Hope not hate. A study in left wing politically correct tyranny. The rise of evil.

Bringing You The News That The Left Wing Don't Want You To Hear.

Bringing You The News That The Left Wing Don’t Want You To Hear.

Hope Not Hate. The Shocking Truth.

Hope Not Hate have been using the supposed oppression of Muslims and Non-White people as a cover and a front to gather support under the guise of Anti Fascism.

But in reality Hope Not Hate are a mixture of white middle class rich spoilt dropout misfit lefties with a huge grudge against their rich parents, who they could never quite live up to the expectations of, and so they sought revenge on the rest of the world who they also see as oppressors to their perceived human right to be thought of as ‘special’ in some way.

We all know the sort, you can tell a Marxist Militant Leftie from 500 feet away, they all look weird, creepy, and just not one of us.

Basically they are societies misfits and degenerates, the sort that we never invite to parties, and we avoid at all possible levels, and we never ever want as friends.

This is why the left wing Anti Fascists live very secret secluded existences and always group together in places like squats or using social media from their disgusting squalid bedsits paid for by the taxpayer, using anonymous accounts and profiles.

They are in essence – Anti Social misfits.  

Hope Not Hate claim to be Anti Fascist, but the actions of Hope Not Hate show that they are far from being Non-fascists themselves.

The disgusting double standards of these Middle Class Left Wing Marxist Communists, who are themselves closely linked to ‘Searchlight’ the evil Communist propaganda Magazine and Anti British organisation within the U.K, is completely unforgivable, criminal, and immoral beyond words.

Hope Not Hate have used Race and Religion to foster hatred and division within otherwise peaceful Communities.

They have patronized and ridiculed Muslim people and Non-White people, by saying that they protect them and stand up for their rights.

And all this from Hope Not Hate, who are themselves largely middle class white spoilt left wing oddballs and misfits who have hardly any Non-white members in Hope Not Hate itself, and who now incidentally have started posting negative Muslim material upon their Website, whereas before the Rotherham atrocities hit the headlines, Hope Not Hate labelled as ‘Fascist and Racist’ anybody who even mentioned grooming gangs.

Hope Not Hate now posting about jihad


Centre of Left-Wing perversion, Hope not Hate

Hypocrisy of Hope not Hate

Hope Not Hate Supreme Soviet and leader, Comrade Nick Lowles.

According to Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate, Liberty GB, UKIP, the Daily Mail, Joshua Bonehill, the Scouts, the Conservative Party (be careful Nick!) and the English Defence League, and now, even the Muslims, are all a massive threat to the secular and leftist god, Community Cohesion.

That’s why he once gave the Government a good telling off for its lax and soft attitude towards ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’. Lowles says that the EDL specifically “poses one of the greatest threats to social and community cohesion at the moment.” And if that’s true, then why is the Government not in talks with Hope Not Hate in the Cabinet Office ?

O, yes sorry we forgot, they tried that, but the Government told Hope Not Hate where to go.

It’s strange that Nick Lowles has precisely nothing to say about the real threats to Community Cohesion and Diversity. For example, like Hope Not Hate stirring up Racial hatred in the first place by using Muslims and Non-White people as some kind of moral shield to hide behind by saying that Hope Not Hate protects them !

We wonder how the Muslims or Non-White people feel about this ?  We at the Daily Bale fully respect the fact that Muslim people and/or Non-White people do not need ‘protecting’ from anybody by these left wing white middle class toffs and rich spoilt Marxists and Communists hypocrites, Muslims and Non-White people are quite capable of using their own voice if they need to. They do not need to be used and patronized by the likes of Hope Not Hate.

But all this isn’t strange at all.

Lowles’s championing of Muslim separatism is part of his campaign against Englishness, he is just using the Muslims as a handy tool for his own objective to cause as much division within society as possible. You know, racism, fascism, imperialism, whiteism, non-leftism and all the other things he hates about the English and England, and all the things that if you dare disagree with him about, then you will get called a ‘Fascist and a Racist’ and a Politically incorrect Bigot.

Further reading on this scam – ‘The Left wing Scam called Political Correctness’


Nick Lowles and Hope Not Hate are communist (the difference between Trots – such as Unite Against Fascism and commies doesn’t make a difference to anyone except Trots and commies), ‘far-right’ groups are not the only objects of his leftist displeasure.

Joshua Bonehill. Nationalist and leading campaigner against left wing politically correct Marxism.

Joshua Bonehill. Nationalist and leading campaigner against left wing politically correct Marxism.


Upstanding Nationalists and British Patriots like Joshua Bonehill have been continuously harassed and slandered for daring to question the morality and legitimacy of Hope Not Hate.

Joshua Bonehill. One of the first to blow the lid on grooming gangs and expose the hypocrisy and cover ups by left wing Anti Fascist Marxist monsters.

Nationalists like Joshua Bonehill could see all too clearly what was happening within our society, but people like Joshua were quickly jumped on by evil left wing Anti British sick politically correct Marxist Anti Fascists, who called him a Racist and a Fascist for making public and exposing that grooming gangs existed.

Joshua Bonehill was writing about grooming gangs long before Rotherham hit the headlines, and he was interviewed by BBC Asian Network over his thoughts upon this matter.

Shortly after this interview that Joshua gave over BBC Asian Radio – Rotherham exploded into the public awareness and victims started to come forward in big numbers.

However, before Rotherham was exposed in the News and on a National level, Hope Not Hate were labelling anybody who mentioned grooming gangs as a racist and it seemed all too obvious that they were trying to cover up the Rotherham atrocities and the abuse of 14,00 children.

Hope Not Hate quickly changed their policy and rhetoric after Rotherham was exposed, they deleted old posts on their Website that had attacked people who had mentioned grooming gangs, and if you look on their Website these days, you would think they were the vanguards of child protection against grooming gangs !

