Labour Party. Hope Not Hate. Anti Fascists. Racism and Conspiracy.

We will not let you down. Believe us, if you think it's bad now, you aint seen nothing yet !

We will not let you down. Believe us, if you think it’s bad now, you have not seen anything yet !

For the past 50 years Labour has been anti-immigration to its core. And very often racist, too.

The Labour government’s 1965 White Paper Immigration from the Commonwealth spoke of the need to ‘control the entry of immigrants to our small and overcrowded country’.

And when it said ‘immigrants’, it really meant ‘none whites’

This amounts to the very same thing that the Labour Anti Fascist foot soldiers and politically correct Marxist thugs like Hope not hate, and the U.A.F are now calling everybody else a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ for if anybody else dare mention that there is an obvious problem today within the U.K – that’s if you are white and mention it that is of course.

A good read upon this scam can be read here (The evil left wing scam called political correctness)


Joshua Bonehill, Daily Bale founder and staunch Nationalist.

Our very own Daily Bale founder, Joshua Bonehill, tried to expose and bring to the Public’s attention the subject of grooming gangs before Rotherham was revealed, he was interviewed by BBC Asian Network Radio (who gave him a fair interview) and made it very clear that he believed that a cover up was happening and children were being put at risk.

Joshua was so concerned at this point in time that nobody was listening to the very real facts because they were scared of being labeled racist by groups like Hope not hate, that Joshua took it into his own hands to get the facts out there in the only way he could – he made up posters and circulated them on the internet, these posters then went viral.

Joshua Bonehill was branded as a racist and a fascist by the same groups mentioned and others involved upon Social Media, who then set their foot soldiers lose to silence him by mass reporting him to the police for just about anything they could dig up to report him on.

Joshua was arrested, and was put before a court of law.

Yes we did write that correctly, Joshua was arrested !

We do state clearly that Joshua was also arrested at this time for other offences he himself pleaded guilty to, and involving others, but we cannot go into that here, and for legal reasons we will not discuss these events or people here.

But the people involved in trying to silence Joshua, and they all know who they are, and they know what they have done, and they know what part they played in what it was they conspired in to keep Joshua Bonehill quiet about, and they also know the full horror of what was revealed after Joshua Bonehill was put before a court and was condemned as a racist and a troll for trying to expose.


Joshua Bonehill was right.

Hope not hate

One day it will all come out and the world and his dog will know who was involved, who did what, and who did what for who, who conspired, and how they did it, and we bet your bottom dollar, those who are still at it now and who were and are involved still, will all say “it wasn’t me”

People will come forward who have changed their minds about what you represent and what you say you really stand for in truth, because they have witnessed first hand what you do and say in your little hidden groups on the internet, and they are slowly starting to come forward now even, and have been for some time now.

Many who are guilty will try to get out sooner by breaking away and trying to delete all their posts and accounts.

But much has been saved for just such a rainy day. The storehouse overfloweth.

Darkness can hide for awhile, but it will never dispel the light, and when the light shines on you who are trying to hide in darkness, they will be fully revealed for all to see.  Justice will prevail.

Hope not hate

But of course, Hope not hate as an organisation now post on their site about how wrong child grooming gangs are and Islamic extremism e.c.t e.c.t, but what they want you to forget totally, and what we all remember very clearly, is that Hope not hate were condemning and calling anybody who mentioned Grooming Gangs even existed, ‘racists and fascists’ for doing so not so long ago at all.


Then Rotherham hit the headlines and Joshua Bonehill’s warnings to the Public were proved bang on the nail !

Just how many times the leader of Hope not hate, Nick Lowles, had to wash his underwear at that time when it hit the headlines we will never know, but we bet it was many times indeed !

What we do know is that there must of been some very long nights spent up deleting posts and altering their blog, as was observed, a lot of stuff just simply disappeared, even their own followers were questioning the sudden reversal of opinion and policy, and were left confused to say the least.

But now we know don’t we ?

And they are still asking for your money !

And they are still asking for your money !

But enough of that for now, and these hypocritical Anti Fascist left wing Marxist Anti British thugs.

Lets get back to the Labour Party immigration act of 1965/68

Labour’s Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1968

This was designed specifically to keep out of Britain the black and brown inhabitants of Commonwealth countries undergoing big or radical changes, such as Kenya. And as the academic Caroline Knowles points out, that Labour government’s racist legislation helped to redefine immigrants as ‘an invasive oppositional community’, somehow at odds with British ‘indigenousness’.

Richard Crossman, secretary of state for social services under Harold Wilson in the late 1960s, wrote in his diaries during the discussion of the Commonwealth Act that Labour must not ‘permit… a flood of immigrants to come in and blight the central cities’.

Just like today, old Labourites differed from the likes of Enoch Powell only in that they tried to keep their more explicit immigration fears private while also legislating for them in largely coded ways.

Moving on, the Labour government of 1974 to 1979 not only failed to repeal the Tories’ stringent Immigration Act of 1971, as it had hinted it would do, but actually proposed more immigration controls.

It also published a Green Paper in 1977 suggesting a new restrictive definition of British citizenship to distinguish between natural British citizens (Us) and Overseas British Citizens (Them, in the Commonwealth), who had no automatic right to come here.

The New Labour government of 1997 to 2010 is seen, especially by the right, as being ‘open borders’ because it cynically let in large numbers of mainly EU immigrants in the hope that they would boost its electoral base. But New Labour, too, was a strict policer of immigration.


It kept out vast numbers of non-European migrants, of course, and even within the EU it discriminated: in 2006 it imposed a moratorium on the movement of low-skilled Romanians and Bulgarians to Britain, instantly turning vast swathes of poor Eastern Europe into second-class citizens of Europe who did not enjoy the same rights of movement as the rest of us.

Yet when Nigel Farage proposed something similar recently, Labour journos went ballistic, spluttering into their cappuccinos (served in non-racist mugs, of course).

UKIP didn’t exist back in the 1960s, 70s or 80s, when, whether in power or opposition, Labour was honing its petty, ugly worldview on immigration.

“Labour was keeping blacks out and scaremongering about the threat posed by foreigners to British stability back   when Farage was in shorts and probably attacking his teachers with a pea-shooter”

And now, Miliband’s miserabilist anti-immigration policy, his racially tinged distinction between talented immigrants who can come here and unskilled ones who must be controlled, is building on his party’s longstanding, well-established hostility to freedom of movement.

Labour-backing observers can balk at that all they like, but the fact is that on 7 May they will vote for a party which for 50-plus years has been demonising migrants and making their lives harder.

You want to ease restrictions on immigration and support freedom of movement ?

Then don’t vote Labour !

Choose a Nationalist Party that will tell you the truth and will do what they say they will do, and do it with fairness for all.