Police Force, Police Officers must be protected from Leftist Political Correctness

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We must protect our police Force from Left-wing hatred and Leftist politically correct nonsense.

A drunken couple are arguing in their flat: she’s thrown several objects at him, causing injury, and alleges he’d hit her. Among it all, they had both “forgotten” her eight-year-old son was upstairs – they thought he’d “gone out to see a friend, but he is now cowering in the corner of his room”.

Neighbours report a foul stench of rotting flesh coming out of an opposite flat in their block occupied by an elderly man who hasn’t been seen for two weeks.

A knife-wielding man is threatening to kill himself and anyone else who comes near in a Taxi rank.

A left-wing masked anti-fascist Marxist thug is running wild through a town centre screaming at children and families that they are all ‘fascists’ and ‘racists’

Daily Bale

All four of these incidents would represent nightmare scenarios for most of us, but for Britain’s rank-and-file uniformed officers these are routine.

Modern policing is as much front line social work as crime-fighting – police deal first hand with the consequences of deprivation, substance abuse, mental illness, antisocial behaviour and sheer bad luck.

So, when police officers are continuously being branded all sorts of vile disgusting names by the degenerate left-wing anti-fascist thugs and disgusting left-wing politically correct cranks, fruitcakes and loony tune masked Marxist communist criminals, it’s worth asking:

“why are the police more often a target of these left-wing cranks hatred than their support ?”

The fates of most public sector workers – doctors, nurses, dinner ladies, social workers – serve as rallying cries on strikes and rallies, but none of these normal decent law abiding legal protesters and citizens identify themselves with the hatred and the disgusting nature of left-wing anti-fascist violence and aggression towards police officers and other innocent members of the public.

Police, perhaps the most likely of any of these groups to actually come from the working classes, are always treated as the enemy by the left-wing Marxist anti-fascist cranks and creeps who have infiltrated legitimate meetings and protests by otherwise law abiding protesters.


It’s hardly a new phenomenon. George Orwell, still the most famous (and probably most-cited) of Britain’s left-wing writers even 60 years after his death, wrote in Homage to Catalonia:

“I have no particular love for the idealised ‘worker’, but when I see an actual flesh-and-blood worker in conflict with his natural enemy, the policeman, I do not have to ask which side I am on.”

The context of Orwell’s quote is telling of the left’s antipathy towards the police: altogether too much of the activist left’s contact with police is through picket lines or protest by Communist Marxist anti-British cranks and matted haired stone age Neanderthal lookalikes and left-wing Benefit scrounging leftist losers.


Protest is hardly a place to see police at their best: the police are continuously having to carry out a very professional duty whilst also being scrutinised and attacked (sometimes physically) by left-wing politically correct cranks who want to accuse our police officers of the slightest discrepancy at every opportunity to try and lose brave and courageous police officers their jobs.

We the general public all know the truth of it, and we all really want to say it –

“Lets get back to real policing, drop the politically correct nonsense and left-wing garbage, bang up the sickos, lock up the lefties, and nick the nutters”

More routine these days are cases of pathetic left-wing lies and allegations of brutality and more from left-wing losers and politically correct cranks.

Nearly always, these are unfounded and few present at such protests, deny that its factions of left-wing masked Marxist anti-fascist violent protesters who deliberately sought and provoked clashes against innocent people and even attacked the police violently too.

Let us not forget also, that many of these left-wing anti-fascist Marxist thugs carry weapons and have been seen to throw darts at opponents and other protesters who they just happen not to like.


Anti-fascist masked thugs block off a residential area

Police behaviour at protests should be monitored, regulated and scrutinised to make sure it’s fair and proportionate and that the public (which of course includes protesters) are protected.

But the majority of us already know that the police are fair anyway, and its only the left-wing anti-fascist Marxists who have less than legal intentions at protests and so therefore project their own criminality upon our police force in order to hide the criminal actions of the left-wing anti-fascist violent masked anti-British thugs themselves.

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Police deal with left-wing anti-fascist violent anti-British masked thugs.

We must not confuse the brave conduct of officers at protests dealing with these left-wing dangerous thugs with the vast majority of day-to-day policing and dealing with normal decent people who really do support our police and have great affection for our brave bobbies, unlike the left-wing anti-fascist thugs.

Similarly, the Metropolitan police racism scandal, which has led to the suspension of nine officers, should be treated as important and disturbing, but if we admit it, most of us suspect what went on there anyway, another police bashing episode by left-wing crackpots and politically correct cranks.

