Call to Conservative Majority Government to Remove all Political Correctness

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Political Correctness is to blame for the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

Political Correctness is a vile, perverted ideology which is wrecking our society and ruining the lives of the innocent, but now that we have a majority Conservative Government, we call upon this Government of true morality to come down hard on this vile disgusting left wing culture of sick twisted perverted Political Correctness.

Rotherham political correctness

Left wing Political Correctness has ruined and destroyed our Culture, our Schools, our Law, our Decency, our Honesty, our Freedom of Speech, our true Morality and our Common Sense, but much more than this even, we have allowed this sick twisted evil satanic left wing Marxist ideology to ruin our children’s innocence.

We must now put things right.

We must use the law to proper effect, we must hunt down all Politically Correct enablers and those using Political Correctness to subvert our children and enable others to abuse them, and we must bring these vile leftists to justice.

It is our moral duty and common decency to the innocent to bring these animals to trial and conviction, and we must also weed out all Politically Correct leftists and vile Marxists from all positions of authority within society, and especially around children.

The left wing Politically Correct crackpots, weirdos and perverts have done enough damage already in every other area of our society, it’s time we put a stop to these left wing Politically Correct Marxist monsters and halted the spread of this evil sickness for good.

We must also ban and outlaw the Marxist Politically Correct organisations that parade themselves under the label of ‘Anti Fascists’ but who are in actual fact just Communist – Marxist – Trotskyist organisations, intent on stirring up racial tension and division within society in order to cause chaos and confusion.

These vile Anti Fascist organisations have only one intent – to bring about Revolution. We also understand that at least two of them in the U.K are taxpayer funded under Community Grants.

There is the only one conclusion that can be drawn from the shocking child abuse scandal in Rotherham, we must remove all Political Correctness from all areas of our society, and return to common sense, real law and order, true morality, discipline and consequences for actions, freedom of speech, and true equal universal equality for everybody no matter of race or religion.

An official report from Professor Alexis Jay, the former chief inspector of social work in Scotland, revealed that no fewer than 1,400 girls in the area, some of them as young as 11, had been systematically targeted, raped and assaulted over a 16-year period.

Leo McKinstry: Multiculturalism is to blame for the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

Labour Council Leader Roger Stone, resigned. But we must bring these people to trial.

The scale of the abuse was horrendous, the violence harrowing.The key fact about this brutal crime wave was that almost all the predators were men of Pakistani and Kashmiri origin, while the majority of their victims were white.
That is precisely why the abuse went on so long and the terrible suffering of the girls was ignored.
The authorities in Rotherham failed to act because the race-fixated dogma of anti-discrimination meant that they had completely lost their moral bearings and every last vestige of compassion Since the publication of the report, the media has been full of bewildered cries asking why this scandal was allowed to happen.But there is no mystery.

The fashionable political orthodoxy that has gripped much of the public sector, especially social work, holds that, in racially prejudiced Britain, ethnic minorities are perpetual victims and white people their oppressors.

Immersed in this doctrine the social services and police shamefully refused to confront the reality of predatory Muslim gangs attacking white girls.

The report admits that dark truth.

Professor Jay records that, though almost all the offenders were Pakistanis, “some people in the council and the police wanted to play down the ethnic dimension” while frontline staff were unsure how to speak out “for fear of being thought racist”.

The staff who did nothing for years are a disgrace to their profession and should be prosecuted.

What is particularly sickening is their desperation to cover up the abuse in their attempt to maintain the illusion that cultural diversity was working in Rotherham.

In the twisted mindset of the authorities, protecting their cherished dogma of multiculturalism was far more important than protecting vulnerable girls.

That attitude is also highlighted in another passage in the report, where Professor Jay reveals that officials were fearful of tackling the Muslim gangs “because it might damage community cohesion”.

But that just demonstrates the grotesque logical absurdity of political Correctness.

There is neither a community nor any cohesion when this kind of violence, racism and misogyny is cravenly tolerated by the state.

Left wing Politically Correct evil beyond imagination. We must bring these enablers to trial.

A report found that girls as young as 11 were raped in Rotherham.
In the name of supposed tolerance the state has ended up colluding with savage intolerance in our midst
The destructive influence of multiculturalism is further illustrated by the report’s criticism of the police for relying too heavily on Muslim elders in their occasional, enfeebled attempts to address the problem.
If we had a strong British, united identity in our cities rather than the Balkanised mess that exists at present, the police could just get on with their job of tackling crime rather than obsessing about the sensitivities of another culture.
Rotherham child grooming gangs
The evil and sickness of left wing twisted heinous criminal Political Correctness
In the name of supposed tolerance the state has ended up colluding with savage intolerance in our midst.
The casual acceptance of multiple rapes by Muslim gangs is the equivalent of the blind eye turned towards Islamic extremism.
Like the victims of British jihadism, the abused girls from Rotherham have been sacri-ficed on the altar of political correctness.
Nothing better illustrates the monstrously warped priorities of this council than the contrast between its paralysis in the face of Muslim sex gangs and its decision in 2011 to remove three foster children from the home of their adoptive parents who were found to be members of Ukip.Though these two parents were described as “exemplary”Rotherham children’s services department argued that their political allegiance “did not fit” with the children’s “cultural and ethnic needs”.

So Rotherham could act decisively when it wanted, but such rigour just shows the inverted morality that enveloped the council where support for Ukip was regarded as a greater crime than the rape of an adolescent.

The people involved in this outrage should now face prosecution.

Even now, after all the revelations from Professor Jay, the cultural cringe is still going on.

As news of the scandal broke, five of the BBC’s seven online articles about the report made no reference at all to Pakistani men.

In the same vein, a pitiful article in a Leftwing newspaper argued that we have a duty “to avoid sensationalist stereotyping”.

That is exactly the cowardly attitude which allowed these crimes to go unpunished for so long.

Nor have the authorities shown any real remorse.

All we hear is the usual blather about changed procedures.

Apart from council leader Roger Stone, no bureaucrat or police officer has resigned.

Imagine if this situation had been reversed, with more than 1,000 Asian girls attacked by gangs of predatory white men.

The media would have exploded with fury.

In place of this mix of trepidation and defiance there would be mass sackings and demands for a wholesale revolution in cultural attitudes. Sadly, for all its horrors, Rotherham is just the tip of iceberg.

The same phenomenon of predatory gangs has been seen in other towns with significant Muslim populations such as Oxford, Telford, Derby and Rochdale, met by the usual response of indifference and cover-up from the authorities.

The sheer geographical incidence of this abuse is another indictment of the creed of multiculturalism.