Red Ed Marxist Miliband. Unions. S.N.P and what’s left of the Labour Party

Bringing You The News That The Left Wing Don't Want You To Hear.

Bringing You The News That The Left Wing Don’t Want You To Hear.

Red Ed Marxist Miliband – The Man that the UK is actually considering in the upcoming Elections to allow into Prime Ministerial Office.

If you actually think that Red Ed Marxist Miliband will have any say in running the U.K then think again – watch the video at the foot of this page !

He won’t have any say – the Marxist Militant Unions will tell Red Ed how things are going to be around here, and on the other side of the Cabinet table will be the Scottish National Party – just incase the Marxist Unions miss anything that they tell them to tell Red Ed Marxist Miliband in the first place.

Labour ed Miliband

Red Ed Marxist Miliband became a late runner in the Labour leadership race, challenging his brother David to lead the opposition government.

The plucky upstart garnered the support of influential unions and sealed his victory.

Relations between them are reportedly very frosty, but Ed knows his place.

Since then, Red Ed Miliband has steered clear of major controversy or upsetting the unions in any way at all, but did let his real position reveal itself when, during a 2011 public sector strike over cuts, Miliband repeated himself and stuttered like a crazy robot with several loose bolts to ITV’s Damon Green who was interviewing him for television.

If you still question whether it will really be Ed Miliband and the Labour Party that Governs the U.K if you vote them in this May, then just watch the video below and make your own mind up.

If you vote Labour after watching this, then the question should not be why you support Labour, but rather, which Marxist Militant union you are supporting under the umbrella of a Party called Labour that you thought you voted for.

Political Correctness and the Thought Police.

We do hope you enjoy massive strikes and chaos, disruption and disorder, the re-emergence of left wing Marxist political correctness and being careful to monitor every word you say, before you say it, and on top of all this, totally uncontrolled immigration, overcrowding in Schools, N.H.S meltdown, high crime levels and massive cuts.

The cuts will be because we are stone broke, and not because of the deficit.

Because, boy are you going to regret you voted Labour if you don’t like the sound of any or all of this, because you are going to get it, it’s what you would of voted for remember.

Here’s the clip in its full mechanised glory. Enjoy.

The Man who would be Prime Minister.