Katie Hopkins for next Prime Minister

Daily Bale

Beautiful Katie Hopkins had said she would leave the U.K if Labour won the Election, but now says she’s staying in the UK following the Conservative Election victory, and quite rightly so.

The Daily Bale says ‘thank god for that’ on both counts, that Katie is staying in the U.K and that Labour did not win.

If Labour would of won, then even the Daily Bale team would of set up server off shore somewhere, and we are sure that many millions of others would of done one out of here too, and let the left wing Marxist politically correct fruitcakes devour each other in their politically correct world of Alice in Wonderland crackpot utopia of raving madness and lunacy.

Katie Hopkins for next Prime Minister we say.

24/11/2013 SUN FEATURES - LUCY GARDNERKatie Hopkins attends the Miss Plus Size International beauty pagent in London. She won an award for being horrible to fat people

Beautiful and professional Katie Hopkins in her own words before the results.

During the leadership debates, I merrily tweeted about Ed Miliband: “If this man is Prime Minister I will leave the UK.

This man is not Great Britain. This is Russell Brand in a chuffing suit.”

This was retweeted to death and quickly became part of the unofficial Labour manifesto. One Labour constituency even put up posters reminding voters of my pledge.

Bearing in mind I said this BEFORE the whole fandango with the walking willy on a wand – Russell Brand – I would say I have fairly strong powers of foresight and a good sense of what is coming down the line.

I even predicted the name of the new princess a few days before she was named.

So I have no problem at all standing by my guns.

Ed will not get the most votes this evening and by tomorrow we will find out Cameron is the true winner of this election campaign.

I know this is brave. Every other commentator out there – political or otherwise – refuses to have an opinion. They say it is too close to call. This is code speak for cowardice.

Frankly, if they are only able to call it when the result is blindingly obvious they aren’t much in the way of political commentators are they?

No one wants to nail their colours to the mast for fear of looking stupid. But I have courage and don’t care what you think of me.

And we were thinking of seriously allowing this into Government !

I am saying Dave will win, and with the help of the Lib Dems, a seat or two from Farage and the odd straggling MP here or there – he will break through the threshold needed to keep his kit at Number 10.

And if I am wrong, then so be it. I stand by my promise and I will leave the UK.

If more people vote for a bloke who will break the economy all over again and wants people to believe aspiration is a bad thing then – as a self-appointed Dragon – I am out.

I will leave the country and head for one of the poorest countries on the planet – because that is what Great Britain will turn into under Red Ed.

He will take the Great out of Britain and put the SNP in our Parliament – which in turn will end the union which so many voted to keep at the last referendum.

I was told that more voters are choosing between Russell Brand and me than David or Ed.

And it seems some people are more interested on will she or won’t she go – than will he or won’t he win.

If this is you, then I question your motives for voting. And I challenge politicians to galvanise voters’ intentions more ably.

But meanwhile I remain confident and defiant.

The Conservatives will keep us headed in the right direction; rewarding hard work and delivering a secure economic future.

I encourage you to vote Conservative – not because it will keep me in the country but for your future and the future of your family.

It is the right thing to do

Thanks Katie, from all at the Daily Bale, and we are sure, all of our readers and followers too.