The Impersonation of Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill

So you’ll all remember that earlier this year I was arrested and banned from London (Now until May 20th) for allegedly sending Tweets to that Jewish Labour Party politician? (Can’t mention, bail conditions)

Indeed, the metropolitan police raided my home and stole items of electrical equipment before arresting me on charges of incitement to racial hatred. At first, I was completely shocked as I knew that no Tweets had been sent to the politician in question under my name.

Upon being taken for interview, I was shown screenshots of the Twitter account which had sent the Tweets and it looked exactly like mine except for the username.

On Tuesday, my Twitter account @VoiceOfBonehill was suspended and within about 5 minutes of this happening, a new Twitter account sprung up here. As convincing as it may look, with thousands of presumably fake and bought Twitter followers, this account does not…

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