Mass Graves Found. Left-wing Anti-fascist Politically Correct Death Camps

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Germans find Mass Graves at an Ex-Soviet Marxist camp and reveal the true nature of left-wing anti-fascism and the real face of left-wing Marxism in all it’s evil vile ugly disgusting intent.

Left-wing anti-fascist Marxist monsters use Ex-Nazi concentration camps to butcher those considered to be ‘politically incorrect’

More and more these days we are discovering the true evil nature of left-wing political correctness and Marxism, what they try to hide, who they hurt, the damage they cause, and the pain they inflict. But this is beyond human comprehension of what these evil vile foul animals are capable of in the name of left-wing anti-fascism, political correctness and Marxism.

Investigators were digging at the site of a Soviet-run prison camp in the former East Germany and uncovered mass graves containing the bodies of 12,500 people, the Brandenburg state government had said.

UAF Unite Against Fascism

The camp was at Sachsenhausen, north of Berlin, and was open from 1945 to 1950. Victims were said to have included real and supposed supporters of the defeated Third Reich, (as well as citizens considered unfriendly to left-wing anti-fascist Communist authorities)

Until the left-wing anti-fascist Communist Government of East Germany collapsed in 1990, it was impossible to conduct research like that under way at Sachsenhausen. Similar excavations where under way at other sites, and officials expected further discoveries like the one announced.

The excavation around Sachsenhausen revealed 50 graves, each about 25 feet long and 13 feet wide. Under the earth, bodies were stacked in heaps as high as 15 feet and higher.

Pathologists have determined that most of the victims died of starvation, exposure or communicable diseases. Some had evidently been beaten. Most were children, adolescents and elderly people.

Hope Not Hate

In the years after the end of World War II, left-wing anti-fascist occupying Marxist Soviet forces imprisoned thousands of Germans.

Many were accused of war crimes they did not even commit, and their trials were perfunctory if they were held at all.

Most were simply picked off the street, victims of Stalinist left-wing anti-fascist politically correct crackdowns.

The victims were taken to one of a network of prison camps. Some of them, like the one at Sachsenhausen and another at Buchenwald, were built on the sites of Nazi concentration camps.

The German Government estimated that 65,000 people died in these left-wing Soviet-run camps or in transportation to them.

During the four decades of left-wing anti-fascist Communist Marxist rule in East Germany, memorials were built at places like Sachsenhausen and Buchenwald.

‘But the memorials implied that the camps closed at the war’s end’

They did not mention that in the post-Nazi era, the camps became brutal left-wing Soviet-run military prisons.

An official of the Brandenburg state government said a memorial to the victims of left-wing Stalinism would be erected at Sachsenhausen.

More than 200,000 inmates from various parts of Europe were imprisoned at Sachsenhausen from 1936 to 1945, when it was a “labor camp” run by the Nazis, but what the left-wing evil anti-fascists did here was evil beyond imagination by using that camp themselves to then start killing innocent people.

These are the lengths that Left-wing anti-fascist politically correct evil Marxists will go to in their quest to establish tyranny over freedom, squash free speech, crush debate and remove opposition.