Left-wing Anti-fascist Jobless Anti-British Marxists Encourage African Migrants

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Left-wing anti-fascist politically correct weirdos are directly to blame for Machete-wielding migrants who threaten the lives of British truckers and who want to get into the U.K to milk the system and live a cosy life on benefits.

Left-wing anti-fascist jobless Benefit scroungers who have nothing better to do and who are angry that Labour did not win the last Election because they wanted more Benefits paid for by hard working decent patriotic Brits, have been encouraging migrants to come to Britain to get what they can.

Left-wing Marxists and politically correct anti-fascist freaks want to flood Britain with migrants and to make us pay for not voting Loony Labour in the last Election.

We must now push strongly to ban these left-wing anti-fascist anti-British Marxist organisations and arrest the ringleaders.


Left-wing anti-fascist anti-British weirdos demonstrate for open borders

The Daily Bale has learnt that British truck drivers have spoken of threats to their lives from migrants holed up in Calais while trying to reach soft-touch Britain.

Also, British born jobless benefit scrounging left-wing anti-fascist Communist Bolshevik beasts and Marxist anti-British monsters have been spotted in Calais, encouraging migrants to head for Britain. 

The disturbing revelations include truckers being threatened at knife-point, beaten with baseball bats, threatened with machetes and having trailers slashed by armed migrant gangs.


While the EU Immigration policy prohibits Britain to secure her borders, the problem is made much worse by the fact that economic migrant hoards choose to pass over numerous European countries to reach Britain, attracted by the last Labour government’s policy of excessive handouts and a privileged status over ordinary Brits.

While French police struggle to deal with the crisis, British truckers have spoken out about the daily trauma and threats to their lives.

The situation has become so serious that some companies are being forced to avoid Calais all together, adding costly miles to journeys.

Calais Migrants

“My mate was threatened by a migrant with a knife and his exact words were, ‘I’ll kill you, I don’t care,’” stated trucker, John Morgue.

The situation is now very dangerous, he continued, “they all carry knives, every one of them.”

Migrants target lorries stacked up on the motorway. They slash side curtains and break open doors to trailers to stow away. One night, John found eight in the back of his trailer.

migrants in calais

Steve Bowkett, 50, added: “The damage they cause is horrendous. Two of them threatened me when I found them in the back of my trailer hiding among the pallets. The job is becoming a nightmare.”

Kevin Hopper, managing director of haulage firm Brain Yardley Continental Ltd said: “It’s just a matter of time before someone is killed.”

“The fear of what is coming gives me sleepless nights. My worst nightmare is getting a call to say one of my drivers has been stabbed or worse. Calais is a battlefield.”

The problem is so bad, exclaimed Mr Hopper, that his bravest drivers, some of whom are ex-Marines, asked if they could re-route to avoid Calais.

“I’ve been in the business for 30 years,” he added, “this is the worst I have ever known. The police just look the other way.”

Daily Bale

The Daily Bale supports British truckers.

While fully in agreement with trucker demonstrations on the ground, the Daily Bale is putting its full weight behind the campaign to take Britain ‘Out of the EU’ in order to regain control of our borders.

Furthermore, the Daily Bale supports an end to ‘soft-touch Britain’ by putting British people first every time and we always report on the left-wing anti-fascist criminals who want to destroy our Country and enslave us under left-wing political correctness and Marxism.

We support strongly, very strict restrictions on claiming benefits, thereby removing the incentive for criminal gangs and migrant hoards to leave their countries and travel hundreds of miles to take advantage of benefits and handouts at the expense of hard-working Brits.