Message to Victims of the Slatfascists Account on Twitter

Daily Bale

Message to victims of the Slatfascists account that we previously posted on the Daily Bale

Those victims coming forward, could we ask you to please present your complaints to the Police themselves, we cannot do that for you, it has to be the victims themselves that make the complaint.

The Daily Bale is in no way dismissing your complaints or points, but it is a point of law, you have to be the person to make the complaint as the victim, we cannot do that for you.

We do suggest that you make contact with other victims, and share your own experiences with other victims of the Slatfascist account, and maybe then make your complaints as a group and in support of each other at least as a victims group.

For female victims of the Slatfascists account we suggest you contact these blogs and other genuine victims who are also female.


Thank you. Daily Bale Team.