61 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill

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  2. I’ll answer this one.. My ideology is Nationalism and I beleive this to be an ideology supported by the principle of nature. The vast majority of people who disagree with me are indeed left-wing even if they are not affiliated with left-wing parties, this is because they are Brainwashed by political correctness and assume that what the left-wing say about me or nationalism must be true. There are some right wing people from the EDL and UKIP who beleive left-wing lies and are fully brainwashed by political correctness, so despite their right-wing association they are still very much left-wing and they don’t even realise it. The term ‘left-wing’ in my books is the same as ‘Zombie’. I don’t recognise the left as a form of legitimate political force, I view them as a bunch of brainwashed zombies. JB.

  3. You know its really easy to make the claim of “everyone agree’s with me except the left wing” yet as shown in your own posts the truth is anytime someone disagree’s with you, you label them “left wing”. So even if they are not left wing, if they don’t agree with the likes of you – you label them as such just for disagreeing. It seems to me you are a hypocrite, a racist, and you talk about “anti fascism” as if its a bad thing….. I wonder if you realize the dictionary defines fascism as being synonymous with dictatorship. Does anyone in any free thinking society REALLY support a group that welcomes dictatorship?

  4. Brain, you’re a moron if you think lies and bullshit are the way to go. If the likes of Joshua Bonehill are an example of so-called ‘British natives’ then I welcome extinction.

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