Open Letter to Daily Bale from Anti-fascist Network Admits Racism and Fascism

Daily Bale

The Daily Bale has been contacted by one of our most despised ideological opposites and a representative of an organisation that the Daily Bale itself believes to be all that is desperately wrong and morally perverse within the U.K at this period of time in our history as a Nation and people.

The people who push this cultural cancer and brain dead nonsensical left-wing lunacy are the very example and core of our founding mission and purpose to expose and reveal for all their sick twisted corrupt, hypocritical, unequal, undemocratic and totally unfair illogical nonsense and garbage.

History itself will judge the Daily Bale in the political climate of future times and the generations to come that have the interest or inclination to look up and look back at what they will then call the ‘turning point’ or the ‘re-awakening’ of common sense and National identity.

But the real ‘enlightenment point’ will not be seen as the emergence of the Daily Bale, or even Daily Bale posts and topics, but rather it’s core message that it carries in it’s own parable form within it’s posts and within it’s very existence as a publication as a whole and in total.

That message is quite simply the one fact that we all know deep down anyway and have always really known within ourselves as individual human beings when we examine and ask ourselves honestly and we do not fall back onto any previous conditioning that may of occurred up until this point in our lives by left-wing politically correct brainwashing.

We all know that Political Correctness is wrong and deeply immoral.

We also know that no matter how much those people who try to justify it and condone it, or those people that condemn others or who revert to labelling innocent people with disgusting names like ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ to try and bully and intimidate others into following left-wing political correctness will only succeed in bringing more and more hatred and scorn upon themselves by the very people that they tried to indoctrinate with their own hatred to start with.  

All they are doing is trying to convince themselves that what they know to be wrong, is in some way right.

It just will not ever work, and all they are doing is digging themselves a bigger and bigger hole.

The only difference is, the whole Nation can now see very clearly just how very big and how very deep indeed that hole has become.

Below is a communication that was sent to the Daily Bale from a leading figure within the anti-fascist network who we do not choose to reveal, not because they asked us not to, but because we feel that we are furthering our own cause by not showing all our cards before we are ready to do so.

All will become clear in time.

Meanwhile, please read on and learn how even the left-wing anti-fascist so called leading names are now beginning to doubt themselves and agree with our one true message. 

Open Letter to Daily Bale

(If you do choose to publish, then for any future reference, please keep in mind that i do ask that you consider whether revealing the source to be of benefit to you by way of future negotiation and any info i may or may not disclose to you.

It is by way of my own major criticism and of the anti-fascist movement itself that i write this and point out what is really quite bloody obvious anyway, but it troubles me greatly and to that extent i ask that you at least hear me out and trust me on this, that’s all i ask okay ?

Our organisation is dominated by white middle class people, this demographic, and the liberal reformist perspective we offer, alienates those most affected by organised fascist activity not unlike your own as we see it – ethnic minority groups and the white working class.

The result is an isolated, single-issue movement adept at nothing more than ineffectually waving placards.

It just isn’t working anymore, and yes i admit openly to you that the Daily Bale has hit us hard over the last couple of years, but you do have a point here, that is why i am asking you to at least meet us half way and hear us out.

There is a need for anti-fascism to have a radical, working class perspective that addresses the roots of your fascism with a powerful economic argument. But where does race fit into this equation?

Some of us are at least seeing that now.

i won’t say thanks to the Daily Bale, but you were a big part of it and opening one eye, so to speak.

The Fascism that we believe you spout is a divisive movement. The aim is to split apart the working class along any line possible – race, religion, nationality, etc – in order gain influence and power. You play upon fears and concerns.

In order to most effectively fight that division, us anti-fascists need a movement that is not just based in class struggle but one which is as diverse as the working class itself.

There are several reasons why working class people of colour are put off from engaging in anti-fascist activity. All of them need to be addressed and challenged if that situation is to change.

Primary among those reasons is the sheer preponderance of anti-fascist white people and our own hidden racism.

Faced with scenes where, for example, an overwhelmingly white crowd of students sang “we are black, white, Asian, and we’re Jews” at a protest in Liverpool, non-white communities are more often perplexed than encouraged by such obviously racist and patronising action where we are just using race as a tool.

Liberal anti-fascism, as with liberalism in general, proliferates a patronising form of “anti-racism” and “inclusiveness” that seems to demand subservience more than it does equality, and i am ashamed to admit, but we have been more than racist and fascist in our own behaviour and the striving basically for one thing – power.

As an example, look at the society that has emerged under the dominance of liberals eager to promote “multiculturalism.”

In a fascist society, it is true, we would not see black rappers performing sell out tours, gay people camping it up on television, or Muslims defending their faith against criticism, but it would be even worse in a left-wing anti-fascist society, and that could not and would not be allowed in a full Communist society which is our ultimate goal..

But in this liberal society, we do not see black artists who rap about more than girls and guns, offering a radical critique of the dominant culture.

We do not see gay people who reject camp culture and demand true equality over being treated as amusing pets.

We do not see Muslims or Arabs resisting the authoritarianism and patriarchy forced upon them by their mullahs.

Liberalism, whatever its pretences, offers not acceptance and equality, but a begrudging tolerance in hopeful exchange for silent acquiescence.

In place of integration and cooperation we have a segregation of people into supposedly-homogenous “communities” where unelected “community leaders” repay state handouts with votes.

Liberal “multicultualism,” then is a way to divide the working class whilst claiming to promote “diversity.”

With liberal anti-fascism, the principle is roughly the same. By offering a critique of fascist organisations that is not grounded in class struggle but a defence of the status quo and this statist principle of “multiculturalism.”