What they will never admit and are deeply shamed over, is that in reality they were part of the cover up.

It can be clearly seen what these evil Marxists were up to.

Hope not hate

Even the Democratically Elected Government were at fault too because they did not bow to Hope Not Hate and allow them to have a say on how things were to be run and to dictate who were nasty people and in need of culling and banning, and who were good people and should be listened too, in other words – Hope Not Hate.

They were noted as saying –

“the previous and present Governments have shown absolutely no leadership in their attitude towards the EDL”

Is that a roundabout way of saying that Cameron and Clegg haven’t sat in the Cabinet Office discussing the ‘problem’ of the EDL with His Supreme Soviet, Nick Lowles?

Is it also a euphemism for the Government not kicking the EDL’s arse by banning it? Or is it about the Government not imprisoning enough (!) EDL leaders in much-needed gulags for ‘fascists’, ‘racists’, ‘Islamophobes’ and all other non-leftists (except Muslims and perhaps black people)?

The problem is, apparently, that the Government and others “play down the EDL threat”. Nick Lowles, UAF/ SWP et al. don’t of course play up the threat of the EDL, do they? Of course they do! These people live and breathe anti-racism and anti-fascism.

It gives meaning to their lives. It focuses the Struggle. It radicalises. It furthers the Revolution. It provides new student recruits. But most importantly of all, for Nick Lowles, it provides a good career and a steady and secure income. And who would begrudge poor Nick Lowles a job? Not only that. Lowles, or one of his mates, has proved beyond any shadow of a leftist doubt that Tommy Robinson has “far-right links”. And no one could ever accuse Trotskyist/ communist organisations of lying or distorting things in order to further the Cause or to defeat an evil enemy like the EDL.

Hope Not Hate 

Hope Not Hate lies and hypocrisy and adding to division and hatred.

Most race attack victims `are white’


THE MAJORITY of victims of racial attacks are white, according to a report to be released next week by race relations watchdogs.

The disclosure, days before the release of the findings of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, will provoke intense debate over Britain’s future direction as a multicultural society.

The Commission for Racial Equality, which has produced the report, called for detailed government research into the nature of racist attacks on white people.

CRE chairman Sir Herman Ouseley said: “It would be irresponsible for us to not try to take this on head-on and understand it better.”

He said: “It’s absolutely clear in our view that you can be black and racist. Clearly the evidence we have shows that this is not just a white problem.”

The CRE report, called Racial Attacks and Harassment, records that 238,000 white people told researchers they had been victims of a racial offence in a 12-month period, compared to 101,000 Asians and 42,000 blacks.

Race experts believe that many of the white victims could be Jewish, Irish or from other European minorities.

Other incidents result from tensions between the English, Welsh and Scottish, which are increasingly seen as racial.

It also believed that some white victims of crimes such as street-robberies, where a disproportionate number of offenders are black, are reporting the incidents as race attacks.

Sir Herman said that the “white” category was “very broad” and that it did not necessarily follow that a white victim had been racially abused or attacked by someone of a different skin colour.

He said: “It is easy to put interpretations which are not accurate onto figures, and at the moment the figures are a bit too bald.”

The CRE report, which draws on a wide range of government and academic research studies, comes as local authorities across England and Wales are conducting audits of race attacks.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council reported last month that police records of racial attacks showed that 52 per cent of victims were white, 9 per cent black and 35 per cent Asian. Suspects were described as 50 per cent Asian, 37 per cent white, 2 per cent black and 11 per cent unknown.

The CRE report points out that, because of their smaller numbers, members of minority ethnic groups are still far more likely to be victims of racial attacks than whites.

Some 8 per cent of Pakistanis reported being victims in a year, compared to 5 per cent of Indians, 4 per cent of Caribbeans and 1 per cent of whites.

The CRE report coincides with findings published today by the Institute for Public Policy Research showing that, as Britain has become more multiracial, parts of the white population have grown defensive and insecure.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, author of the IPPR study, states: “Increasingly, white people of all classes are feeling deep anxieties about the loss of white identity as we go into the next century and into further integration with Europe.”

IPPR research in the inner London district of Somers Town, found the five most common words used by whites to describe neighbouring Asians were “scroungers”, “dirty”, “animals”, “pigs”, and “not British”.

In response to such attitudes, eight young Asian men told the IPPR that they “would retaliate with physical force if they were provoked” and that they “hated these whites”. Five said they had attacked white boys and would do so again.

Even in the more affluent London borough of Richmond and Hounslow, researchers found that “some black and Asian families had developed a hatred for white people”.

Partly as a result of this, some whites now say they have been victims of racial offences.

But other white victims will be Irish, Jewish, gypsies and travellers, English settlers in Scotland, and Scottish settlers in England. Dane Kim Stevns-borg came to live in England because he was so impressed by the hospitality he received as a visiting football supporter during the Euro 96 tournament.

But in October he took his Sheffield employer to court for racial discrimination after his supervisor repeatedly referred to him as a “Danish bastard”.

A report next week by the Refugee Council will show that the latest people to be targeted by racists in Britain are newly-arrived Kosovan refugees.

Rachel Rees, of the Refugee Council, said many Kosovans in Dover are too frightened to speak publicly in their native language in case they are attacked by racists. One elderly couple were forced to flee their home after a brick was thrown through their window.

Meanwhile the IPPR study reveals evidence of discord between some members of different Asian communities.

The research indicates that Britain is following America’s path towards a more segmented society. Ms Alibhai-Brown said years of government inaction had inhibited integration and called for a national strategy of multiculturalism to bring the British public closer together.

Hope Not Hate – Evil Beyond Belief.