatives said that if true, the claim demonstrated ‘disgracefully irresponsible’ decision-making and called for an investigation.


Left Wing Political Correctness Completely Destroying The United Kingdom Forever.

Secret report warns of migration meltdown in Britain

A massive rise in immigration next year could trigger a devastating crisis in Britain’s schools, housing and welfare services, according to a secret Government report.

The document reveals that every Government department has been ordered to draw up multi-million-pound emergency plans after being told public services face catastrophe as a result of the hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans pouring into Britain.


Special investigation

• Polish children dumped by parents heading for Britain

It also warns that a ‘step change’ in the level of immigration next year could make things even worse, triggering an angry backlash across the country.

The disclosure comes as The Daily Bale reveals that the new wave of immigration is causing as much social strife in Eastern Europe as it is in Britain.

Our investigation found Poles are dumping children in local care homes so they can travel to Britain.

Some reportedly killed themselves after being left behind.

The leaked document, written by Home Office Minister Joan Ryan, is entitled Migration From Eastern Europe: Impact On Public Services And Community Cohesion.


In stark contrast to the Government’s repeated assurances that immigration is under control, it warns:

• Ministers may be forced to abandon their refusal to grant council houses and welfare benefits to workshy new arrivals, creating what Ms Ryan describes as an extra ‘pull factor’ attracting further immigrants seeking handouts.

• A new army of English language teachers is required to deal with a huge rise in the number of Eastern European children since last September.

• East European immigrants living rough are becoming drunk and aggressive, and flooding homeless hostels.

• The influx of cheap labour is forcing British workers to take pay cuts with ‘serious implications’ for social tension.

• East European patients are ‘blocking’ hospital beds because they are ineligible for social care and benefits if they leave.

• Towns and cities hit hardest by the new immigration are demanding millions of pounds of extra money to cope.

Lampedusa migration

The document, marked ‘restricted’, was written by Ms Ryan on July 19, the day after she submitted a separate report warning that 45,000 ‘undesirable’ migrants from Romania and Bulgaria may settle in the UK when the two nations join the EU next year.

The number of immigrants to Britain since Poland and seven other East European countries joined the EU two years ago is now put at 600,000, compared with the Government’s original prediction of between 5,000 and 13,000 a year.


Ministers expect this number to rise by up to another 140,000 next year.
Warning of potential chaos for schools, housing and health, Ms Ryan’s report says: “All departments have been asked to consider contingency plans…in case of a further step change in the number of new migrants.”

One of her biggest fears is that the courts may force the Government to scrap its restrictions on East European immigrants applying for council houses or benefits. At present, they receive some benefits only if they register for work – which one in three don’t do – and earn full benefit rights after they have worked for a year.

Ms Ryan says: “The legal basis for this is precarious and there is a strong risk of a successful challenge. This is a concern.”


Many East European immigrants end up homeless, partly because of the welfare curbs. “This leads to antisocial behaviour, street drinking and aggressive begging’ as well as ‘tensions’ between vagrants, the report warns. One in six places in homeless hostels in London is now taken up by Eastern Europeans, who often arrive with no plans for a job or home.

Ms Ryan says some councils are demanding an end to the ban on housing and other benefits so they can get people off the street. But the report warns that dropping the restrictions could create a new ‘pull factor for people to come to the UK unprepared for work’.

Areas with the most East European arrivals – including Slough and parts of London – are demanding more cash for public services, says the report.

A boat full of would be immigrants is se

And schools desperately need more help following a sudden rise in the number of East European children, many of whom do not speak English. Some primary schools have accommodated up to 50 extra Polish children in one term.

Ms Ryan calls for action – and cash – to recruit extra English language teachers. “Schools often find it hard…because of large numbers of new arrivals,” her report said.

The document says foreign workers have helped fill jobs other workers refused to do. But it adds: “There is anecdotal evidence, particularly from Southampton, a port of entry for Eastern Europeans, that the effect of migration…has been to depress wages for low-paid workers. If this were widely true, or that perception were to spread widely, the implications for community cohesion would be potentially serious.”


New arrivals from Africa in their Millions.

There were few signs of social disorder involving Eastern European workers but they “feature increasingly in tension reports…and were a recurrent grievance in far-right extremists’ material during recent (local) elections”.

Some migrants are living in hospitals and mental health units because “there is no ability to provide access to benefits or housing in which on-going care duties could be met”.
In conclusion Ms Ryan says: “There are areas in which strains are evident.”


Despite the Government’s underestimate of the number of migrants, public services had generally coped, the report concluded. But the expected influx of Romanians and Bulgarians meant that this “optimistic assessment may not continue to hold good in, say, a year’s time”.

