Joshua Bonehill: I belong in Prison

Joshua Bonehill

The Marxists want me to go to prison, there’s no lie about that, they are attempting to restrict me of freedom and silence me by any means possible and for them it would be my imprisonment that gives them the ultimate satisfaction. I believe there’s a high possibility that by the end of the year I’ll be imprisoned for my views and lets face it, I say the “J word” all too frequently and sooner rather than later, the Jews will finally imprison me.

So in the spirit of victory, I’ve returned to my poetic roots and put together this poem to summarize my potential imprisonment.

I belong in Prison

I want to go to prison,
The Jews will make sure of this.
A place of great vision,
and a stronghold of ideological bliss.
I belong in prison.

To mention the Jew, a crime no less,
A guilty plea, I…

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