Student Anti-Fascist Welfare and Diversity Officer in Anti-White Racist Outrage

Daily Bale

Goldsmiths students start petition for vote of ‘no confidence’ in Welfare and Diversity Officer Bahar Mustafa after tweeting Anti White Racist Tweets #killallwhitemen and labelling someone ‘white trash’

An Anti White welfare and diversity officer believed by the Daily Bale to be an alleged member of a well known Anti Fascist organisation has been caught in an Anti White Racism row and ‘could’ potentially lose her job for tweeting the words “kill all white men” and calling people “white trash”.

Note the words ‘COULD POTENTIALLY’ lose her job.

Imagine if what she said was said by a white person about non-whites !

This proves the blatant Anti White Racism of the Anti Fascists, it proves they are Racists and Fascists.

Goldsmiths University’s officer, Bahar Mustafa has been at the centre of a media storm after banning white men from an event on diversifying the curriculum and stating on camera ethnic minority women cannot be racist.

Students have now started a petition for a vote of no confidence in Ms Mustafa, which would remove her from office.

The petition reads: “The current Welfare and Diversity Officer has used hate speech based on race and gender.

“For example, the consistent use of hashtags such as #killallwhitemen and #misandry, and publicly calling someone ‘white trash’ under the official GSU Welfare and Diversity Officer Twitter account.”

The petition also accuses her of making students “feel intimidated, unsupported, and unrepresented.”

In Ms Mustafa’s response, she explained the use of her language as a joke between friends.
She said: “These are in-jokes and ways that many people in the queer feminist community express ourselves – it’s a way of reclaiming the power from the trauma many of us experience as queers, women, people of colour, who are on the receiving end of racism, misogyny and homophobia daily.

“These are not political stances.

“However, in regards to calling someone ‘white trash’ under my official GSU Welfare and Diversity twitter account, I can accept it was not professional and I apologise for this.”

Evil Anti White Racist tries to talk her way out of her evil Anti White Racism to keep her post  


If three per cent of Goldsmiths Student Union members sign the petition, a vote of no confidence will be held in Ms Mustafa.

To pass the motion, two thirds of people voting would need to be in favour of the motion.

Ms Mustafa would lose her position immediately if the motion was passed.

The vote of no confidence petition closes on May 26.

A Goldsmiths Student Union spokesman said: “We have given a platform for both sides to put their case across in a balanced way and these are on our website.

“This is now a matter for the student body.”

The Welfare and Diversity Officer twitter account has since been closed down.