Warning to all Readers of the Daily Bale

Daily Bale


Warning to all readers of the Daily Bale and the millions who already follow us and read us.

The leftist Anti Fascist Anti British Marxists and the left wing undemocratic Politically Correct Trotskyists and Communists on Social Media are desperately trying to get the Daily Bale shut down.

They are relentlessly and continuously spreading their usual vicious and vile disgusting lies and misinformation to try and deter everybody and anybody from reading the Daily Bale.

They are spending vast amounts of time messaging and tweeting people, and they are continuously watching and observing Social Media for anybody who shares articles from off the Daily Bale.

They are desperately telling people ‘not to share’ our articles because they say we are a (spoof) publication and that it is all lies.

The truth is that they fear the Daily Bale.

We expose the truth about them and reveal their lies and hypocrisy, manipulation and intimidation, bullying and aggression, and most importantly their evil crimes and misinformation.

They desperately want us shut down and silenced.

That in itself reveals their sick undemocratic oppression of freedom of speech, their bullying tactics, and all the more the need for publications such as the Daily Bale to expose these vile evil Left-wing Anti British Marxist Monsters, Anti Fascist Trotskyist Traitors and Communist Creeps.

They say we are a (spoof) publication, and yet they desperately want us shut down.

Surely they would just laugh at us and ignore us if we are a (spoof) publication ?

Who would even bother with us or have anything to worry about a spoof and a joke, right ??


They fear us and they hate us because we expose them, and they really do not like that at all.

Our advice is to simply make up your own mind.

You already know what these people are from past experience and we have no doubt you have probably been on the receiving end of their hatred and viciousness.

But that is exactly what these evil people represent through and through.

Marxism is evil.

Communism is evil.

Trotskyism is evil.

Political Correctness is evil.

All of it is about silencing opposition, crushing freedom of speech, and forcing the masses to follow and adhere to one ideology and thought process only – Leftism in whatever form, and it’s evil enforcer – Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is simply nothing more than a left wing Marxist tool to shut you up, to stop you from asking questions, to stop you challenging through debate, and to make you bow to their way and their control.

You may of noticed how the Anti Fascists will never debate, and if they do then they lose, and always resort to name calling, like Fascist or Racist.

The Daily Bale exists precisely because of this evil within our Society, and to very much challenge these disgusting foul vile wicked people.

This is exactly why they do not want you to believe us or to read us – think about it, it’s not Rocket Science is it ?

The bottom line is this, irrelevant of who follows us or who reads us now, all of our posts go on to Google, and the General Public find us and read us, and that is their Democratic right to do so and our Democratic right to Publish.

The left wing Marxists know this, and they hate it.

We incidentally love it.

It’s called ‘Freedom of Speech’