Daily Bale reporter on Left Wing immorality.

Alec Woodward.

Jonathan King Rumoured Alleged Member of Hope Not Hate Anti Fascist Gang.

Music impresario Jonathan King lived an extraordinary and sordid double life of sexual depravity and alleged Membership Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Anti British Race Hate Groups.


Over three decades he carved out a hugely successful career as a pop singer,record producer, TV and radio presenter and journalist, with rumoured alleged ties to Hope Not Hate, the Anti Fascist Left Wing Race Hate group who stir racial tension by continuously bringing attention to peoples race.

Just how far was Jonathan King allegedly involved with Hope Not Hate ?


But an Old Bailey jury found King’s trademark lop-side grin masked the lust of an insatiable paedophile who trawled the streets of London in his Rolls Royce looking for impressionable youngsters to corrupt and defile.

His opening remark to his young victims was often simply: ‘Do you recognise me?’

We also believe he would introduce himself as an Anti Fascist member of a well known gang of Anti Fascist sickos in the U.K – but this was when Political Correctness had a hold on Britain.

These days he would probably get assaulted for saying he was a Member of these Left Wing sickos.

Described in court as ‘a singer who can’t sing and a writer who can’t write,’ King first tasted stardom aged 19 when his debut single ‘Everybody’s Gone To The Moon’ was a top ten hit in 1965.

As his multi-faceted career took off, King rubbed shoulders with some of the industry’s biggest names, including lyricist Sir Tim Rice, who hobbled into court on crutches to give evidence for him.

When asked by his barrister to sum up his life’s work in one word King proudly announced: ”Music”.

It was the celebrity gained from the pop world that King cynically abused to lure star-struck teenagers into the perverted world behind the closed doors of his home in London’s fashionable Bayswater.


Using a tried and tested method he had perfected, King would often stalk his quarry in one of his four Rolls Royces.

After introducing himself, King would brag of the celebrities he knew, then invite the youngsters to his home, often claiming he wanted their opinions on music or television.

‘It is perhaps easy to imagine how these young gentlemen were flattered and excited to receive this attention. He exploited his celebrity,’ said prosecutor David Jeremy.

The lies paved the way for assaults ranging from groping to masturbation to oral sex and full anal penetration.

Few could resist his promise of meetings with his pop star friends, available women, or both.

King would woo the youngsters with talk of his successful pop career and the prospect of being a ‘megastar’ like himself.

One victim,now a 38-year-old painter and decorator from Luton, said: ‘This pumped me up as a child thinking I might be famous – I was just hopeful I would make something of my life.’

Sat on the sofa at the mews house the teenagers were offered a drink as King then showed them pictures of naked women, often dropping in one of himself scantily clad, which he would pretend to hide in embarrassment.

The youngsters were led upstairs where King showed them a pornographic video, or in the early days, an 8mm cine film which always featured men and women.


It was then Jonathan King would slip out of his shorts and t-shirt to take advantage of the aroused and giddy teenager.

Before they left King, ever the self promoter, would present them with a signed copy of his ‘greatest hits’ album or his latest book.

Others were given up to £40 for ‘expenses,’ digital watches and the promise of a trip to New York.

When one lad was disgusted by the experience and fled from the bedroom, King gave him his personal hi-fi which turned out to be broken.

Many of his victims were convinced no-one would accept their allegations against a household name and King knew it.

One told the court: ‘I didn’t think anyone would believe me.’

The star was so confident he would never be caught that some victims were invited back to his house time and time again.

Often they were encouraged by the victim’s parents who were thrilled their son was working with a celebrity and completely taken in by his claim that he simply wanted a genuine opinion on music or television.

He even had a meal with the family of one victim, who said: ‘He wooed them over pretty much.

‘He made them feel absolutely comfortable as he chatted away at the dinner table.


‘He told my parents I had helped him and been a great lad. They were so pleased – my brothers and sisters were very excited indeed.’

As the flattered youngster became the envy of the school playground, his proud parents told friends how their son was a close friend of a personality.

But it was the success of Jonathan King’s system that would lead to his ultimate downfall.

In November 2000, one of the victims called Surrey police with the first allegations to be made against King.

Detectives interviewed the star and seized pornographic pictures and videos from his home.

King denied ever meeting one of the victims – a 15-year-old South African -until police produced a photograph recovered from his home showing the boy posing in his bedroom.

The storm of publicity surrounding his arrest was enough to convince other victims to come forward.

One victim, now a 35-year-old blacksmith from Shrewsbury, told how he was abused repeatedly aged 14 and still suffers depression today.

