Liberate: The Movement

Joshua Bonehill

LiberateLogoImagine a world where your every action, decision and choice is already decided through the will of an oppressive and tyrannical few who seek to rule above you in their tower of Talmudic evil. This world I describe is not fiction, this is your life and until now, you will have never questioned perhaps why, what or whom is restricting you. Life as you know it is comfortable, you may wake up at 6am in the morning, eat a bowl of cornflakes before going to work for 7 hours, you return home where you watch television, read the news and then go to bed. If you are happy to repeat this process of cycle every day until you die then you are brainwashed, consumed with lies and completely naïve to the reality of the horror that has manifested itself in the centre of your life.

The idea that money is…

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