EDL News Exposed. as Fascist Racist and Patronising to Muslim Community

Daily Bale

If you are curious as to who EDL News are against and who they target, it includes the entire Right wing, apart from the Conservatives of course, that would be pushing their Anti British Trotsky Politically Correct Marxist Commie luck too far.

EDL News 


They would run the risk of being recognised as the dangerous leftist Anti Establishment and Revolutionary Trotskyists they are, and then being rounded up and thrown in jail where they all belong in our view long before now.

EDL News has already begun to target the Daily Bale because we are getting just a little bit too uncomfortable for EDL News now.

We have 4.5 Million Followers and we have already been credited by our readers with changing public perception around the lies and evil propaganda of the left wing so called Anti Fascist organisations, which are really just Communist Marxist fronts.

Also, when we are attacked by the slimeball Anti British so called Anti Fascists, we do not just crumble and disappear under their evil vile torrent of Racist and Fascist name calling like they always use to bully anybody who questions their motives and to make people go away with the threat of being publicly named as a racist upon their evil vile sick left wing Marxist blog.

The Daily Bale strikes back, and we strike back hard, and we keep coming back, again and again and again.

The Daily Bale was created exactly for dealing with these sick vile left wing Anti British Marxists, who call themselves Anti Fascists, but are in actual fact nothing more than left wing angry bullies who hate everything British, and never could quite get over being bullied at School themselves, so now they want to make the rest of us pay dearly for it.

The Daily Bale stands for the innocent, the decent, and also all of the victims of these evil left wing monsters who continuously target anybody who dares to confront them and their unequal undemocratic evil fascist mentality.

EDL News like all of the other vile warped leftist garbage peddled by other Marxist Trotskyist organisations like Hope Not Hate, or Unite Against Fascism, is used in order to achieve their own political ends of creating a Communist Marxist Totalitarian Politically Correct State, similar to that which existed within the Soviet Union, or still exists today within North Korea.

EDL News uses the title it does (EDL News) to attract people to its disgusting leftist Marxist blog, because it knows that if it used a name like let’s say (Left-wing News) then absolutely no f****r apart from Marxist parasites would look at the leftist trotskyist piece of garbage.

So they use the title EDL News so that people ‘think’ it is an EDL official site or an EDL information blog, and hence people do look at it, but then they quickly realise, as with all other aspects of leftism, that they have been lied to, it is a dishonest representation, and the blog is in actual fact just a left wing Marxist piece of false dishonest garbage. 

EDL News is just one of many tools used by the so called Anti Fascist organisations to target democratic organisations, squash freedom of speech, stamp out debate, remove National identity, and gain full control of the State through a perceived false doctrine and ideology that ‘seems’ as if it represents equality and justice.

Just try and oppose or question EDL News or any of these vile leftist Marxists in any way at all – and then you will see their true colours and their real agenda appear that is hidden behind the false mask of equality and false morality they wear.

They use Race as a tool to crush opposition by calling anybody who questions them ‘Fascists and Racists’ and they ignore real immorality and criminal outrages if it involves anybody who is not white or of British identity.

EDL News are nothing more than disgusting Fascists and Racists themselves, for using Race as a weapon, and then forcing their own ideology upon others by bullying, intimidation, manipulation and the deliberate squashing of democratic freedom of speech and debate by using criminal and immoral political correctness and race as a means to do it.

Here’s a list from ‘Expose’ of the democratic respectable groups who EDL News target and harass:

British Democrats
Britain First
British Free Corps
British Freedom
British National Party
British Patriot Alliance,
Cagoules Unlimited
Combined Ex-Forces
Combined Ex-Services
English Democrats,
England’s Golden Dawn,
English Nationalist Alliance,
English People’s Party
English Volunteer Force
Freedom Democrats
Liberty GB
National Culturists
National English Unity
New British Union
North-East Infidels
NorthWest Infidels
National Front
Northern Patriotic Front
Scottish Defence League
South East Alliance
United People’s Party
Young Wolf

Not forgetting of course your very own – The Daily Bale

EDL News, etc. as has already been stated, do not include the Conservative Party in that huge list (Hope Not Hate also has a very large list too).

If they did list the Conservatives, and especially now that the Conservatives kicked their ass in the Elections recently, then that would display their Leftist extremism in much too obvious a manner.

Besides which, there are just too many Tories in the UK and the Tory Party has both the money and the political power to cause these sick vile evil left wing Marxist traitor groups serious trouble.

No. First they just want to get rid of the groups in the list above.  Then they would target the State.

God knows what this country would be like if these leftist sickos had political power outside the universities.

It would be a giant Gulag.

Hundreds of thousands of British people (probably millions) have views which Gary Hastings believes shouldn’t be expressed and whose chosen political groups should all be “proscribed” (as he and Hope Not Hate put it).

The EDL News blurb introduction says that

“we at EDL news are not associated with any political groups, or affiliated with any political parties”.

That depends on what is meant by “we”.

That “we” could be as little as two people.

In fact Gary Hastings may well be using the “royal we” here.

We think that could well be the case. Even if there are other writers (we counted only one) that will still probably mean that Hastings runs the show and other people simply send stuff in.

The loose language is terrible – but deliberately so.  EDL News is “not associated with any political groups”.

What does that actually mean?

Does it mean that they have no official connections or that people on the outside haven’t associated EDL News with any political group?

None of this means anything.

It doesn’t mean that Gary Hastings is not a member of any of these groups.

It just means that EDL News is not an official organ of any of these groups.

