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People often comment these days that local communities are becoming more fragmented by left wing politically correct bullying, intimidation, manipulation and the evil of leftist Anti-fascist Anti British treachery.

Also we hear more and more that –

‘society isn’t the same now as it was 50 or 100 years ago and that we have been corrupted and ruined by leftist perversion and politically correct sickness’

Also, that we don’t know our neighbours, and we don’t know our local shopkeepers.

We think those claims are very true, and we absolutely know who is to blame.

The Left-wing politically correct parasites and leftist lunatics.

But the Daily Bale Community Initiative  is taking a great step towards fixing all that.

The Daily Bale has always encouraged celebrations in communities to bring patriots together like the Queen’s Jubilee and the excitement of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Daily Bale is looking at establishing a series of community created events to take place in outdoor and indoor recreational space up and down the country – all organised by local people and helping to bring local communities together, no matter of faith or identity, apart from politically correct leftist lunatics, of course.

Daily Bale

The Daily Bale  is all about exposing the evil of left wing political correctness and the hypocrisy of the left wing Anti-British Anti-fascist criminals who pretend to be about equality, but who in actual fact just breed hatred and division.

Left-wing Politically Correct Anti-fascist Organisations Dividing Our Communities

Left-wing Politically Correct Anti-fascist Organisations Dividing Our Communities

The Daily Bale takes the lead and encourages the people of all communities to come together in National spirit and enjoy themselves outdoors and indoors to bring all communities together in true identity, without the concerns of being labeled or branded by the left wing as fascists or racists, or some other vile race hate disgusting terminology that these sick Marxist leftist parasites use to divide communities and cause hatred and misery and the further segregation of British communities with their vile leftist hatred of anything or anybody who classifies themselves as British or part of the British community as a whole.

Daily Bale

All over the country there are dog shows, car races, bike races, sports tasters, boxing clubs, woodland walks, youth clubs, hiking clubs, dance clubs – anything and everything. The Daily Bale will be only too happy to provide our logo and our support in the name of decency and community togetherness.

In Somerset in July last year, around 1,000 people from the local community came together to celebrate their own community togetherness  with lots of live music and entertainment.

Daily Bale
There were free bouncy castles and sumo wrestling outfits, and when they were hungry a free barbecue was provided – all funded by local community groups and businesses.

At Gillespie Park in Islington last September, the Friends of Gillespie Park had over 2,000 people attend their community event and many local organisations were delighted to be involved.

Students with learning disabilities ran an organic café, Arsenal Football Club came and set up a football game and the local fire service brought along a fire engine for the kids to explore.

The Daily Bale did not run any of these events, but it goes to show you that all of the community events that took place were a great way of getting people active and outdoors in unity and identity as a community.

What’s more, with future Daily Bale Community initiative associated events, organisers would feel it helps them to build new relationships with local people and bring the whole community together without the evil vile left wing politically correct interference or Anti British negativity from Marxists and degenerate leftist Anti-fascist parasites.

If you are interested about getting your community together in true pride and togetherness, then get a local event contact page or event organiser going, and ask everybody how they can provide and bring to your community event.

The left wing Anti-fascists will try to stop the event and will probably call your organisers and helpers all kinds of vile disgusting race hate and fascist racist names, but in these circumstances it is essential that you inform your local community about who is doing this, what they are doing, and always notify the Police.

This is the very reason that community events work, because they bring all people together, and they show a community united spirit, and expose the true evil of the left wing Anti-fascist anti-British criminals.

People often say that communities “aren’t what they used to be” but if you get involved with a Daily Bale Community Initiative  event then you might just be surprised at how many people from all identities within the community want to get involved and just how much the Great is still in the Britain.

The Daily Bale Community Initiative- bringing communities together in true unity and spirit.