Natalie Bennett’s car crash interview: Why the Left-Wing don’t have a clue

Joshua Bonehill

I’ve often stated how the Left-Wing don’t have a clue about running this country, or how they’ve preached diversity and multiculturalism but have lost touch with what the majority want. This was summed up perfectly in Natalie Bennett’s car crash interview given this morning on LBC.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Ultra Left-Wing Green Party, appeared on LBC this morning to launch her party’s manifesto, focusing on six strands, including: “Ensuring everyone has a secure, affordable place to live.” Natalie Bennett was left lost for words as she tried to explain how the Green Party would pay for their new housing policy

She said she would achieve this by building 500,000 new social homes but when questioned by Nick Ferrari on how she could afford this, she struggled for an answer.

Bennett clearly didn’t have a clue about how she would implement this policy, she seemed completely lost at several…

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