That’s all!

It also probably means that disassociating themselves from these groups helps the cause and makes EDL News seem like a ‘moral’ group.

EDL News is not ‘moral’ in any way, shape or form, or moral in the slightest meaning of the word moral.

They attack, bully, intimidate, harass, manipulate and put innocent members of the public in danger by posting their names and places of residence upon their evil sick Marxist blog.

Even the Daily Bale only posts the names of left wing sickos who have broken the law or attacked innocents first.

However, Gary Hastings should try harder with his pretense because he’s always posting links to the Communist-run Hope Not Hate/Searchlight sites.

There are also the words “collectively we are neither Muslim, Christian”, etc.

Again, that depends on how many people run EDL News.

If only Gary Hastings runs it, that collectivity doesn’t really amount to much.

It’s hard for one person to be Christian and Muslim at the same time (even for a member of the Church of Interfaith).

The blurb also states that the “website exists to expose the darker side of the English Defence League”.

Does that mean that EDL News believes there is a ‘lighter side’ to the EDL which is being ruined by its “darker side’ ?

Of course not.  It’s just weasel words from Gary Hastings.

To him, the entire Right wing, not just the “far right” (hence the latest major target – UKIP) is one big “dark side” to be annihilated by Red Marxist Fascists like himself.

Gary Hastings, prey tell us about what you see as the non-sinister side of the EDL… or UKIP for that matter.

EDL News lives off soundbites.

EDL News says that the police will deal with foreign criminals and groomers

Apart from the fact that the people in EDL News have tried to stop the police from doing anything about these problems, is this the same police that these red fascists otherwise hate with a venom and have done since Year Dot?

Gary Hastings really is a spinner of incredible deceits.

He even has the anarchist Malatesta Blog on his website.

So what’s with this Leftist taqiyya about the police, eh?

The blurb also says that Britain is “a country built on immigration”.

Yes. No one can doubt that – it’s true, up to a point.

But which immigrants are we talking about, exactly?

The immigrants and criminals who hate our country and use their benefits-given-free-time to plot, commit crime and use violence against us ?

Surely there are good immigrants and bad.

In any case, it’s not all down to immigration.

Groomers, Terrorists and plotters, even if native born, should be dealt with accordingly by the law and not patronised by Trotskyist lawyers like Gareth Peirce.

So Gary Hastings should stop using positive stereotypes and positive generalisations about all immigrants.

As for race, it’s the Left that has a fetish for that – as they did for class in the old days before they started patronising blacks and now Muslims.

So why is EDL News patronising Muslims and using them as a tool to further its own cause to promote left wing Marxism ?

We wonder what the Muslim Community thinks about a bunch of middle class left wing Marxists using the Muslim Community as a tool to vilify and strike at the right wing Community in Britain ?

Could the Muslim perception be classified as left wing and in agreement with what these leftists are doing ?

No we do not think so.

That only leaves one conclusion here doesn’t it ?

The left wing Anti Fascist groups in the U.K are patronising Muslims by using their name as a tool to hit back at the right wing Community.

The blurb ends with the absurd words “proud to be British”

EDL News is not run by patriots (or by a single patriot).

It’s a false flag.

Ask Gary Hastings what he means by being a patriotic Brit and he will probably tell you about those Brits and aspects of Britain he likes like:

(Tony Benn, Gareth Peirce, Hope Not Hate, Arthur Scargill, Ken Livingstone, Rock against Racism, the Clash… or whatever other anti establishment Marxist fronts he would choose)

But liking things that are British doesn’t make you a patriot, Gary Hastings.

If it were as simple as that, liking the English Nazi Party would make you a patriot.

Ask this man exactly what he means by patriotism beyond the nice Leftist and PC perverted aspects of Britain.

How can he be a patriot when his Leftist friends want to destroy this country?

The Trotskyists explicitly state this. So too do many Leftist groups; the very same ones who hide behind this false-flag they use and call it patriotism.

Its nothing but left wing Politically Correct Marxism and Anti British Trotskyism.

Finally, does EDL News really stand against racism?

It doesn’t stand against the anti-white racism of the red fascists; or against the massive Jew-hatred of the Left.

Its certainly not against the inverted racism of the very same Left wing Anti Fascists who treat Muslims and other communities they choose to use as ‘tools’ and views them like children.

Treating them like people without free will of their own to choose, or the morality to function simply as people, with their own intelligence, and who do not need to be condescended and used by white middle-class Leftists who patronise and humiliate them by saying they need protecting by left wing Anti Fascist Marxists.

These left wing patronising so called Anti Fascist Marxists secretly look down upon these good people who they patronisingly ‘say they protect’ but actually must think they are better than them, or they would not use them and patronise them the way they do, it’s nothing more than disgusting racism and patronisation of the highest degree.

The Daily Bale has many hundreds of Muslim readers and followers, and we stand behind all our readers who agree with our cause and our point.

If these vile sick leftist Anti Fascist Marxists ever gained power, people like those that run EDL News, they would very most certainly oppress the Muslims just like they did in Russia under that particular form of Marxist Communism.

That, dear readers, is one big litany of racism, patronisation, and we believe fascism too, coming from EDL News.

There is also a very big Leftist silence on all racist beliefs and acts which aren’t believed to be carried out by white people.

That’s Leftist racism against whites too, imposed upon other forms of racism, and just makes EDL News and their vile sick Marxist co-conspirators on the left wing, even more Fascist and Racist bigots, and in our eyes, common criminals.