He sobbed as he told the court: ‘I just feel so stupid now.


‘It was very confusing at the time. For who he was and because of his fame I just thought this cannot be abnormal.

‘He had a way with words. The way he spoke just made it all seem normal. Now it just seems absolutely ridiculous.’

For 17 years he felt totally alone in his torment and was too ashamed to tell his secret to anyone hoping one day he would forget.

‘I just wanted it to disappear. I couldn’t tell anyone. I’m only interested in women and didn’t want anyone to know I’d had an experience with a man.’

One victim cannot bring himself to cuddle his partner’s child because of his abuse.

Another has received counselling to help overcome the ordeal at Jonathan King’s hands which he says ruined his life.

A Cambridge boy who was then aged 14, now aged 37, said he went back to the pop star’s home at least five times and was once assaulted in his school uniform.

‘He kept promising he would get some girls round. Everyone was interested in girls at that age,’ he recalled.

‘Back then I always thought he liked me and he treated me as a friend – he was the beginning of what ruined my life, I found it so hard trying to blank it out.’


In a letter to one of his five victims King bragged about interviewing astronaut and presidential candidate John Glenn, and singers Billy Idol and Kenny Rogers.

King added: ‘Perhaps one day you will go on to be a megastar.’

In his correspondence, Jonathan King never forgot to encourage his victims look out for his latest programme.

Arrogantand smug to the end, the star told the court he had met up to 30,000 young people to survey their opinions ‘things that matter to teenagers’- sex, drugs or the latest television show.

He ridiculed allegations found proved by the jury that he had tailed a young boy into a Soho peep show and committed a sex act with him in the booth.

‘That’s absurd. I was much better known back then. Today, that would be like Robbie Williams going into a peep show with a young boy,’ he said.

‘The owner would call a newspaper, and when the waiting paparazzi snapped him the moment he left the premises, it would be the next day’s front page.’

He added: ”Market research is something I’ve always done and it was something the music companies I acted for knew I did and were keen to benefit from the material I had already.

‘It consisted of trying to find out what young people liked. I would talk to them, listen to them, and ask for their opinions on records.

‘Speaking to them is enormously beneficial in finding out changing tastes.’


When police raided King’s home they discovered ten travel bags packed with clothes ready for his next trip at short notice.

In each bag was the same Polaroid of a young naked girl holding a banner reading, ‘Let’s Do It!’

In a first trial King denied buggery, attempted buggery and four charges of indecent assault between 1983 and 1987.

The jury of seven men and four women – one woman had been excused -deliberated for two days before unanimously finding Jonathan King guilty of all charges.

Immaculately dressed in a smart grey suit, favoured yellow shirt and shiny blue tie, he clasped his hands behind his back as the verdicts were announced.

King had maintained his crooked smile throughout the trial but shuddered visibly after the foreman announced the first finding of ‘guilty.’

In a second trial a music producer claimed he was abused when he was 15 after a school disco – the notorious “Walton Hop” where King was guesting as a DJ in 1977.

He said King offered him a lift home but instead parked in a secluded lay-by before marching the lad into woodland and subjecting him to a serious sexual assault.


The pop promoter was cleared of the allegations and those of a second boy after the victim’s recollection of dates was found to be incorrect.

King straightened his tie, politely bowed to the judge and nodded towards the press bench at the Old Bailey as he was led from the dock to begin a seven year jail term.

Judge David Paget, QC, told King:‘You used your fame and success to attract impressionable, adolescent boys and abused not the trust of them but the trust their parents placed in you.’

The judge said Jonathan King had led a’successful and distinguished career’ and accepted part of his punishment will be the ‘loss of his name.’

He said: ‘The inevitable publicity will be considerable punishment and your time in prison will not be easy.’

The judge added that King had caused ‘considerable emotional and psychological damage’ to all five of the victims.

King was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life and banned from ever working with children.

He has now been released but claims to have enjoyed his time in jail without regrets.

Politically Correct Left Wing Anti Fascist Cultural Marxist Christmas

Politically Correct Left Wing Anti Fascist Christmas anybody ?

Mince pies, Christmas pudding and lots of sherry,
lets all be merry and drink plenty and not just a little sip,
three cheers, three cheers to Ukip Ukip Ukip.

Dreams of fun and Christmases gone by,
memories of innocence, laughter and joy,
without the disease of the left wing politically correct lie.

A time of year when people used to join in goodwill and love,
without the menace of the Politically Correct Left Wing iron fist and Marxist red glove.

