Anti-fascist had 47,000 indecent images of children. Politically Correct Pervert

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Left-wing anti-fascist Marxist monster caught photographing toddler had 47,000 indecent child pictures

A left-wing anti-fascist Marxist monster was caught with tens of thousands of indecent pictures of children after he took a photo of a toddler on a beach, the Daily Bale has learnt.

Jeffrey Hart was alleged on Social Media to be a member of a well known left-wing anti-fascist organisation.

The left-wing anti-fascist Marxist monster and politically correct pervert from Lincolnshire, was jailed for six years, with a further four years’ supervision, for possessing more than 47,000 images.

The left-wing sicko, weirdo, and vile pervert was arrested when a father spotted him taking a picture of his three-year-old daughter on Skegness beach.

The judge said it was a “staggering” number of pictures.

Left-wing pervert and anti-fascist freak Hart, was caught taking a picture of the girl when her father grabbed his mobile phone.

Left-wing anti-fascist Marxist monster

Left-wing anti-fascist Marxist monster

Left-wing anti-fascist politically correct pervert, Bolshevik beast, Marxist monster and Communist creep Jeffrey Hart.

Sex offenders’ register

Hart ran off when he had his phone taken off him after he was spotted taking photos of toddlers, but detectives analysed his phone and tracked him down to his home where he was arrested.

They found more than 47,000 pictures in every category of seriousness on several devices around the left-wing sickos house.

The left-wing anti-fascist Marxist political correctness fanatic and weirdo admitted 12 counts of making indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children; one of possessing indecent images; one of possessing prohibited images of children; and a breach of a sexual offences prevention order.

At Lincoln Crown Court, Hart was handed the jail term plus the four-year extended licence following release.

The anti-fascist left-wing sicko was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely and made to forfeit the storage equipment.

Judge Stuart Rafferty said it was a staggering number of images and described Hart as posing a “severe danger” to re-offending against children.

Daily Bale

The Daily Bale says –

It is well known that perverts also use anonymous accounts on Social Media to avoid being identified.

If you spot anything suspicious on Social Media or are worried for a child’s safety in any way whatsoever, then always report the anonymous account to the police, and certainly report any account that you suspect of grooming children.

Lets keep our children safe, always report a sicko. You may just save a child’s life.