Labour Supporters and Leftwing Politically Correct Extremist Antifascist Terrorists

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Violent Left Wing Politically Correct Freaks and Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Anti British Hate mobs in No.10 rampage: Hard Left’s shame as rioters attack police and deface WWII memorial as Left Wing Politically Correct Perverts and Freaks lay siege to Downing Street.

It is now time to do away with the pathetic Anti British Human Rights Laws brought in by Labour, and begin to round up and arrest these Anti British terrorists and Left Wing Marxist criminals and evil sick (so called) Anti Fascist Communist thugs who are trying to destroy the State.

Most of these sickos belong to well known so called ‘Anti Fascist’ organisations in the U.K that receive taxpayer funded grants because they say they stand for equality, but are in actual fact just Marxist Communist fronts, out to cause division, confusion, chaos and hatred in order to try and bring on a Communist Revolution and bring down the State.

We must now withdraw all taxpayer funding for so called ‘Anti Fascist’ organisations in the U.K

They are known to use extreme violence against anybody who opposes or questions them, and they are rumoured to have links to left wing Communist politically correct criminal extremists groups and predominantly many of them are Labour supporters too.

  • Anarchists and left wing sickos and politically correct weird freaks unwilling to accept Thursday’s election result protested violently in Whitehall
  • Dozens of protesters, many of them wearing terrorist masks or balaclavas tried to push their way through police lines
  • Some of the protesters brandished highly offensive banners as they marched towards Downing Street 
  • Protesters chanted ‘Get the Tories Out’ and ‘Tory Scum’ as they abused police officers trying to keep the peace 

Hard-left politically correct Marxist sicko activists desecrated a war memorial to the gallant sacrifice of women who served during the Second World War as anarchists objecting to Thursday’s election result protested outside Downing Street.

A mindless left wing pervert thug daubed ‘F*** Tory Scum’ in red paint on the memorial in a sickening display of contempt on the 70th anniversary weekend of VE Day.

The Royal British Legion today condemned the vandalism brandishing it as a ‘senseless act’.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they are investigating the vandalism which formed part of the un-authorised protest which left two police officers requiring hospital treatment.

Evil sick left wing Anti Fascist political correctness freaks and vile leftist perverts deface Memorial.

Officers tried to hold back the large group of protesters as they tried to push their way through the large police cordon on Downing Street

The Metropolitan Police said 17 people have been arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and assault as well public order offences

Some of the protesters wore masks and balaclavas in a bid to hide their identity from police officers attempting to keep the peace

Police arrested 15 people at the scene on suspicion of offences ranging from assault on a police officer, violent disorder and under the 1986 public order act. All but one of those arrested, which police originally said totalled 17, have been bailed.

Scotland Yard said 12 people were held on suspicion of violent disorder and three for assault on police. The youngest is a 16-year-old boy, 11 suspects are aged between 19 and 26, one is a 30-year-old man and the oldest is a 45-year-old man.

A spokesman said police awaited confirmation of the age of one suspect and whether any of those arrested were female.

Of the 15 held, 14 had been bailed to return to London police stations on dates in early July pending further enquiries including a full review of CCTV footage. A 24-year-old man remained in custody having been arrested on suspicion of assault on police.

A spokesman for The Royal British Legion said: ‘This senseless act could not have been more inappropriately timed. This weekend we commemorate those who fought and died for the freedom to have elections and the freedom to enjoy the lives we have today.’

A special VE Day Concert is planned to take place this evening, just yards from where the anarchists desecrated the £800,000 memorial.

A Downing Street spokeswoman condemned the hate mob’s actions. ‘Spraying graffiti on war memorials is a despicable display of disrespect for those who fought and died for their country, particularly at a time when the whole nation comes together to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VE Day.’

Former Commons speaker Betty Boothroyd also joined the condemnation of the attack. She said: ‘This is an absolute insult to the memory of thousands of women of my generation who sweated blood and tears for the freedoms that some members of this generation have abused by this act.

‘The vandals who attacked the memorial are beyond contempt. They talk of scum – they should look in the mirror.’

However, left-wing writer and activist Laurie Penny confirmed that she did not have a problem with the attack on the memorial commemorating the sacrifice of women during the Second World War.

In a series of Tweets, Ms Penny said: ‘I don’t have a problem with his.

A group calling itself The People’s Assembly, but who are in actual fact just left wing weird parasites and jobless Marxist Anti Fascist Anti British sickos, planned to meet up in Whitehall at 1pm to protest against Thursday’s election result which seen David Cameron returned to office with a clear Commons majority. 

The mob chanted ‘get the Tories out’ as large sections of the city were shut down as a result of the demonstration.

Some of the protesters brandished highly offensive home-made banners proclaiming F*** The Cuts’, while others described the Conservative Party as Tory Scum.

Protesters threw bottles, cans and smoke bombs at the police. Scuffles broke out when the demonstrators, blaring hooters, banging pots and chanting obscenities, confronted lines of police outside the gate protecting the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Some protesters handed out flyers claiming: ‘Parliament is no longer our priority, our priority is survival. A Tory majority is a declaration of war.’

