Disgraced British soldier becomes a Muslim woman

An Disgraced former British Territorial Army soldier has had a sickening sex change operation to become a female before it converted to Islam and married a man.

“Lucy Vallender” as it’s now known was kicked out of the Army for incompetency and desertion has recently completed a sex change which was carried out unnaturally and paid for by the British Tax payer. Image

Soon after the Sex change, Vallender converted to Islam and now prays five times a day and wears a black veil. 

Clearly in this instance, Vallender is a left-wing pervert who wanted to become some form of sickening martyr to the Left-Wing cause. By having his genitals savagely and unnaturally removed, he then converted to islam purposely to make a point.

Vallender who has a history with the UAF and Political Left-Wing blog, Hope not hate is said to have kept his genitals as am offering to Allah. 

More on this story as it develops, any information is gratefully received