Yet what can these evil twisted politically correct hypocrites ever know about the meaning of love ? These people who see themselves as the most moral and righteous, beyond and above.

Christmas used to be a time of cheer without misery or negativity or even a painful echo,
but alas, what do we have now ?
The evil voice of the left Wing politically correct weirdo, pervert and sicko.

Oh dear, oh dear, for the sake of our children what has it become ?


‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa’s a wreck…
How to live in a world that’s politically correct?
His workers no longer would answer to “Elves”,
“Vertically Challenged” they were calling themselves.
And work conditions at the North Pole,
Were alleged by the union to stifle the soul.

Four reindeer had vanished, without much propriety,
Released to the wilds by the Humane Society.
And Equal Employment had made it quite clear,
That Santa had better not use just reindeer.
So Dancer and Donner, Comet and Cupid,
Were replaced with 4 pigs, and you know that looked stupid!

The runners had been removed from his sleigh;
The ruts were termed dangerous by health and safety.
And people had started to call for the cops,
When they heard sled noises on their roof-tops.
Second-hand smoke from his pipe…had his workers quite frightened.
His fur trimmed red suit was called “Unenlightened.”

And to show you the strangeness of life’s ebbs and flows,
Rudolf was suing for unauthorized use of his nose,
And had gone on Geraldo, in front of the nation,
Demanding millions in over-due compensation.

So, half of the reindeer were gone; and his wife,
Who suddenly said she’d enough of this life,
Joined a self-help group, packed, and left in a whiz,
Demanding from now on her title was Ms.

And as for the gifts, why, he’d ne’er had a notion,
That making a choice could cause so much commotion.
Nothing of leather, nothing of fur,
Which meant nothing for him. And nothing for her.
Nothing that might be construed to pollute.
Nothing to aim. Nothing to shoot.
Nothing that clamoured or made lots of noise.
Nothing for just girls. Or just for the boys.
Nothing that claimed to be gender specific.
Nothing that’s warlike or non-pacific.

No candy or sweets…they were bad for the tooth.
Nothing that seemed to embellish a truth.
And fairy tales, while not yet forbidden,
Were like Ken and Barbie, better off hidden.
For they raised the hackles of those psychological,
Who claimed the only good gift was one ecological.

No baseball, no football…someone could get hurt;
Besides, playing sports exposed kids to dirt.
Dolls were said to be sexist, and should be passe;
And Nintendo would rot your entire brain away.

So Santa just stood there, disheveled, perplexed;
He just could not figure out what to do next.
He tried to be merry, tried to be gay,
But you’ve got to be careful with that word today.
His sack was quite empty, limp to the ground;
Nothing fully acceptable was to be found.

Something special was needed, a gift that he might,
Give to all without angering the left wing who cause fright.
A gift that would satisfy, with no indecision,
Each group of people, every religion;
Every ethnicity, every hue,
Everyone, everywhere…even you.
So here is that gift, it’s price beyond worth…
“May you and your loved ones enjoy peace on Earth.”

U.K Left Wing Sick Anti Fascist Marxist Pervert with a Weird Fetish for Carpets


A weird Left Wing Sick Politically Correct Anti Fascist long haired unwashed Pervert who humiliated and then assaulted a woman in his home and sexually assaulted two others has been jailed for 4 years.

Dan Lesbos, 27, invited the unsuspecting women to his home before subjecting them to ‘humiliating’ sexual acts with pieces of rolled up carpet.

One victim felt like ‘throwing herself out of a window’ while another victim was forced to give up dancing which had been her favourite hobby.

The woman, aged 24, was approached by Lesbo in the street and invited to a dancing audition.

She thought would be in a hall of some sort but told to go to his flat in Leeds.

The woman was told to get changed in front of him and Lesbos explained he needed to check how quickly she could remove her clothes and dance on a carpet.

But he then told her: ‘Put this piece of carpet in your hand Fascist pig’


At first she refused but Lesbos became more and more aggressive and eventually forced the girl to lie down while he had sex with the end of a piece of carpet rolled around his manhood for ‘about 50 seconds.’

Lesbos was also angered when a another victim aged 36 came for a lesson but she was sickened when he demanded she hold a piece of carpet around his tiny manhood and she called him a sick left wing marxist weirdo, and she laughed, and commented that in her experience she had found that all left wing men were sick weirdos and perverts.

He grabbed her hair and asked her to ‘Feel his carpet’ and he shouted ‘you are a racist and fascist’

The terrified woman locked herself in the bathroom to escape him and his sick left wing aggression.

His third victim aged 37 went to his flat for a private lesson to brush up on her skills for a show she was appearing in.

