Conservative Election Victory and Labour Humiliation and Shame. Daily Bale

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Election 2015: Ed Miliband resignation imminent as Conservatives win stunning majority – Daily Bale still being flooded with well wishes and thanks from happy Brits from all over the U.K and around the world too

Daily Bale

The Daily Bale has been celebrating over night and our admin teams and reporters have been working at full throttle to respond to the hundreds of thousands of messages of goodwill and cheer sent to the Daily Bale for our part in keeping the vile leftists out of power.

One reader said;

“thank you Daily Bale for all you have done to bring the message home and make it heard loud and clear, we do not want this vile left wing political correctness in the U.K anymore or ever again. We must now start to really sort these people out and put some of them where they belong in jail.  

The left wing fruitcakes and sick Marxist Anti Fascist Anti British groups and organisations who push this evil vile criminal politically correct nonsense and who also coverup for sick evil crimes like in Rotherham, must be brought to trial and punished”

Joshua Bonehill. Founder of the Daily Bale.

Joshua Bonehill. Founder of the Daily Bale.

Joshua Bonehill, Daily Bale founder, who has also been sent floods of well wishes and thanks for his hard work and dedication in exposing left wing politically correct coverups, intimidation, bullying and the evil manipulation of the public by the so called Anti Fascist groups who are nothing more than Marxists and Communists and are out to destroy our culture and cause hatred and division.


Three Cheers to Joshua Bonehill !

• David Cameron is back in No 10, expects 329 seats
• Tories cross line to 323 seats, wins shock majority
• Ed Miliband to resign after worst Labour result since 1987
• Ed Balls loses his seat in final blow for Labour
• Pound in biggest jump in six years on euro

The Daily Bale has been credited by hundreds of thousands of the British Public with keeping Labour out of Government by exposing the truth, and keeping the Public in the picture with what has really been going on within the U.K concerning the Left Wing and Politically Correct insanity.


The Daily Bale message system has been jammed with hundreds of thousands of messages of much cheer, goodwill, thanks and congratulations.


Tories win Election, and many people are saying that it is because the British Public have now fully woken up thanks to publications like the Daily Bale and Joshua Bonehill it’s founder.

The British Public have fully recognised the scourge of left wing political correctness that was supported by Labour and forced upon the British Public by left wing groups and the bullying Anti Fascist left wing Marxist Anti British organisations who try to crush freedom of speech and accuse anybody who opposes them of being a Fascist or a Racist.


The Daily Bale sends out a very big thank you to all our supporters now and also over the last two years, and a big thank you for the many hundreds of thousands of messages of goodwill and cheer.


We could not of even imagined the support and solidarity we have received since the creation of the Daily Bale, but one thing is certain, we could not of done it without you, all our loyal readers and supporters.

Again we send out a very big thank you to all our supporters and we look forward to your continuing support in the years ahead in the way forward to completely eliminating the Left Wing Politically Correct menace from our way of life for ever.