As such, the liberal anti-fascists offer a very patronising anti-racism to non-white people, but isn’t that all about us anti-fascists in the first place recognising differences in race and it’s us anti-fascists being bloody racist ?

Instead of offering an economic argument that tears down the false racial divides thrown up by the far-right, they will turn them around against the white working class. Instead of grass roots organisation across such artificial lines, they recruit “community leaders,” whose job is to keep their particular “ethnic community” in line in order to cement their own position, and who often represent the same authoritarianism, misogyny, and homophobia that is so loathsome in your lot the far right.

This latter issue is particularly acute amongst the “traditional” left at large, such as the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) and George Galloway’s Respect coalition.

They have become apologists for the worst elements of all that is wrong in society, taking on a simplistic version of anti-imperialism which supports groups such as Hamas or the clerical regime in Iran. As they are involved in liberal anti-fascism as much as liberals, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) being an SWP front, this approach coalesces with the “multiculturalist” one.

The result is a movement that promotes social equality whilst ignoring economic equality. One that, with the mainstream trade unions on board, speaks of the working class yet has the highest echelons of established power amongst its benefactors.

In response to these criticisms, those they are aimed at will throw the accusations right back. Talk of class war and socialism puts immigrants and ethnic minorities off, they respond.

In truth, this is yet more patronising nonsense. Socialism and class struggle are hardly white priorities, and to suggest otherwise is to suggest that a different skin pigmentation equates to an entirely different set of concerns and values.

In fact, as already discussed, such patronisation is more off-putting than anything. But if class is in any way a factor in turning non-whites away from anti-fascism, then it will be for the fact that liberal anti-fascism is a predominantly middle-class movement.

Overwhelmingly, those blacks and Asians who do work with UAF, Hope not Hate, or similar factions, are of a fairly privileged background.

Just as it does with white working class people, this turns black and Asian workers away. It is facile to think that a one-dimensional race argument will mobilise people who, on top of this, are facing the same struggles as we do in being a part of the working class.

Removing class and economics from the anti-fascist argument reduces it to a moral position which, as already covered, feels patronising more than empowering.

Moreover, it is another sop to the far-right. In dropping all emphasis on social class, we become the opposite side of their coin, defining people purely by the colour of their skin

Returning to what I said earlier about liberal multiculturalism, one particularly notorious way of splitting anti-fascism into racial blocks is to engage with often self-appointed “community leaders” as a substitute for grass roots community organisation.

As already stated, the effect of this is to create and build upon racial schisms in the working class under the guise of “diversity.” Another consequence is that entire racial groups become defined by the worst traits of their unelected “leader” or “spokesperson.”

As a more obvious example consider Iqbal Sacranie, former leader of the Muslim Council of Britain.

In January 2006, he denounced homosexuality as “not acceptable” and called civil partnerships “harmful.”

Because he was a “community leader,” this was reported not as an individual with distasteful views but as “Muslim head says gays ‘harmful’.”

Through his very status as “leader,” he had transposed this opinion onto every Muslim in Britain.

As “community leaders” are unelected and without an opposition candidate, this leaves ordinary people even more voiceless than they are under parliamentary “democracy,” unable to get their message out if they disagree.

This is somewhat troubling even with a well-meaning spokesperson. When those who claim to speak for their race or religion stand for the worst kind of authoritarianism and bigotry, it is downright dangerous.

Often, anti-fascists walk a tightrope on racial issues. They risk being caught between promoting racial segregation as apologists for values utterly antithetical to their own, and tokenism, condescendingly “allowing” blacks to take part in a “white” movement, as long as they don’t upset the apple cart.

The only way to avoid falling into this trap is to draw the antifascist movement back to the grass roots or just disband it altogether. To put it bluntly, a genuinely diverse anti-fascism cannot emerge within a top-down structure where opposition to racism must fit into a framework of established power.

Combating racial segregation and hatred must mean utterly rejecting the idea of homogenous “communities” and the “leaders” that come with them.

At the same time, however, it must recognise that victims of racism (as victims of capitalism) are not helpless creatures requiring rescue by us white anti-fascist self righteous ones.

We cannot “allow” non-whites to be anti-fascists or “invite” them to join us, as we have no monopoly on the movement as whites ourselves, that is just blatant racism in ourselves as white people, who we mostly are in the anti-fascist movements.

White, middle-class students are not black, Asian, or Jews. They are white.

Segregation is not diversity, even when you call it multiculturalism.

If white people can organise and resist without the go-ahead from a “leader,” then so too can non-white people.

Us anti-fascists have got to stop patronising other races and the bottom line is we must stop being racist ourselves.

We must not only recognise that, but push against those trends. We need open and honest dialogue about the flaws of the anti-fascist movement as it is and how we might fix them.

Most importantly, we must return to the grass roots and ensure that people hear the argument against your type of fascism based upon class, not race, at the moment we have got this all wrong, dreadfully wrong, and it feels like we have misled an awful lot of people in the quest for our own power to be bluntly honest with you.

If we do not change, or refuse to change, then we must disband and give it up. if we don’t do something fast, then anti-fascism will remain a white, middle class movement ineffectually waving placards whilst cordoned off from the fascists by the police, and all the time the fact that nobody realises is that it is us the anti-fascists who are in reality the very real racists and fascists. I do not ask you to sympathise with these sentiments, and i know the Daily Bale will always report us in a negative light whichever way you see it. But i do ask that you at least try to understand that we are trying to do something about it and we are trying to rectify the wrongs that i at least do realise we have missed along the way.