Labour Party Leadership Contenders Potential Leaders who will Lead ?

Daily Bale

Who will replace Red Ed Marxist Miliband as Supreme Soviet of the extreme left wing Labour Party ?

Red Ed Marxist Miliband’s ridiculous dismal political career is over, but who will replace him?

Here are the front runners…

CHUKA UMUNNA – ‘chucka your money away’

Chuka Umunna (Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg)
Chuka Umunna

Currently Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, the ambitious Streatham MP would be first in line to replace Ed Marxist Miliband.

Mr Umunna is seen as a young mod in the party and has somehow won the respect of some businesses in a way that his leader never could, but what businesses we ask ???

He’s interested in TV and DJs in his spare time – posting his favourite tracks on the internet each week.

A ‘DJ’ trusted to run the nation ???

No we don’t think so somehow.

Odds: 13/8

ANDY BURNHAM – ‘all if they aint red’

Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow health secretary Andy Burnham (right) during the launch of the Labour party health manifesto at Guiseley Theatre in Guiseley, Yorkshire.
Andy Burnham behind his idol

Andy Burnham Shadow Health Secretary has made no secret of his ambition to take the top job.

Mr Burnham is well-liked by Labour’s ‘trade-union’ backers.

So really, he is a leftist union ‘man’ – he has spent a lot of time wooing unions – so would he be suitable to Govern the U.K ?

No we don’t think so. at all.

Odds: 11/4

DAN JARVIS – ‘he doesn’t want to do it anyway’

Labour Leader Ed Miliband and new Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis go on a celebratory walk in Barnsley town centre.
Dan Jarvis with Marxist Miliband

The Daily Bale has nothing against Dan Jarvis, army hero.

He has since made it clear, he does not want the job anyway.

Odds: 100/1 outsider

YVETTE COOPER – ‘left wing super duper’

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper answers a question during the launch of Labour's Crime & Justice Manifesto in central London.
Yvette Cooper

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper would be a likely choice to replace Ed Marxist Miliband – not least because she is married to Ed Balls.

Yes you read that correctly, she is married to Ed Balls, the side kick of Red Ed.

Coincidence you may ask ?

Tough-talking Ms Cooper has a track record and hasn’t made any major cock-ups yet, we emphasise YET.

Making her at least a choice, if your even interested at all that is, now you know who she is married to.

She’s popular with her party, she would be wouldn’t she.

The party has also called for a female leader in the past.

Again, we don’t think so.

Odds: 5/1

LIZ KENDALL – ‘lend all, borrow all’

Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, Liz Kendall speaking at the launch of the Labour Party's NHS week at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre in south London.
Shadow Minister for Care and Older People, Liz Kendall 

Shadow Health Minister Liz Kendall received backing for a future leadership campaign earlier this year and is a Blairite MP – and we all know what Blairite New Labour did to the country don’t we ?

She has spoken out against leader Ed Marxist Miliband in the past – most notably on NHS privatisation, saying –

“what matters is what works”

What ??  yes Liz ok we take your word on that.

No we don’t think so.

Odds: 14/1

RUSSELL BRAND – ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Russell Brand (Nick Ansell/PA Wire)
Russell Brand

The rank outsider, Russell Brand, Marxist millionaire and hypocrite who had a meeting with Red Ed Marxist Miliband after telling his followers not to vote, but then changed his mind, and we believe now very embarrassed.

He would send markets tanking and completely destroy the nation and hand the keys to North Korea probably.

He just has to get elected first… what a first class loser and a major lefty millionaire raving plonker.

Do we really even want to see this man on our T.V screens ever again ?

So where does that leave us ?

Just another bunch of clowns and left wing jokers that are never going to get elected or trusted by the British Public in a million years, and neither will the Labour Party ever be trusted or elected either.

They will never pull the wool over our eyes or fool us ever again.