Anti-fascist Marxist Left-wing Maniac Killed Dogs and Knifed People for Fun.

Daily Bale

The Daily Bale has learnt that a sick left-wing anti-fascist thug who shot two dogs in cold blood before going on to viciously knife two people up – including a prison officer – when he was behind bars after being arrested, has now thankfully been dealt with by the courts.

Sick left-wing anti-fascist Marxist, Kerney Grantham, 20, branded “dangerous” by a judge, kept “chilling” notebooks about killing and dismembering people, a court heard.

Sick vile left-wing weirdo Grantham told police he “felt amazing” after stabbing his victims and had carried out the attacks because he “wanted to inflict pain” and so others knew he was “not to be messed with”.

Sick left-wing beast Grantham, prowled woods and parks looking for animals to kill and people to harm or possibly kill. It is not too hard to see clearly why the left-wing anti-fascists always use violence at demonstrations and are always the instigators of aggression and violence towards innocent people and members of the public who get in their way.

The Daily Bale has learnt that Grantham ‘got off’ on attending violent left-wing anti-fascist demonstrations in the hope of ‘dishing out Marxist justice’

The sick left-wing Marxist maniac told doctors he –

“enjoyed causing pain and killing animals felt good” as he warned that he was working up to killing people, the court heard.

Grantham was given an extended sentence of six years youth custody with a five-year licence period yesterday.

Judge Stephen Holt said the case was “deeply worrying” as he locked up the sadistic brute – who appeared to grin throughout the entire hearing.

Judge Holt told the left-wing sicko thug at Norwich Crown Court:

“It seems to me this series of criminal offences is about as worrying as it can get from someone your age”

“I do find you to be a dangerous defendant who has to be sentenced in such a way.”

Left-wing sicko Grantham prowled woodland on Mousehold Heath, a stunning 184-acre local nature reserve popular with dog walkers in Norwich, brandishing an air rifle and deadly hunting knife.

The gun-toting yob seriously injured one pet dog after blasting it in the abdomen and wounded another when he shot it in the leg.

The animals’ terrified owners raised the alarm. And left-wing Marxist Grantham, who lived nearby, was dramatically snared with the weapons still on him after armed police dashed to the scene on December 10 last year.

Cops searched his house and were shocked to find notebooks showing “chilling” drawings of the horrific injuries he wanted to mete out to people and pets.

Just 11 days later on December 21st, dangerous left-wing anti-fascist sicko Grantham stabbed two people in jail with a crude knife he made himself after he was remanded in custody, the court heard.

His victims included a prison officer who has suffered severe post traumatic stress as a result of the incident.

Left-wing crank and weirdo Grantham also admitted attacking another prisoner when he coshed him on the back of his head with a billiard ball inside two socks on March 4.

Judge Holt labelled his terrifying notebooks “chilling” and told him:

“It’s quite clear that you wanted to inflict pain on both animals and people. The drawings set out in graphic detail the sort of injuries you wanted to inflict on fellow human beings.”

A psychiatric report concluded Grantham was not mentally ill but committed vicious crimes because he

“enjoyed doing it”.

The left-wing anti-fascist lout, who wore a grey sweater, admitted two counts of wounding, two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and causing aggravated bodily harm (ABH).

Michael Clare, defending, conceded that this case was more serious than the sentencing guidelines envisaged. But Mr Clare urged Judge Holt to consider that the knifing injuries caused were luckily “comparatively minor”.

He said Grantham deserved credit for pleading guilty to all the offences and was still only 20.

The Daily Bale says –

‘This sick left-wing vile Marxist anti-fascist monster should of been locked up for life.

We need to start handing out American style prison terms, 50 years to life, or 99 year sentences back to back to these evil leftist sick vile monsters and vicious left-wing anti-fascist Marxist thugs’