Nigel Farage and Ukip Appear in Cloud Formation over South Thanet


Nigel Farage and Ukip Appear in Cloud Formation over South Thanet

Amazing Picture of Ukip Leader Nigel Farage in Cloud Formation – with the Letters UKIP !

Amazing images have appeared in a bizarre cloud formation over South Thanet.

A local resident of South Thanet sent us an amazing still photo shot (further down this page) into the Daily Bale.

Apparently taken on Sunday evening, as this loyal Patriotic Nationalist reader of the Daily Bale was out on his back garden on the edge of Town.

South Thanet. Ukip

The Garden in South Thanet where our reader saw this amazing Ukip cloud formation on Sunday night.

The amazing picture below taken by a South Thanet resident on Sunday evening.

Note the bizarre letters in the cloud to the right hand side of Nigel Farage’s head that appears in the middle of the picture, when studied, the letters to the right of Farage’s head in the cloud can clearly be seen to read UKIP

Ukip. United Kingdom Independence Party. Nigel Farage..

He told us –

Please see this, i am sending you this picture i took on Sunday evening. I was out on my back garden clearing up my garden tools after a good days gardening ready for summer, when i stopped for a breather, and noticed up in the clouds the unmistakable image of Nigel Farage in a cloud formation.

But what was even more bizarre was that on the right side of Nigel Farage’s face in the clouds, i could see what was obviously the initials or capitals of the United Kingdom Independence Party – UKIP !

I rushed indoors to get my Camera and shouted for my wife to come outside and see this.

I managed to get this one clear shot on my old Kodak Camera, and got this one only picture that was not blurred beyond viewing, my hands at the time were shaking uncontrollably and to be honest, just like my wife i was almost in tears with shock, but also overwhelmed with joy.

hope not hate. Ukip

We are all Ukip supporters round here, who isn’t a Ukip supporter these days ?

Nigel Farage is the man who will save Britain once and for all, and get rid of the scourge that calls itself Political Correctness and get us out of the sewer they call the E.U

But this was just beyond belief.

I am not a Religious man as in the sense of going to Church every Sunday, but i do believe that this must be a sign from above, that truly, Nigel Farage and Ukip are meant to save our Nation from sure and certain disaster

The Ukip leader Nigel Farage in real life.

The Ukip leader Nigel Farage in real life.

Ukip – The People’s Army.

Nine Ukip immigration policies explained

Exploring Ukip immigration policy, the Daily Bale reveals the party’s manifesto highlights as we see it.

Ukip talks tough on immigration policy, and quite rightly so, but how many people actually know what they are proposing to do in their manifesto?

Here are nine key policies from Nigel Farage’s party outlined as the Daily Bale see’s it.

1. Britain would leave the European Union – Thank God.

A Ukip government would leave the European Union to “take back control of our borders”.

Since Nigel Farage’s party is predicted to win a large numbers of seats, there is hope of a Ukip Coalition at the least.

Ukip could support the Conservatives if they fall short of a majority – on the condition of a referendum on an exit from the EU and we could keep the left wing Politically Correct oddballs in their box for another five years and deal properly with the mess still apparent from the last Labour Government.

Farage is resolute on what he wants. “I have absolutely no desire to swap the chance to get Britain out of the EU for some grandee position in government,” he says. ” The EU is facing an existential crisis and, given that it only takes a few weeks to launch and organise a referendum, it should be held in 2015.”

2. Work permits for skilled workers

Ukip says it recognises the benefits of “very limited, very controlled” immigration.

Work permits would be issued to fill skills gaps in the UK jobs market, for the time being, such as in the health service. But EU workers, who currently have the right to live and work in the UK, would face the same points-based system and time-limited work permits that currently applies to non-EU migrants.

Foreign health service professionals coming to work in the NHS will be required to speak English to “a standard acceptable to the profession” and they will be properly qualified for the job.

The policy comes against the backdrop of a rise in the number of foreign nurses joining the NHS and who most Brits feel is not right. We should employ British Nurses first.

