Suspended from twitter & no I’m not back on there!

Joshua Bonehill

Firstly and as always the case when my account gets suspended, the Left-Wing set up fake accounts pretending to be me in order to harvest information from Nationalists. I can categorically confirm that ABSOLUTELY NO Twitter accounts operating on Twitter presently are mine.

If you are interacting with anybody on Twitter claiming to be me then you are being SCAMMED by the Left-Wing.

My twitter account’s @VoiceOfBonehill and @LiberateGBR (The only Twitter accounts I have access to) were suspended by Twitter earlier today.

So again i repeat, I am NOT on Twitter and ANY accounts claiming to be me are NOT.

Any accounts operating in my name are ran by Aktion T4 candidate, David Child. I would therefore appreciate that my supporters act to report these potentially dangerous accounts.

Secondly, I have produced this video:

Lastly, unless Twitter decides to un-suspend my Twitter accounts then I have no…

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