The Royal British Legion today condemned the vandalism describing it as 'a senseless act' especially during this VE Day anniversary

Evil sick left wing politically correct pervert has to be held back by a brave Police Officer
Police officers deployed their extendable batons in an effort to prevent the protesters, some of whom were masked, from Downing Street

It was reported that smoke bombs, bottles, cans and even a bicycle were hurled at police officers during this afternoon's disturbances

At one point a bicycle was hurled at police.

Several hundred people took part in the demonstration with at least 25 black-clad youths wearing face masks, sunglasses and even balaclavas.

Police were forced to close Whitehall to traffic as they dealt with the escalating situation.

A group of the protesters attempted to push their way through barricades, while some smoke bombs were let off.

The Metropolitan Police were forced to deploy officers on horseback and riot police in response to the violent scenes.

Conservative MP Sir Peter Bottomley said: ‘We have a General Election every five years. People should accept the result rather than spray-painting war memorials.

‘A mark on the ballot paper means more than demonstrators who use inappropriate actions, inappropriate language and look as they are rejecting the results of an open, free, democratic process.’

The protesters included members of the Socialist Worker Party. Others brandished flags proclaiming membership of hard-left anarchist organisations.

A large police presence met protesters outside Conservative campaign headquarters in Westminster, where David Cameron had issued a rousing speech to party activists little over 24 hours earlier, following the Tories’ success at the ballot box.

And in Cardiff, anti-Conservative protesters made their feelings known at a 200-strong rally at the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street.


The idea for the memorial was first floated in 1997, as Britain was one of only a few countries without a monument recognising the efforts of females during the Second World War.

A fund-raising campaign was then set up to raise the money needed to build a monument, and it was publicly backed by former Commons speaker Baroness Boothroyd, Dame Vera Lynn and the Princess Royal.

The National Heritage Memorial Fund contributed to the project while a guest-appearance by Baroness Boothroyd on the quiz show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?’ raised further £800,000 for the monument.

The memorial was sculpted by John W. Mills and features 17 uniforms of the jobs many women were forced to do while men went to war.

Uniforms include those of the Women’s Land Army, the Women’s Royal Naval Service, a nursing cape and a welding mask, with the lettering on the side replicating that found in wartime ration books.

It was unveiled by the Queen in July 2005, just two days after the 7/7 bombings, as part of the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in front of dignitaries and war veterans.

Baroness Boothroyd dedicated the memorial saying: ‘I hope that future generations who pass this way down Whitehall will ask themselves what sort of women were they and look at history for the answer.’

Protesters threw smoke bombs at police who were forced to respond with officers equipped with riot equipment to counter the threats

Hard-line socialist activists uwilling to accept Thursday's election result jostled with police outside Downing Street earlier today

Two police officers police were treated for injuries including one who suffered a suspected dislocated shoulder and another was cut

The demonstrators tried to force their way through barriers amid the angry scenes outside Downing Street and across Whitehall 

Former pop singer and opera star Charlotte Church was among those taking part.

In London, police said an estimated crowd of 100 people gathered outside Tory HQ before moving on to Downing Street.

On social media, protesters complained they were being ‘kettled’ by the Metropolitan Police.

Amid the crowd there were some sinister looking men in balaclavas covering up their identity as they jostled with police.

The Metropolitan Police said that 17 people were arrested during the ‘unplanned anti-austerity protest’.

Arrests were made on suspicion of violent disorder, assault on a police officer and under sections of the 1986 Public Order Act.

Police confirmed that they are investigating the criminal damage of the Women’s War Memorial in Whitehall.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘At approximately 1600hrs police responded to a spontaneous protest outside Downing Street, SW1.

‘Four police officers and one member of police staff were injured policing the protest. Two received hospital treatment. One officer was treated for a suspected dislocated shoulder and a member of police staff was treated for a cut lip after being struck by an object. Three other officers were assaulted and did not require hospital treatment.’

‘A number of protestors engaged in violence and disorder and a containment was put in place to prevent any further breach of the peace.

‘In total 17 people were arrested for a variety of offences under the Public Order Act 1986, Violent Disorder and Assault on Police. They have been taken to north and west London police stations. There are no reported injuries to any members of the public.

‘At approximately 2100hrs the protesters dispersed and roads reopened.’

Chief Superintendent Gerry Campbell appealed for information about those involved in disturbances. ‘The vast majority of those protesting did so peacefully however a small minority were intent on causing disorder and engaged in violence, injuring five officers and staff – two of which required hospital treatment. Our best wishes are with those officers and staff at this time.

‘We have launched an investigation into criminal damage to the Women in World War II Memorial. This is particularly abhorrent considering we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of VE Day.

‘I am appealing to anyone who witnessed the criminal damage taking place or may have information regarding those involved to contact Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.’

Some of the protesters lay down in the road across from the gates of Downing Street, forcing police to close the road to all traffic 

One pair of protesters called for the introduction of proportional representation system in future British general elections 

Protesters brandished a range of home-made placards containing offensive slogans as they marched upon Downing Street 

Some of the more sinister elements of the crowd were wearing full balaclavas and dressed in black to avoid being identified at a later stage

As well as riot officers, the police were forced to deploy mounted units in an effort to control the increasingly tense situation 

Earlier in the day, the protest was peaceful with demonstrators holding home-made posters and placards complaining about the election

An injured female police officer was helped by colleagues away from the fray outside the Downing Street gates