Data from 103 English NHS hospital trusts show that 5,778 nurses were recruited from overseas in the 12 months to September 2014, with the largest numbers coming from Spain, Portugal, the Phillipines and Italy.

This compares with a massive figure reported by 40 trusts in the previous year and still rising.

3. Foreign workers must speak English and find accommodation before arriving in the UK

Those coming to work in the UK must have a job to go to, must speak English and must have accommodation agreed prior to their arrival under Ukip diktat.

Nigel Farage has previously said: “I want to live in a country that is at ease with itself, where we speak the same language.. where our kids can play football with each other, and we all get on.”

4. Foreigners must have private health insurance

All visitors and migrants coming to the UK would be required to have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry.

Ukip estimates this would save the NHS £2billion per year. Migrants would only be able to take advantage of NHS care, free of private insurance schemes, after paying National Insurance for five years.

Ukip would also save £200 million of your money and end hospital car parking charges in England too.

5. Cut back on benefits for migrants

Migrants would only be eligible for benefits (in work or out of work) when they have been paying tax and National Insurance for five years and will only be eligible for permanent residence after ten years.

“Benefits Tourism” – where foreign nationals enter the country to claim generous benefits – a substantial report found that migrants from countries in central and eastern Europe who joined the EU in 2004 were 59 per more likely than native-born Brits to claim benefits.

In addition, every year since 2004 these migrants had paid in ‘some money’ to the system as well, but how much is negotiable to say the least.

6. Tighter restrictions on bringing foreign spouses and children to UK

Ukip will reinstate the ‘primary purpose rule’ for bringing foreign spouses and children to the UK.

What was the rule?

It required foreign nationals married to British citizens

“to prove that the primary purpose of their marriage was not to obtain British residency”.

If those wishing to take up residency in the UK could not prove this to the satisfaction of immigration officers, they were denied entry in the UK.

The change in the law was designed to place the burden of proof on immigration officials rather than those applying for residency.

At the time the Home Secretary Jack Straw described it “arbitrary, unfair and ineffective” and said that the rule had “penalised genuine cases, divided families and unnecessarily increased the administrative burden on the immigration system”.  (yeah right)

Ukip want to bring it back, and quite rightly so.

7. No amnesty for illegal immigrants

While the raving looney Green Party and Labour basically want an open Border and propose an amnesty for millions of immigrants who have lived in the UK illegally for more than five years, Ukip will not afford such rights to them, and quite rightly so.

The party says it will not offer an amnesty for illegal immigrants or those gaining British passports through fraud.

A breath of fresh air to us Brits at last.

8. Refugees will be protected. Ukip is a Party of Humanity and Goodness to those who deserve Humanity and Goodness.

In 2013, Nigel Farage said it was time for “a proper debate” on

“the difference between a refugee – who fears for his or her life – or somebody moving simply for economic benefit”.

Unlike the last Labour Government who prefered to just attack Countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

9. Students from the EU will pay the same student fee rates as International students

In 2013 the average annual tuition fees for international students was £18,759, with some fees rising to as high as £38,532.

EU students who choose to study in the UK are able to pay the same tuition fees as UK students which are capped at £9,000.

Under Ukip plans that lower rate for EU students would be scrapped and they would face international rates.

And quite rightly so.

Fox News. Nigel Farage

The Daily Bale does not support Ukip, but ukip is at least a step nearer to some kind of sanity within the U.K

We must rid this land of perverse, sick, evil and vile left wing Political Correctness and the scourge of left wing Anti British Marxism and the menace that calls itself ‘Anti fascism’ and the ‘Anti Fascist’ organisations, who are in actual fact in reality, just left wing Politically Correct Marxist Communist fronts for something much more sinister, darker and evil.

politically Correct evil. 

For further reading on the evil of left wing Politically Correct tyranny, follow the link below.

Daily Bale reporter on British Politics

Kevin Frazer.