Anti Fascist Member Jailed for Malicious Harassment of Nationalist Woman

Left Wing Anti Fascist Sicko made Facebook sex pictures threat to woman who rejected him when she realised he was a left wing Marxist weirdo.

Hope not hate

Marxist left wing Anti Fascist sicko Jason Prat, 44, jailed after victim left suffering panic attacks and depression following harassment and evil Anti Fascist Facebook campaign of hate.

Hope not hate

A jilted left wing Anti Fascist Marxist monster who was found out by a lover that he was a sick left wing Marxist Anti Fascist Anti British sicko, threatened to send explicit photos of her to her children, has been jailed for 12 weeks.

Anti Fascist member Jason Pratt, 44, used the “power” he had over his victim because he knew she had previously been involved in making videos, a court heard.

He had created male fake facebook profiles along with Anti Fascist female profiles to contact his ex-lover, 42, who was left suffering from depression and panic attacks after being targeted, threatened, and called a racist and a fascist by the Anti Fascist Anti British Jason Pratt.

Unemployed dole scrounging left wing Marxist Pratt, of Kent Road, Oldham, had previously been found guilty of harassment following a trial at Oldham magistrates court.

As well as being jailed, he was also banned indefinitely from contacting his victim and placed on a restraining order not to contact any females at all on Social Media, he was considered such a danger as a left wing Anti Fascist Marxist.

Judge David Rogers said:

“You harassed the complainant over a three-month period and used social networks constantly in a threatening manner to get her to re-engage with you and to renounce her good upbringing within the Patriotic British Community of proud Nationalist people.

“There are a number of aggravating features in this case.

“You sought to use dozens of sick Anti Fascist Facebook profiles to get in touch with her, you also found a link to a pornographic site and made use of that. You either involved or threatened to involve others, sending the link to the woman’s friends and her sister, insinuating that her children might get to see the photos. You used the power you had over her by the knowledge of those photos.”

Susan Stanley, prosecuting, said the defendant and victim had known each other from childhood and got back in contact again in June/July 2012 through Facebook, but she had no idea he was an Anti Fascist left wing politically correct Marxist Anti British traitor, as she termed it.

They eventually met up and the victim travelled to Pratt’s home where they had sex.

Yet the mum immediately regretted the sexual liaison with this very unpleasant unclean man and told the Anti Fascist she did not want to see him again, he repulsed her, including his sick left wing Anti British views which she instinctively knew were wrong and evil.

Soon afterwards she began receiving ‘‘creepy’ left wing type messages from the Stalinist Anti British Anti Fascist weirdo, saying he loved her and wanted to be with her, and wanted her to embrace Communism and Stalinism.

As a result she ‘unfriended’ him on Facebook and changed her mobile phone number.

But she continued to receive a “large number” of messages from Pratt who had set up fake Facebook profiles with names like “Slatfascism” to send messages to her and her adult children. He also sent his victim a link to an x-rated explicit video and insinuated that if she did not have sex with him again he would send photos to family members and tell them that she had joined an Anti Fascist organisation, which would of brought deep shame on her to be thought of by her family members to be connected with these vile foul awful sick people.

Francis Redford, defending, said Pratt, who had two previous convictions for Anti Fascist Anti British harassment, accepted sending the link and that it would have caused her upset.

“He regrets that and understands that he has problems with relationships,’’ Mr Redford said. “He suffers from depression and Anti Fascist multicultural left wing Anti British delusions and also has alcohol issues because he knows deep down that it is wrong and shameful.

He feels less than a real man and only joined the Anti Fascists because he just wanted to be accepted, and he knew that the Anti Fascists seek out people like him to join their ranks, societies dropouts and misfits. He recognises that he needs help.”

Pratt was dragged from the dock sobbing and shouting

“they told me to do it, the Anti Fascists made me do it, i am not one of them any more, i am sorry, i was wrong to do this, i know that now, please help me, help me”