The End of Hope not Hate: How I took down Britain’s most Racist organisation

Joshua Bonehill


Today is a beautiful day.

It is with great delight that today I announce the end of Hope not Hate. Indeed, through their own confidence and belief that they can do anything to anybody, they’ve gone too far and now a criminal investigation is looming.

Before you read the full article, check out the above video where I chronicle how Hope not Hate has broken the law

A few days ago, I drew your attention to a number of fake accounts on Twitter which were pretending to be both myself and Paul Golding. I even made a video about this attempt and predicted what would happen, you can watch this video right here.

The accounts @PauIGoldingBF & @VoiceOfBonehiIl were set up to imitate myself and Paul Golding, the fake Bonehill account was used to contact Left-Wing victims from a former court case who have a restraining order against…

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