University and College Students Support the Daily Bale


The Daily Bale has been swamped with messages of support from younger people from all communities across the U.K  who are telling us –

“we think you have a valid point here”

Younger people have been watching and reading the Daily Bale articles, and also they have been watching the (playing out) from all sides of this debate that The Daily Bale has brought to the public’s attention, and more and more people are coming on board with us and realising the straight forward and moral truth in what we say.

Joshua Bonehill. Nationalist and leading campaigner against left wing politically correct criminality.

Joshua Bonehill. Nationalist and leading campaigner against left wing politically correct criminality.

The Founder of the Daily Bale Joshua Bonehill himself is continuously congratulated and sent good wishes from supporters, readers and followers of the Daily Bale, and from Universities and College’s too, and we also have many disillusioned former members of Antifa movements and other tinpot Stalinist Marxist movements in the U.K as well as disillusioned former members of the N.U.S who keep us up to date with what these crackpot Marxist organisations are up to, who is who and who runs what.


The Daily Bale has been stating the obvious for some time now and getting the message across loud and clear, that the people who are dividing communities and causing racial tension in our society, are the very people who continuously bring race to peoples attention by spouting politically correct racist ideology and repeatedly bringing up issues of differences in people – these vile people are the Anti Fascists themselves !

These vile evil so called left wing anti fascist militant politically correct Marxist groups and organisations – are the very people who themselves continuously recognise differences in people by the very fact of bringing up race and making race an issue – where previously race was not the issue, but just some other political point or topic was the issue and people were exercising their basic human right of freedom of speech and debate.

It is racist to bring up race where race is not the issue, and to call somebody racist because they do not agree with a particular political point of view – is Racist of the person or person’s doing the calling – by the very fact that it was they themselves who recognised and brought up difference in the first place by calling others racists !

The left wing Anti fascist groups are RACIST and MARXIST crackpots, weirdos and sickos, just out to cause as much hatred as possible and to divide communities so that they can control people through political correctness and silence opposition. That is quite simply all they are about and all they represent.

They care nothing in reality for the issue or cause they say they are defending, and they just hijack real causes so as to (seem legitimate) but in reality it is nothing more than Cultural Marxism. Read more about this disgusting evil ideology and practice here.

Many of these vile evil people also use Social Networking, like Twitter and Facebook to spout their evil vile nonsense and left wing politically correct Marxist garbage.

They nearly always use anonymous accounts and profiles, and they are not so hard to spot either. If you disagree with anything that they are saying they will almost always turn on you very quickly and try to silence you by calling you a Fascist or a Racist, or both.

You do not have to tolerate these evil vile parasites on Social Media, they are not an authority or a law. The majority of the time they are just back bedroom closet left wing vile Marxist politically correct unwashed weirdos and freaks with a serious issue with the whole of the rest of society, the sort of person you know immediately at University or College as a weirdo, and you would not be seen dead with. We think you get the picture here and the sort of people we are talking about.

If you get hassle from any of these awful left wing sickos and weirdos, then just report and block, or phone the police and report these vile monsters for harassment.

If you know of anybody else who may be getting brainwashed or bullied at Uni or College by one of these sickos, then do not just sit back and ignore it,  but REPORT IT.

It could be you or another friend next time that these sickos target.

If we are ever to bring our communities together in peace and harmony, then we must identify and reject the so called ‘Anti Fascist’ groups and people that are using race in a racist manner to push their own warped and twisted politically correct sick left wing Marxist agenda.

We have to pull together in all communities in joint recognition, that the very people who are going round using racial sentiments and using slanderous terms such as ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ to condemn other people, are the very people who are causing racial tension and are actually the very real racists themselves.

The Daily Bale calls for the total banning of all left wing ‘Racist and Marxist’ so called ‘Anti Fascist’ groups, and we call on the public and all our communities together, to recognise these racist groups and the people responsible for the spreading of vile racist garbage, before it takes hold and divides any further our communities already damaged by these vile people.

The Daily Bale welcomes all people from all communities and all identities, no matter of belief or faith, and we call all our loyal supporters to share the Daily Bale throughout your own networks and friends.

Together we can make change and we can overcome evil.

Together we shall rebuild our communities and work together as one people with many identities, many faiths and many beliefs, and we shall rid our land of the criminal and vile racist left wing political correctness freaks and Marxist Anti Fascist criminals, dropouts and deadbeats forever.