Black man punches Pregnant White Woman in London

What started as a domestic argument ended in horror as a White girl was punched in the stomach by an aggressive Black agitator in London on Tuesday.


Caught on film by a horrified onlooker, the ever increasingly irate Black man can be seen to punch the unidentified White Woman directly in the stomach whilst shouting “Give me that baby”. The incident happened outside a coffee shop in the center of London on Tuesday and has sparked a major row about Anti-White racism.

Black on White racist incidents have increased over the past 10 years, with over 70% of all race-hate crimes being attributed to non-whites. This recent incident is just one example of the kind of racism that a White woman can expect to find whilst living in modern-day London.

Whilst blacks in America make a fuss about alleged racism they face at the hands of White folk, we have here clear evidence of the kind of racism that White people face at the hands of Blacks. Indeed, this form of aggressive behavior is particular to Black Africans and can be expected when trying to force Black People to live in a White society.