Hope not Hate grass Annmarie Hatton exposed


This fat piece of shit known as ANNMARIE HATTON from Southend in Essex is a Hope not Hate plant who has been working within the EDL for a number of years, grassing up fellow Patriots and tipping off Hope not Hate about where various rallies and meetings are due to be held.

Hatton was caught out in a recent sting by the Daily Bale where she was lured using provocative methods and got caught up with her emotions. The 40-something bingo wingo Lefty informer lives with her husband Mark Woodward who we also believe to be a Hope not Hate informant within the English Defence League.

We exposed her as the grass she is here after she revealed herself as being the person responsible for leaking Hope not Hate a number of screenshots and recorded calls we had baited her with. It turns out that not only was she leaking screenshots to Hope not Hate but Annmarie Hatton has also been grassing up EDL Angels and EDL footsoldiers and giving their personal information to Hope not Hate’s Matthew Collins.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Annmarie Hatton has created an elaborate network of fake accounts over Twitter & Facebook in which she uses to lure Patriotic men in with pictures of her children. Hatton has used photographs of her son Harry on more than one occasion to make up fake Facebook accounts to lure paedophiles in (she has admitted this herself in a recorded phonecall with a daily bale informant).

The Daily Bale has already made contact with Essex Social Services to report this woman and the neglect and abuse of her child, we welcome all of our readers to do the same. You can get in touch with Southend Children’s Social Services by ringing 01702 215007 before quoting the name of Annmarie Hatton whilst referencing her son, Harry Hatton, who you believe to be in danger due to the neglect of this irresponsible and wayward mother. Social Services will take it from there.

We would advise that any EDL members reading this article avoid Annmarie Hatton, if you happen to spot her on a demonstration or event then get right up to her face and take close-up photographs and we’ll hand them to redwatch as evidence.

Jew Mark Woodward, husband of Hatton and co-conspirator

  Jew Mark Woodward, husband of Hatton and co-conspirator

The above photograph is of Jewish Tattooed weirdo Mark Woodward who is known to be a Co-conspirator of horrible saggess Annmarie Hatton. Obviously Woodward is more distinguishable in person and can be easily spotted at English Defence League demonstrations. It is advised that this man is also avoided or documented where possible for a later submission to redwatch.

The two of these people are dangerous grasses and have endangered the lives of many good patriots, there is even accusations to state that they are on the old yellow police giro.

Indeed, when Tommy Robinson was imprisoned last year we have heard that it was Annmarie Hatton who passed the evidence onto the police in order to see him get sent down.

Fat grassing slut, Annmarie Hatton

Fat grassing slut, Annmarie Hatton

Hatton is nothing more than a deprived fat saggess who has wasted her life in a promiscuous way, with horrible looking hamster teeth and drawn on eyebrows, Hatton would make a great partner for Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate.

Timothy Macmaster