Ban Anti-Fascist Anti-Ukip Organisations Who Cause Hatred and Division

Daily Bale

Why are anti-fascist organisations allowed to exist in the U.K to stir up race hate and division when it is these very groups themselves who are the actual fascists?

The Daily Bale’s attention was recently drawn to yet another anti-UKIP campaign and the evil violent nature of the Anti British Anti Democratic Anti-Fascist organisations – who are very much ‘Fascists’ themselves who attack Ukip.
The aggressive Anti-fascists would appear to be another UAF/SWP/HnH front, carefully hosted overseas and using privacy to hide the true owners behind anonymous hosting companies in California that trots out pretty much the same rubbish you’d expect. One phrase which was interesting was this:
Such a climate of racist and reactionary ideas also creates a fertile breeding ground for fascist organisations, such as the British National Party and the English Defence League
Which rather flies in the face of experience.
In fact, since the rise of UKIP began, we have seen the collapse of both the BNP and the EDL
UKIP have achieved more in the past 2 years than Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism and the Socialist Worker’s Party have in a decade in combatting the far-right by proving themselves a moderate, non-racist party which still stands up for Britain and British people, unlike the Anti-fascists.
This of course is the reason UKIP now faces such hatred from the Marxist hated hard left, and explains the increasingly violent methods they are using to combat democratic peaceful non-racist UKIP.
For Nick Lowles, Martin Smith, Bennett and the rest, their opposition to fascism was only skin deep and nothing more than a vehicle for their own wider political views which were even more fascist than those of their opponents.
All of them occupy that strange position where the extremes of the political right and left meet and onlookers can no longer tell the difference between who are the real fascists and racists, and who are fascists and racists pretending not to be fascists and racists, but trying to hide this fact by calling the other side fascists and racists.
In this case they seem to be calling Ukip those names, so what is it that Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism are hiding? The real problem – and the reason for setting up UKIP by the British People is precisely because of these sorts of Anti British so called Anti-fascist traitors who go around stirring up hatred and division and calling democratic Political Parties like Ukip, parties of the hard right when clearly they are nothing of the sort.
So there is little point in having anti-fascist organisations if there is no fascism to fight and all they do is cause hatred and division and call anybody who opposes them ‘Fascists’ and ‘Racists’.
We make the case that it is now far beyond time that we should consider these organisations as Anti-Democratic organisations and ban them entirely in the interest of protecting the public, law and order and keeping the peace.
Hope not Hate is not a campaign, it is a multi-million pound business masquerading as one.
The SWP is not a political movement, it is a shelter for people with convictions and a natural home for those who would destroy that which they can not possess.
The UAF – Unite Against Fascism have proven themselves time and time again to be violent aggressive masked thugs.
In all three cases, it lends to people who would otherwise be non-entities a feeling of empowerment, of strutting self-importance which far exceeds their true abilities.
Nick Lowles, a failed journalist.
Ruth Smeeth, who lost a safe Labour seat and can’t get voted onto the Labour NEC despite repeated attempts.
Martin Smith, a rabble-rousing thug who has been temporarily shunted out of sight.
Bennett, who has multiple convictions.
These are not people who would otherwise be destined for stellar careers, these are the also-rans who cling to the prominence their failing organisations have given them.
We should not mistake their continued attacks for continued success on their part.
They themselves are well aware of how thin the rope is on which their survival depends.
With recent Elections showing that UKIP is one of the most favourably viewed parties in the country and with four million votes at the polls, the hard left campaigns are in a tail spin: the public no longer believe their shrill hysteria. Make no mistake, the European referendum is now probably far more important to these hard left campaign groups than they are to UKIP.
At the moment, the traditional political parties – Labour and Lib Dems – are pinning their hopes on HnH and the rest doing their dirty work for them.
With the Lib/Lab having no clear idea about how to stop UKIP, they are happy to sub-contract the dirty work to the hard left and never mind the ideological differences: the violent intimidation of geriatric UKIP campaigners, the assault of elected UKIP members, the graffiti-ing and theft from UKIP offices. The real problems for Lowles, Smith, Smeeth and Bennett are now that UKIP has a large percentage of the vote.
If at least four million people support UKIP as they show they now do, then will the political establishment continue to fund and tacitly support these vile foul organisations, or will they realise such campaigns to be counter-productive and completely out of accord with the public’s wishes ?
You can not after all ask four million of the population who voted Ukip to vote for you if you have spent the last year telling those same people that they’re extremist racists, even if you have done it by proxy. Naturally, these vile so called anti-fascist groups have other purposes.
So far they have constrained debate on a wide range of subjects.
Doubt whether global warming theories have a sound scientific basis?  ‘Heretic’
Wonder whether mass immigration is good for the working class?  ‘Fascist’
Think increased benefit payments may encourage indolence?  ‘Capitalist pig-dog lackey’
Be prepared over the coming months to have everything including the kitchen sink thrown at UKIP by these unaccountable so called anti-fascist rich-man’s middle class spoilt mummies boys plastic Marxists.
For the traditional parties, the stakes are not so high, but for HnH/SWP/UAF it is their very existence which is at stake.
UKIP polled very well and the Conservatives thank god won a majority vote.
The British public have shown at the polls that they do not want or support left wing Marxism or the so called Anti-fascist thugs who continuously harass anybody who stands for decency and self respect for one’s Nation and Culture.
The anti-fascists should be banned outright in the public interest of law and order and public safety.
Lowles, Smeeth, Bennett and Smith should be queuing up next to Griffin, Brons, Robinson and Carroll at the jobcentre or even facing criminal charges.