A study in SLATFascists: A look into the life of a Left-Wing activist

Psychiatric assessment conducted on June 15th, 2015 by NHS England

Key Assessor: Dr. Keith Renualt

Those Present:

Kathy Burke, Manchester Adult Social Services Director

Ian Carey, Appropriate Adult and representative of “David”

For those who are not aware of SLATFasicsts, you can find him on Twitter under a handle of the same name. SLATFascists is an anonymous Twitter account set up to disrupt Nationalist proceedings and engage in arguments with activists. Known to many as “Dave”, SLATFascists has a deranged obsession with Joshua Bonehill and many other prominent political firebrands.

David is 42 years of age, he lives in West Manchester on his own where he primarily spends most of his free time in front of a computer screen or smartphone device. David was born into a middle class family who spoiled him growing up, resulting in his deep and profound arrogance for anybody who opposes his political mindset. Judging from David’s deep sense of isolationism and desperation, it’s fair to say that he grew up as an only child and had very few friends in his earlier years which has resulted in late onset psychosis and his belief that he is a Twitter deity.

Now in his early 40s and severely overweight, David likes to play children’s video games and has a fixation upon Doctor Who and other children’s television programs. This deeply perverse and somewhat paedophilic interest in childhood has isolated David in his later life, people will for instance view David as being weird or strange.

David expresses a great deal of feminine behaviors via his Twitter account, people often mistake him as being a Woman or a fully-fledged Homosexual. This feminine behavior will result due to a lack of testosterone which has been apparent since David’s childhood, in essence, David never developed into a Man.

What we see with David is a boy trapped in the body of a man, he is nothing more than a child screaming out for attention and seeking recognition from his Left-Wing peers. It’s fair to say that David has little or no friends in real life, he therefore transfers this depression upon Twitter and attempts to fill the gap by seeking the affections of anonymous Left-Wing Twitter accounts.

David’s obsession of Joshua Bonehill and other good looking young men is because he is ultimately jealous of them and wants to be them. It would not surprise me if David has photographs of Bonehill upon his bedroom wall and worships them daily as part of his routine. This form of psychosis is a dangerous obsession that has been formed out of greed, hatred and jealously for anything that David perceives as superior to him.  .

David has an obsession with Serial Killers–Namely Fred and Rose West–which is outlined on his Twitter account. This dangerous obsession may turn into a real life hobby if authorities do not intervene.

We have graded David as being a high-risk suicide threat and suggest that authorities move to engage with David before he does something life-changing or drastic. Not only is it the view of this medical center that David is a Suicide risk but also we believe that he may pose a threat to members of the general public and are therefore applying for his immediate remand upon a psychiatric ward where he may receive treatment for his psychosis.