Lesbos told her to ‘Give master a carpet-job, i love it in the woods with carpets dont you’ ? ‘ but the woman refused and called him a left wing pervert and a sicko.

Another left wing Weirdo in the woods with a piece of carpet.

Lesbos then grabbed her hand and put it on a piece of carpet sticking out his trousers.

Judge James Right, told Lesbos: ‘The offences reveal a gross and flagrant breach of trust for your own sexual gratification.

‘You are a demanding and controlling Left Wing Politically Correct Sick Anti Fascist Pervert.

‘You had obvious talent as a dancer and an apparent reputation but made loathsome demands of each woman whom were in a vulnerable position.

‘You approached your first victim when she was 24 and asked if she would like to work with you and you asked her if she would like to join a well known Anti Fascist organisation, when she told you “no way” you then said “o.k then, lets dance on the carpet”

‘She expected it to be in a hall and not in private premises. She changed in a room and you watched her and then said she was not performing correctly enough or staying on the carpet.

‘You persuaded her to take her top off and she tried to cover her body with her hands before you demonstrated how you wanted her to walk on the carpet and you humiliated her by calling her a racist and a fascist.

‘You demanded she recite after you ‘sick Left Wing Marxist Anti British phrases and Anti Fascist slogans’

Lesbos demanded she recite left wing sick phrases and swear loyalty to Marxism.

‘She told you that she had been abused by a Lefty once before in the past hoping you would feel sorry for her and stop your sick left wing perverted behaviour, but you did not heed this one bit and you said you did not care and you wanted her to worship with you and pray on the carpet to a God called Political Correctness’

‘She said she didn’t want to and you got angry and you were thoroughly intimidating and she was totally petrified.

‘You tried to brainwash her but it didn’t end there because you told her to swear loyalty to Anti Fascism and Left Wing ideology with you as you yourself kneeled on a piece of carpet.

‘The second victim you showed your controlling politically correct depraved sick influence to by saying she wasn’t doing well as an Anti Fascist, and she started to cry, telling you that she wanted none of that sick left wing nonsense and P.C brainwashing.

‘What you did was humiliate her and you pushed her breasts up and down with a piece of carpet and started to grope her.

‘You told her you wanted her to ‘Feel your own shame that you felt being a Lefty’ and she then tried to run and lock herself in the bathroom in fear of your sick Politically Correct Left Wing Perversion’

‘The third victim was again another gross breach of trust.

‘You asked her if she would ”Give teacher a carpet-job” to which she said no but you replied ‘If you do not then i will brand you a fascist and a racist’

‘She was embarrassed and this was a gross breach of trust as You took her hand and put it inside your trousers around a piece of carpet and she was petrified by your controlling nature and the sexual activity.

‘There was not only breach of trust but gross intimidation to vulnerable victims and of course it is typical of a disgusting Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist vile pervert like you’

‘There is a pattern of disgraceful abuse on your part as a typical left wing pervert.’


Judge Right then sentenced Lesbos to serve 4 years in prison and gave him an indefinite sexual offences prevention order as well as being placed on a left wing extremist list for life.

He will never be allowed to use politically correct intimidation against others again.

Lesbos still maintains the sexual activity with the victims was all consensual and politically correct despite being found guilty by a jury in September last year and found to be a disgusting sicko.

He was acquitted of five other counts of abuse but he admitted 4 counts of assault by slapping and verbal abuse by way of ‘Fascist and Racist’ name calling and assault with a piece of carpet towards a third victim.

Reading from personal impact statements, Brian Kent prosecuting said: ‘The first victim was so scared at the time that she thought of trying to jump out of the window.

‘The incident has made her feel like nothing and has had suicidal feelings since the break-up of her long-term relationship with her fiancé because of this.

‘The second victim said the assault has made her feel dirty, anxious and on edge and has had to give up dancing which was a social activity she used to enjoy.

‘The third victim has had her confidence undermined and has sought professional help and has now had counselling because of an acute horror and panic attacks when she sees carpets.’

Lesbos was described by various friends and family and former pupils to the court as ‘honest and hardworking but a weirdo to be around, he just had this misguided sick ideology of Left Wing Political Correctness and he was a member of an Anti Fascist organisation which changed him and turned him into a weird and perverted sicko who had an obsession with carpets’

Dan Lesbos was found guilty of two counts of sexual depravity, one of sexual assault and a single count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and Politically Correct intimidation and Left Wing Anti Fascist bullying.

He was placed on a left wing extremist register for life besides being jailed for 4 years and labeled a weird left wing politically correct sick Anti Fascist pervert.