Boycott Renegade Broadcasting

Joshua Bonehill

After several credible sources have come forward to present a case against Renegade Broadcasting, namely the Jew known as ‘Drew’, it is with immediate effect that renegade broadcasting is henceforth excommunicated from my immediate nationalist circle.


I therefore call upon my supporters to completely boycott this website and station. Anybody that continues to support Renegade Broadcasting in knowledge of the fact that they have a known Jew within their ranks should immediately block and unfollow me on Twitter and never contact me again. I will not stand for Jewry of any kind.

I am issuing this edict because it is necessary to take firm action against anti-white infiltration of the wider nationalist community. You are either Pro-White or Anti-White, when Renegade Broadcasting moved to attack a Pro-White cause, they positioned themselves as Anti-Whites and are henceforth traitors, rats and potential FBI informants.

Following calls for me to appear on Renegade…

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