Anti-fascist UAF Supporter had Cockroach removed from his ear.

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Cockroach Crawls Into a Left-wing Marxist Anti-fascist’s Ear !

This sounds like a nightmare or even a script from a Stephen King horror film, but unfortunately it is yet another example of the squalid filth and the extremes that left-wing anti-fascists are quite happy to live in.

Left-wing anti-fascist sicko and vile politically correct Marxist, Steven Davidson of Basingstoke, was woken at 2.30 am on Tuesday morning in his tax payer funded squalid foul smelling disease ridden bedsit with an excruciating pain in his ear.


The Left-wing anti-fascist weirdo lived in a diseased Cockroach infested tax payer funded bedsit where he trolled the internet using anonymous accounts to harass decent hard working right-wing patriots. 

Evil sick twisted left-wing sicko Davidson, feeling a slight and uneasy movement inside his ear, thought it may be something live and tried to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the invader out.

This had a terrible effect as the invading beast seemed to become antagonized by the suction and the left-wing weirdo Davidson’s pain intensified.

He began to panic as he realised that it may be an insect or something even more sinister like a spider.

With this in mind he headed for the local NHS hospital to get the insect out of his ear and waste more tax payers money and valuable Doctors time treating this left-wing anti-fascist Marxist weirdo.


Once in the examination cubicle the Doctor proceeded to pour warm Olive into his ear in the hope of driving the alien body out, this again had a detrimental effect as the insect got frisky and burrowed even deeper into the left-wing anti-fascist weirdo’s ear canal.

In one final attempt to avoid invasive surgery, the Doctor used forceps and plunged them into the left-wing anti-fascist Marxist sicko’s ear, where he removed a 4 cm long cockroach.

Whilst left-wing unwashed anti-fascist Davidson recovered from this harrowing incident, he did have some pride intact as the Doctor said it was the largest insect they had records of removing from a persons ear, but even the Doctor was shocked at the general foul smelling odour and the untidy appearance of the left-wing weirdo Davidson.


Left-wing sicko asked to keep the live Cockroach and actually took it back home with him.

The left-wing weirdo Davidson was asked to leave the hospital after he started an argument and threatened a Doctor over what he claimed was ‘animal cruelty’ because the Doctor was using forceps to remove the vicious looking disease ridden insect from the anti-fascist weirdo’s ear.

The left-wing freak demanded that the Cockroach remained unharmed and stated that he wanted to take it home with him. He said that all people and all things, even insects have the right to live in the U.K and he started to shout “fascist” and “racist” at the top of his voice at passing Nursing staff.

There was a foul odour coming off Davidson and it was deemed by staff at the hospital to be a health issue and he also appeared to be very unclean and maybe a risk to the hospital and patients concerning bacteria or disease that he may of been carrying on his clothes or on his person.

Left-wing Politically Correct Anti-fascist Organisations Dividing Our Communities

Left-wing Politically Correct Anti-fascist sicko

The left-wing freak Davidson apparently left the A&E Department shouting –

“Nazis, Nazis, off our streets, we are, we are, we are UAF”

Security was called, and the left-wing vile anti-fascist Marxist sicko was physically thrown off NHS property.


Neighbours of Davidson have repeatedly complained to the council about this left-wing vile politically correct anti-fascist Marxist freak.

One neighbour told our reporter –

“we don’t want this freak living near us, nobody likes these weirdos, there should be a law banning these left-wing nut jobs from getting council housing and upsetting normal decent families. These anti-fascist Marxist Communists all want locking up”