We must not forget that this disgusting accusation by leftists against our brave police was without evidence representative of the force’s 32,000 officers (and the Met just one force of 43).


The barbaric actions of Dr Harold Shipman were not taken as evidence of evil deeds on behalf of all doctors.

Too often the actions of small numbers of officers are taken as evidence against all.

But it is quite clear to everybody now in the U.K, that the left-wing politically correct cranks are the same wherever we find these distasteful undemocratic, manipulative, intimidating, bullying, criminal left-wing Marxist monsters.

Police deal every day with the same kind of people that the left-wing patronising thugs (say) they stand up for:

’embattled working-class communities, vulnerable adults and children, and more, needless to say the minority communities that the politically correct left-wing anti-fascists who are incidentally (mainly white middle class spoilt toffs) say they also stand up for – without actually asking those communities if they want them to (stand up) for them, and stand up for what ?

If you ask us, it seems more likely that the left-wing anti-fascists are just using these people as a (tool) to further their own cause. This has been shown to be the case time and time again, where the left-wing anti-fascists actually ignore some of the very actions that they (say) they are against themselves, but are actually carried out day to day within the communities that they (say) they stand up for.

So they are either using these people, – or they are defending (A) against (A) and (B) against (B) just to make a point against (C) who does things neither way.

It stinks of racism and manipulation by the left-wing here, and the mass patronisation of whole communities just so that the left-wing anti-fascists have a (victim) who they (say) they stand up for, and who justifies the anti-fascists existence as some kind of (moral) group so that the public do not ask questions or see through them and what they are really up to.

But by using minority communities this way for political gain and point scoring, the so called (anti-fascists) are far from moral, and in actual fact they are just disgusting racist and fascist bullies themselves.

Our brave moral and upstanding police force do a job which is demonstrably made harder during both recession and public sector cuts.

But of course, the left-wing care for none of this, they only use these circumstances to manipulate and cause more disruption and disorder to further their own sick twisted left-wing Marxist politically correct anti-British ideology.

The police face sizeable cuts themselves: the police federation says forces have lost 5,200 officers in the last year alone, and £163m from cash benefits, alongside a two-year pay freeze.

For many longer-serving officers, pension contributions have only increased from 11% to about 12.5%.

A government report has suggested this should increase to 14%.


The police are public servants like any other normal decent person who works for and serves the public interest, unlike left-wing anti-fascists who are far from normal and have no concern for real morality or public interest, they are just ‘haters’ and nothing more than this, out to serve their own interests of causing as much hatred and division as possible in the hope that it will lead to a ‘failed state’ so that they can then install communism and Marxism.

The police have flaws, and should be the focus of some scrutiny of course, but we must protect them from the insanity and the anti-British hatred of left-wing politically correct cranks and left-wing anti-British Marxists.

The police face the same cuts as other public servants, and have the same difficult jobs. They face the same charges of bureaucracy, laziness and inefficiency as everyone else in the public sector.

But at the end of the day, they do a fantastic job, and we could not survive as a law abiding society and feel safe without them.

It is obvious to all of us now within the U.K, there is only one major problem holding us all back as a strong nation with real values and real identity together as a people.

We must deal with the leftovers from the New Labour years. The brain dead brainwashed parasites and dangerous lost souls who really believed what the Labour propaganda machine told them as they were growing up, but who are now lost and confused without their leftist gang masters since Labour had its head well and truly lopped off.

They are like little children lost and all alone after losing their mummy and the Labour condoned pathetic undemocratic quangos and bullying tactics they used to crush freedom of speech and make all our lives a living nightmare under their evil tyranny of left-wing communist Marxist orientated political correctness.

The proof of this was in the last Election, they really thought that the majority of the British public would allow Labour back in to office again after what they did under New Labour last time. They had a very big shock indeed.

Get it in to your heads lefties, you were brainwashed by left-wing politically correct nonsense and Marxist crackpot garbage under New Labour. The majority of the British public does not think anywhere near the way you thought it did, regardless of what your Marxist masters told you during the New Labour years.

The majority of us do not agree with leftist politically correct nonsense, and neither do we want it, or will we ever accept it in a million years as being a moral code of practice or a legal democratic way to Govern.

Let it be a lesson to you, when you try to oppress a people as the same twisted ideology did in Russia under Communism, then eventually the people will say ‘Enough’

So, until the left-wing brainwashed robotic unwashed matted haired cranks get that in to their heads, then unfortunately they are just going to remain quite simply – ‘those weirdos’.