Adolf Hitler Skull Found in Garden of Left Wing Anti Fascist in England

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Garden search unearths Hitler’s Skull in back garden of a Left Wing Sicko and a Politically Correct Anti Fascist freak in England.

Russian service officials claim they had genuine skull of Adolf Hitler but it went missing in the 1970s.

Vassili Khristoforov, head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), said:

‘With the exception of these remains, seized on May 5, 1945, there exist no other bits from the body of Hitler’

The gardens of a house in England gave up the skull of Adolf Hitler, following a tipoff.

Investigators began digging up the garden of an two-bedroom detached property in England, after receiving intelligence relating to a tip off that a left wing sicko and a Stalinist Marxist Anti Fascist was keeping the Skull of Adolf Hitler there, after being given it by his father, who was also a left wing freak, before he died in 2009.

His father had kept the secret since the 1970s, when he was first given custody of the Skull by the Anti Fascist organisation he was a member of, who’s other members also would visit the house from time to time to chant and sing Anti Fascist Anti British slogans in the garden over where the Skull was buried.

The left wing Anti Fascist sickos would actually say prayers for Hitler and also for Joseph Stalin, the evil left wing Communist dictator, responsible for over 50 million deaths.

Investigators searching the garden received specialist assistance from forensic investigators working within the Directorate of left wing war crimes committed by Joseph Stalin and also investigations into the whereabouts of Hitler’s remains after the war.

Investigator Steven Whittacker, from the left wing war crimes Directorate, said:

“The search of the garden has been completed and we believe this to be the real Skull of Adolf Hitler”

The dig for Hitler's Skull

The dig for Hitler’s Skull

The left wing Anti Fascist living at the address, David Travis, (name changed) told our Daily Bale informant at the scene that he had been;

‘keeping the Skull as a treasured icon and that it wasn’t just because it was Hitler’s Skull, but because Nazism was the closest ideal to Fascism, and left wing Political Correctness was a type of Fascism that all Anti Fascists admired’

He said;

‘it is a common briefing in all Anti Fascist left wing organisations these days, that fascism is an ideal that belongs to the Left-wing Anti Fascist Marxist side of politics and not the right-wing side as commonly thought’

Travis also said;

‘this is the whole idea behind Political Correctness, it is to enforce left wing Fascism, but to do it in a way that takes away the rights of the individual without them realising it, but to make it seem like they are being given freedom through equality.

It works perfectly, and we have been using Political Correctness to enforce Marxist and Communist ideology upon the masses for a long time now, and nobody had a clue what was going on.

We keep them subdued through Politically Correct brainwashing, and if anybody questions us then we shame them into submission by calling them a racist, its actually very simple how it works, but it does work, its brilliant as a tool of persuasion to make the opposition bend to our will.

Whenever we feel we are losing a debate or anybody gets too close to the truth, then we just shout ‘fascist’ or ‘Racist’ that soon shuts them up, works every time.

Adolf Hitler Skull

The investigator told our man at the scene – ‘you can see quite clearly – this is the Skull of Adolf Hitler beyond a doubt, if you study the pictures of the facial features of the living Hitler photos, its obvious who’s Skull this is’

He told our man at the scene; ‘it just goes to show you at the end of the day, we never thought we would find Hitler’s Skull in the possession of a left winger, but there again, we all know that they are the real Fascists’