How you can help shut down Hope not Hate

Joshua Bonehill

With my recent complaint to the police in regards to criminal and malicious articles posted about me on Hope not Hate, I like to think i’ve set the precedent for things to come. In the past, I have been arrested for making “false allegations” (though disputable) on my news website, the Daily Bale. My arrests have been for charges under the Malicious communications act or the Harassment act.

Hope Not Hate

Now it’s time to fight back against Hope not Hate, using the very same laws that they have been using to silence us. The fact is relatively simple, If Hope not Hate have published an article about you and made a number of false or made up allegations then they are breaking the law. You have a legal obligation as a citizen of the United Kingdom to report this form of criminality and ensure that criminal charges are brought against Hope not…

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