Hope Not Hate confronted by Joshua Bonehill

Bringing You The News That The Left Wing Don't Want You To Hear.

Bringing You The News That The Left Wing Don’t Want You To Hear.

Hope Not Hate confronted by Joshua Bonehill

Hope Not Hate, say they are an Anti Fascist group in the U.K who supposedly endorse equality and diversity, but who in actual fact are said to be just a Communist Marxist front, with known links to ‘Searchlight’

Searchlight is essentially a communist front operation disguised as an anti-fascist organisation. Its banner reads:

“Fighting fascism and racism internationally for nearly fifty years”.

Centre of Left-Wing perversion, Hope not Hate

In their peculiar twisted warped world view of political correctness and barbarous heinous evil communism, anyone who disagrees with them is a fascist, and anyone who dares to say that far-left extremists are using mass immigration/ multiculturalism as physical and ideological pawns to fracture traditional (and capitalist) Great Britain, will be smeared as a racist.

Hope Not Hate, linked to searchlight, apparently published an article on their Website, promoting a meeting at a venue in Manchester in a Community Centre. It turned out that the Community Centre in question had no idea or understanding of what this was about or why Hope Not Hate had published this or who had given them permission to state this on their Website.

Neither did they endorse or give their permission for such a meeting in their Centre involving Hope Not Hate, or for Hope Not Hate, or for anything to do with this left wing gang, Hope Not Hate.

The question must be asked here, what are these people up to and what on earth do they think they are doing using peace loving Communities on their Website to promote fictitious meetings that they have no permission to promote using Community Centres that have not given their permission to do so ?

This has caused alarm and fear in an otherwise peaceful hardworking British community, who want nothing to do with this leftist Marxist organisation that calls itself ‘Hope Not Hate’ and neither do they want them anywhere near their Community Centre either.

Joshua Bonehill. Nationalist and leading campaigner against left wing politically correct criminality.

Joshua Bonehill. Nationalist and leading campaigner against left wing politically correct criminality.

Below are published a statement made by Joshua Bonehill on his Website (linked) and also the actual recording of Joshua Bonehill speaking to the Community Centre concerned, plus Joshua Bonehill confronting Hope Not Hate about this atrocious invasion and intrusion of a peace loving British Community.


Joshua Bonehill statement.

“Earlier today, my attention was drawn to the fact that Hope not Hate were holding a meeting in Manchester at a local community centre named on graphics they were publishing.

Given the fact that Hope not Hate go all out to stop Nationalist meetings, I decided that it was high time to cull their own meetings and put these parasitical perverts into place.

Furthermore, I decided to completely destroy one of their activists over a telephone call. You can hear the proceedings of which I speak here:

We are in the process of completely dismantling this vile Anti-White racist organisation, today has been another victory over their potent brand of Anti-White race hate”