Charlotte Church and Anti Democratic Election Protest. Ed Miliband There Too ?

Daily Bale

Anti Democratic Riots in London by Left-wing sickos. Despicable outrage upon Democracy and the British People. Charlotte Church involved in Cardiff protests against Democratic Election results. 


Following the re-election quite rightly too of David Cameron and the Conservatives, hundreds of demonstrators took to central London to protest.

Anti-austerity protesters in London fought with police, throwing smoke bombs and bottles and shouted and chanted obscenities outside the gate to Downing Street.

Overall, 17 arrests were made, and several police officers were injured.

Anti-Tory graffiti was also sprayed onto a war memorial. This shows just how evil these left wing Marxists are.


Green party activist Elliot Corner said:

“We are here because we’ve seen bankers get off scot-free while the working people are the only people who’ve been punished under the rabid schemes of prosperity”  Yeah Right.


Similar protests also took place in Cardiff, where Charlotte Church was seen holding up a sign…

Charlotte Church in London Riots Outrage Upon Democracy

Charlotte Church in Outrage Upon Democracy

Charlotte Church gets ‘Daily Baled’.  She may of been ‘Mad as Hell’ then, but we bet she is even madder now she has been ‘Baled’ on the Daily Bale.

These protests have largely escaped mainstream news coverage. For whatever reason… But a lot of video footage and photographs are showing what has been happening.

It looks like Ed Miliband even got involved! Not like he has much else to do now.


Could this of been Ed Miliband also taking part, but helping out the Police ?